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Good Morning, Everyone! 🛁 I THINK WE’RE INN TROUBLE...🛁

🎶You can take me to paradise…And then again you can be as cold ice…I’m OVER MY HEAD…Oh but it sure feels nice…I’m OVER MY HEAD…But it sure feels nice…I’m OVER MY HEAD...But it sure feels nice…🎶 “Over My Head” – Fleetwood Mac 1975

🛁 A little Bed & Breakfast set in a pretty rural scene,
A VISION quaint and cozy…it’s been a lifelong dream…
A place that isn’t SPORTY, but quiet where we’d gather
Enjoying life that used to be…sometimes it’s what I’d RATHER.
But after I did NOTIFY my guy to what I sought…
He said it wasn’t on his list of things he wished he’d bought.
“The hours are long, the work is hard…” he spoke to me real gentle,
“You’d need to hire staff and offer benefits like DENTAL”…
We talked about it for some weeks, we even looked around,
But I could see this dream of mine might not get off the ground.
Yet still I longed to breath fresh air and EXHALE feeling calm,
Despite him telling me that owning likely we would bomb…
And maybe he was right, who knows…those words to me he said,
“Let’s not be known to others as the ones “INN” OVER THEIR HEADS” 🛁

Except for SPORTY, another of Davids’ new finds, I was able to flush out our other five words. DENTAL was a bit like pulling teeth, since it went back the farthest, to 12/04/12, while NOTIFY came up as our newest entry, and the only one of our words to have been seen in 2019. Our other three made previous showings in both 2017 and ’18, with RATHER being anagrammed exactly as it is today on two previous occasions: 04/25/17 and 07/30/17. And even though we were hoping for a real stumper today, the only word to drain us a bit was SPORTY…but even that didn’t stop us up. And our solution? We had it INN a minute…FLOW, with that being said, let’s plunge into our cartoon.

Today we’re checking INN at an 100-year-old Bed & Breakfast, that I’ll call “WATER VIEW“. The relatively young couple, who I’ve named BILL and LEA P. OF-FAITH, who’ve decided to plunge what might have been their entire life savings into the place, seem to be facing a few minor setbacks….Wait a minute..did I say minor? WATER we kidding? It’s the plumbing…And this isn’t poker, so what we have here is a case of that flush definitely beating a full house! And our couple look like they’re facing quite a drain on their resources. There’ll be no full house, let alone a flush, if they don’t get a handle on things! And unfortunately the timing couldn’t be any worse. Just as what might be their first guests arriving, there’s water leaking OVER HEAD, and Bill’s coming down the stairs telling Lea there’ll be no deal on the flushing! Poor Bill, this really throws a wrench into the mix…And you know what they say…you can struggle to replace a tight washer or two, but you don’t want to faucet…So, in answer to our question…While the guests are enterDRAINing second thoughts about staying, our coupling..I mean our couple are…”INN” OVER THEIR HEADS! Good one, David…WATER great way to end the week!

Ok…eye candy. Today we’re INN for a treat, because Jeff’s given us a lot of little details to run with…With the panel shaded in light purple, we see the pooled, leaking water from the SEALing above falling into an almost completely filled pail, and Jeff’s drawn the drops to show them splashing…An obviously drenched mop lies against the wall, and of course we see Bill clutching that one tool that SINK or swim you’ll find in every home, the never to be misLEAD dripping plunger. A single piece of luggage stands by the male guests feet, while the woman is holding what looks like a vintage bag, since it’s patterned in paisley. The front of the desk sports a small Welcome sign, while atop it we see a register facing the guests with the one name filled in, and a pen in its’ holder. Lea stands behind it, looking upset and totally confused, as she looks upward at the leaking ceiling. But what really BOWLed me over this morning? The look of total desperation on poor Bill’s DRAINed face…You just know he’s thinking…”Water we do now”?…FLOW, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And here’s hoping that the things we all wish for in life don’t turn out to be nothing more than PIPE DREAMS! 🔧 🙋🏻


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12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/22/2019

  1. I wouldn’t call it gut-WRENCHing, but WATER you going to do? You work with the TOOLS you have, right? So even though it was a bit of a DRAIN getting these words to FLOW, I PLUNGEd right INN just the same…And despite not being BOWLed over by the results, it’s the best I could do this morning…🔧🙋🏻

    🦷 With a VISION of a SPORTY look in mind, they decided that they’d RATHER decorate the DENTAL office with bright colors, and proceeded to NOTIFY their contractor…that being done, they felt that they were no longer INN OVER THEIR HEADS, and were finally able to EXHALE…🦷

    👖She liked him in a SPORTY look, though he’d RATHER be chill,
    A little grungy for her taste, the VISION didn’t thrill…
    But since he sold insurance, mostly DENTAL his milieu,
    He felt that in his leisure time that comfort was his due.
    The suit and tie would come off, he did NOTIFY her of,
    And even though she understood…the look she didn’t love…
    So she tried to bite the bullet, all the while hard to EXHALE,
    And wondered if she’d stay with him, or quickly look to bail.
    Appearances important was the way that she’d been bred…
    And she worried that the two of them might be INN OVER THEIR HEADS!👖

  2. RATHER than go to either his VISION or DENTAL appointment, he decided he would NOTIFY his wife that he was going to put on his SPORTY new outfit, take a drive into the mountains and inhale and EXHALE mother nature’s beauty. I like yours, Angela. Here’s hoping your day is going well and you’re not “in over your head”.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Thank you, as I do yours! 👏🏻👏🏻 Nice take! Over my head? Hard to tell any more! 😉 Between both games today, and an Emmy party tonight, I’m up to my ELBOWS..(snuck a little plumbing one in there)😉 in chicken parm and sausage and peppers…But I started early and I’m almost done…So I guess we could say…just a typical day here at the ranch!😉 Tks for asking, and I hope your day’s going well too! Enjoy! 🍝🌶🏈🙋🏻

  3. Hi Everyone –
    Inspired sentences, Angela and Chuck. And perfect song choice.
    Nothing was coming to mind for the answer, so I wrote down some words with the letters, including their. Then, when I was looking for words with a v, I thought of over and the phrase. Just inn was left to unscramble. Good one!
    I didn’t think of the leak over head but rather head , the word for toilet, which I learned today is a maritime reference.,

    • Hi Caroline.Good Afternoon, And thank you very much. I was singing the song as soon as I glanced at the puzzle. Cute reference with “the head”.👏🏻👏🏻 ..I never even thought of that, because I saw the solution too as soon as I saw the puzzle. And maybe that’s because my friend really did shatter my dream with the same phrase…”We’re going to be in over our heads”…Art imitating life once again…And I agree wholeheartedly…it’s a very cute and clever play on words. David never ceases to amaze me…Hope you’re having a wonderful day, Caroline…we’re definitely blessed with beautiful weather! Enjoy! 🌞🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – EXHALE was my only instant solve, with RATHER taking an extra look. All the rest took several tries, with DENTAL taking me the longest. Finally gave up on the answer. I figured THEIR must be in the answer, but couldn’t see a 3 letter word that would be a pun.

    Betty, here’s a story from today’s East Bay Times about a guy in Walnut Creek who bought a 1952 VW Bug convertible in 1986 and has restored it:

    Great catch on the word “head” Caroline! LOL! I was just reading yesterday that when the Warriors unveiled the plans for their new SF arena to the public, someone in the audience said “Doesn’t that look like a toilet bowl?” and the owners looked again, said “You know, he’s right!” and completely changed the design.

    Great song Angela, and the “flush beating the full house” made me laugh.

    🎵”Letting the days go by (let the water hold me down)
    Letting the days go by (water flowing underground)…
    Water dissolving and water removing
    There is water at the bottom of the ocean”🎵 Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime”

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

    “His doctor had to EXHALE and gather himself before deciding whether he would RATHER NOTIFY his patient that his SPORTY pursuits would be curtailed by his VISION or DENTAL problems first”.

    • Hey Steve.Thanks for the Shout Outs..and I knew you’d enjoy the music! But your poor patient…👏🏻👏🏻 Who does he play for? The Giants? 😂 Enjoy the games…it definitely should be interesting day! 🏈🙋🏻

      • All morning, I’ve been trying to think of what lyric your story about “over my head” reminded me of. It finally came to me; “Siberian Khatru” by Yes:
        🎵”Even Siberia goes through the motions, hold out and hold on
        Hold down the window (outbound, river)
        Hold out the morning that comes into view (bluetail, tailfly)
        River running right on over my head”🎵
        (Next time you have nine minutes to kill! 😂 *THE* definitive 70’s progressive rock song.)

        • Steve…I never said “over my head” in anything I wrote…I only went with the song…And you know how I love my music…but this? I can’t see a connection at all. Talk about a stretch..,And an imagination! 😉 But if that’s what’s in your head….so be it! 😉 And I’m glad you at least got to figure it out…😂 …Only thing is, now I’m SMH! 😉🙇🏻‍♀️

  5. It must have been in your reply to Caroline – “And maybe that’s because my friend really did shatter my dream with the same phrase…”We’re going to be in over our heads””

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