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🎶 MATTER OF FACT...(Ooh, AS A MATTER OF FACT) I need you…(Yeah, AS A MATTER OF FACT) …And I’m glad that you need me right back...AS A MATTER OF FACT…(Ooh, AS A MATTER, A MATTER….) 🎶  As A Matter of Fact” – Natalie Cole    1989

🔬 Science really fascinates…some kids are truly wooed
While some may take it SMUGLY for most it’s tried and trued
The ACTUAL descriptions have BITTEN quite a few
While others take a NARROW look but all feel the imbue…
From slimy things all CREAMY, to things that smoke and burn
(I’m leaving PUFFIN out of this)…and staying with kids who learn
And guys like Nye The Science Guy love to kids on track
So much to see and wonder…all AS A MATTER OF FACT 🔬

Good Morning, Everyone!        🔬  What’s THE MATTER? 🔬

This morning it seems two new words are being added to our growing list. I wasn’t able to find SMUGLY or PUFFIN in the Archives, making them the new KIDS on the block. The anagram WRANOR has been used before, on November 10th, ’17, and CREAMY having just appeared on January 12th, takes the honors as our most recent entry, while ACTUAL, seen on September 3rd, ’17 brings up the rear…And it was PUFFIN that PROVED to stump the Early Birds this morning…

Today’s puzzle brings us into an ELEMENTary School Science Lab, seeing an animated Teacher and six young pupils. We see two students at left, wide-eyed and obviously very interested. The little girl is heard questioning whether or not  WATER can truly be a LIQUID, a SOLID, and a GAS as the teacher has told them. And he’s more than happy to PROVE it…because it’s FACT. And since we know that WATER takes all three common states of MATTER in nature…it’s A MATTER OF FACT! Now this is a really good one, David! You’ve definitely PROVEN yourself once again…and that’s a FACT!

Ok, eye candy…Two of the children, a boy and a girl, have their backs to us, so we can’t GAUGE their expressions. Of the two boys face visible at bottom, the one at left seems bewildered, while the one at right, holding what appears to be a cell phone seems amused. I’m wondering if their looks have the ELEMENTS of a few good puns…I did think of a few, but I decided to BARIUM. The teacher’s desk holds two Borosilicate FLASKS, one hooked up to a burner, emitting steamed vapor, one not, and a square blue-shaded object between them that may be a SOLID piece of ice, since it appears to be melted somewhat. WATER or not it is, I’m not sure. The bespectacled teacher himself looks more like an ACTUAL person, as compared to one of Jeff’s usual Jumble men, and if anyone can IDENTIFY him for me, please do. It doesn’t really MATTER, but he may be recognizable to someone. But I’m going to go with the PERIODIC TABLE  displayed on the wall. It’s unbelievably detailed, and I ZINC it’s fantastic! If you’re able to enlarge the cartoon panel, please do so, because “U” will really “Be” amazed! Great job, Jeff! So, There you gave it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I’ll leave you with an ELEMENT of humor…I’ll tell you all a joke about SODIUM BROMATE...No…wait… actually on second thought, NaBrO! 🔬🙋🏻

FYI: Please use the Red or Blue shaded wording to link with today’s song choice and some detailed information related to our puzzle! Enjoy! 

And to all of our readers celebrating Palm Sunday today…May it be a day filled with friends, family and Blessings. 🌾🙋🏻





24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/14/2019

  1. Morning, everyone –
    Your barium pun made me smile the most, Angela.
    At first I had no ideas for the answer. But working with the two and one letter words and the F’s led me there. Matter, though defined in the cartoon, was the last word I got.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. I’m glad I could give you a smile! I was a little worried about it because one friend and one of my cousins didn’t get it. I had to tell them both to repeat it to themselves..slowly…Maybe it was just too early…🙄 The solution might not have been the easiest today, but I do think the subtle hint was given…It’s a good one for sure. I went back twice and added some information to the post, so if you want to take another look feel free. I did it all kind of hodgepodge this morning… I was up early cooking and I had to run to Mass. Only today wasn’t any quickie! 😉 Longgggg Mass! Wishing you have a wonderful day, Caroline. “Be”well! 🔬🙋🏻

  2. Being Palm Sunday,and the long reading of the Passion,the only gospel version with the cutting off of the ear and cure replacement by Christ at the garden,it will be awhile until we hear from you again.Chuck,the Biblical scholar,not!

    • LOL! How right you are, Professor! The Marathon Mass! Phew, huh? And you know, you would think that after all these years we’d be used to it! Anyway, I am back, and I did 3 edits…so you may need to re-read it…And I’m curious..how’d you do with the puzzle? Math…Science? To me it was always the lesser of 2 evils…And I never seemed to fare very well with either one! 😉 Biblical Scholar? 😉 Would you believe besides attending Catholic School all my life, I even dabbled in Theology? I did….See? This is why I never had time to conquer Math! 😂 Hoping you have a Blessed Day, Prof! 🔬🙋🏻

      • Not that well w the puzzle as actual had me stumped for awhile.As far as being a Biblical scholar,I am not,despite 12 yrs of Catholic Cleveland,Ohio education,As far as science I was actually a math and physics major in an engineering college for 2 years,before going the straight math route with a stat minor,but chemistry was not my strong suit.

        • Math and Physics? GROAN…I think I’m gonna be sick..😉 It’s funny, I’m born into a family of Engineers, and we still have some on tap, up and coming, but none of it rubbed off here. But then again, I ACTUALly have a brother and two nephews, engineers all, who’re terribly “spell” challenged…so it just goes to show ya…to each his own, right? The Theology? I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time, or maybe that’s just it,..I was doing A LOT of thinking…I just remember having too many questions…And sometimes I still do. Anyway, I applaud 👏🏻 your prowess…You’re definitely the first Math “teacher” I ever met that I could ACTUALly develop a rapport with…and that’s saying something! 😂 Enjoy your day, Prof! 🔬🙋🏻

  3. AS A MATTER OF FACT, the ACTUAL truth is that the CREAMY colored PUFFIN was SMUGLY perched on the NARROW mast of the ship hoping not to be BITTEN by other marine life.

    • Stop the presses! Stop the presses! Where’d this come from? 👏🏻👏🏻 Good Morning, Chuck… Great sentence, really. Kudos! Fantastic spin! I haven’t even tried it yet, it’s been an insane morning. Sunday’s are crazy enough around here, but this morning was really time crunched! I’m going to give it a shot…but you’ve definitely raised the bar this time! 👏🏻 🙋🏻

    • It’s for the birds! Here’s what I pulled out of the AIR…Oh and Chuck…I forgot to double Kudo you on getting the solution words into your sentence also…An imaginative gem today! 👏🏻🙋🏻

      ° When the group first caught the PUFFIN, they acted so SMUGLY, and AS A MATTER OF FACT, one in particular, the really NARROW-minded one, acted like an ACTUAL fool…trying to feed it CREAMY desserts..so when he was BITTEN, no one had any sympathy for him…

      🐤 I’ve never seen a PUFFIN, well not that I recall,
      I’ve never been a fan of birds…not “BITTEN” by their call…
      They’re always in my awnings, just SMUGLY building nests,
      To me they are an ACTUAL pain, removing nests my quest…
      They leave a CREAMY substance all over my new bricks,
      They squeeze into such NARROW spots and sometimes get me sick…
      I know they’re part of Nature, but what’s here that so attracts?
      I’m thinking maybe charge them rent? Just AS A MATTER OF FACT? 🐤

      • Thanks, Angela.Kudos to you, my dear, for what you do EVERY day!! This is a memorable date in history. Lincoln and Titanic. Wow..

        • You’re very welcome, Chuck. Much deserved! And thank you very much! ..Funny..I had to look up your Lincoln reference. Just not something that I was ever ABE..L to remember…but the Titantic? Now that SUNK in at an early age. Mostly because I remember that it got hit today, but didn’t sink until the 15th…and once I started paying taxes? Well…Need I say more? ..The rest is HISTORY! 😂😂 Wishing you a great day, Chuck! 🔬🙋🏻

      • If you start looking at “This date in history”, early April has an amazing number of notable events around the Civil War, the Titanic and other things.

        • …Hold on a second….We’re already holding Math and Creative Writing 101 classes here…We start doing History? I’m switching my curriculum! 😉🙋🏻

            • Well, unless he’s wearing those hard to see ultra thin rubber gloves that PYREX puts out? He’s definitely huffin’ and PUFFIN by now! 😂🔬🙋🏻

  4. Good afternoon. Not as hard as I thought it would be today. The words 1-6 were solved in this fashion. 1,2,5,3,6,4. The fifth word as you can see took the longest to get. After writing down the letters I was able to figure it out on my second try. The song choice fit the answer perfectly. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn…Good Afternoon! Ok, so I admit I’m bad with numbers…but sorry, Bud I have to say it again…you baffle me with this order of yours! Just when I think I see the method to your madness, I’m lost all over again! I’m looking right at it, but no way can I see that the 5th word took you the longest to get. You’re listing 5 right in the middle…I need a blueprint!
      Anyway, what MATTERs is that you got the solve! And yea, not one of my favorites of hers, but the song definitely fit the bill…Happy Palm Sunday, Brooklyn..I hope you have a great day! 🌾🌾🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – The tricks helped me today – double letter gave BITTEN, PUFFIN and NARROW, Y and LY at the end gave CREAMY and SMUGLY. Had to look extra at PUFFIN, ACTUAL, and NARROW took the longest.
    CLUTTA – Whatcha get rid of when Spring cleaning in New Hampsha!
    Saw the answer from the context.

    Wow, I really, really loved the puzzle today. I minored in physics, and to this day the experiment I remember most vividly was in high school when my cool teacher (who drove his ‘58 Packard to work) showed us the “Triple Point”, which demonstrates that water can not only exist in three phases, it can do so simultaneously! You put a dish of water in a bell jar and pump out the air, and at one point you see the (liquid) water start to boil (gas), and the bubbles break a film of ice (solid) at the surface.

    Angela, I hear Elton John is back, “Stone cold sober AS A MATTER OF FACT”!
    I also laughed at BARIUM.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    My day got off to a good start when I walked into Peet’s and the Song from the Ceiling was Jackie Wilson’s “(Your love keeps lifting me) Higher and Higher”. That will get your toes tapping.

    I guess they didn’t want to go with Van Morrison’s tribute “Jackie Wilson Said” because of the lines:
    🎵”And you know, I’m so wired up
    Don’t need no coffee in my cup
    Let it all hang out”🎵

    • Hey Steve…Do you realize that you’ve started playing 6° here? And you’re doing it all by yourself? The segues have me rolling! You just might be able to keep up with the Lous after all! 😉 I was hoping maybe you’d be able to identify the teacher, since you’ve mentioned that you watch some science related shows. It’s probably someone Jeff knows… All that comes to my mind is Bill Nye, and I know that’s not him, and Professor Proton, (again, not him), Bob Newhart’s hysterical character from the Big Bang Theory (which so sadly is ending its run next month…😥I’m so going to miss that show) ..Hmm. Maybe Jeff will write in and say…”ELEMENTary, my dear Angela…it’s…so and so…” ..(or maybe not)! ..😂 Have a good one, G! 🔬🙋🏻

      • ACTUAL-ly, I didn’t realize that, so thanks for pointing that out!

        No idea on the teacher. It reminded me of “Watch Mr. Wizard”, but Don Herbert didn’t have a mustache like that.

        The PUFFIN stole a CREAMY eclair and SMUGLY tried to hide it in a NARROW canyon, but in ACTUAL FACT wound up being BITTEN by an adder which had gotten there first.

        🎵”Sodium said ‘What a gas! Be my bride,
        And I’ll change your name from Chlorine to Chloride’ “🎵
        (Kate and Anna McGarrigle, “NACL”)

        • Yea, I looked Mr Wizard up last night..but there’s definitely no resemblance there at all…Nice sentence…👏🏻👏🏻 Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻🙋🏻

  6. Angela surely you jest. Let’s say that from top to bottom there is six words. 1-6. I did them 1,2,5,3,6,4. Meaning. 1 I got 1st,2 I got 2nd,3 I got 5th,4 I got 3rd,5 I got 6th and 6 I got 4th. I hope this explains it. Hope your Palm Sunday was a pleasant one.

    • Was? We haven’t even started on the desserts yet…😉 We still have a way to go! And no, no jest…Too much noise here… I have to read it over again when I get home. Hope your nights going well. 🙋🏻

    • Hey Brooklyn..just getting in. Ok…I read it the way you broke it down…and I’ll make you laugh. I never use a paper and pen to solve the Jumble. I do it all by eye…But I had to write down your numbers side by side to get it through this thick head of mine! LOL! No lie! Different strokes, right. And on paper, I get it. Will I retain it for the next time? Probably not…I just don’t have the head for numbers…freaky as it sounds! 😂 Anyway, bottom line, you got the solve..that’s what counts…Hope you had a great day, Brooklyn….I’m going for the oxygen now…I ate so much I can’t breathe! 😉 🙋🏻

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