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Happy Monday, Jumble fans! The start of a new week brings us a pretty challenging puzzle that is most definitely a breath of fresh air. I wasn’t blown away by any of the anagrams, but UNFIT blade me take a few extra glances before coming into view. It was also the only anagram that has been used in the past, but with a date of 7/5/12, it was old enough to feel new. HYBRID was a mighty fine Jumble as well, and David left the “Y” in the middle of his layout to throw us off track. With a date of 8/5/18, it was our most recent repeat but solved easily after working the anagram in reverse.

The polls are now closed for last week’s most difficult anagrams, and we had a couple of doozies that I wouldn’t mind seeing featured again real soon. The results are listed in order from last Monday to Sunday, so give them a whirl and let us know if there were any that you cold not figure out!


Today’s cartoon featured an invention that I use every night to help me drift into a peaceful slumber. The rhythmic hum of the motor and the gentle breeze that it provides seems to magically erase all of the days stresses and helps me get a good nights rest.

We happen upon two men in a workshop, and by the way that they’re dressed, we can tell that Jeff offered up a period piece to start off the week. A little research uncovered that the year was 1882, and the man on the left appears to be electric fan inventor Schuyler Wheeler.

Wheeler was quite the inventor, and his list of accomplishments is rather impressive. He invented not only the electric fan, but also the electric elevator and an electric fire engine. Having worked around different electric companies all of his life, he also helped develop and implement a code of ethics for electrical engineers.

In the panel we see Wheeler drawing up some blueprints and he explains in his dialogue that he’s interested in increasing the fans airflow. The fan in Jeff’s piece looks very similar to the fan that Wheeler first created and you can take a better look at it HERE. Also on the workbench are some screws, a blade cover, a spool of copper wire, and other assorted tools. The blueprint on the table and the word “sketching” in the dialogue were today’s big hints, and if they blew over your head, you might have had a difficult time with the final solution.

Speaking of the final solve, it was an anagram consisting of 10-letters that gave absolutely nothing away. The F near the front of the anagram had my eyes seeing FAN, but it was used in the sentence so my brain knew that it wouldn’t work. Mixing up the letters a few times in the margin of my newspaper brought ROUGH into view which left DRAFT in the remaining letters to finish it all off. Today’s puzzle wasn’t an easy-breezy finish, but it was very creative and a pleasure to figure out. Have a merry Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/23/2019

  1. The owner of the HYBRID DONKEY thought a GRAND was an UNFIT price for his prized pet to appear at the rodeo’s opening.

  2. Clever puzzle this morning. No problem with the anagrams. The cartoon answer didn’t come to me immediately but I was able to get it after some thought. Thanks for all the information on Mr. Wheeler, Mike. Electric Fire engine – I’m impressed. Happy Monday to all.

    • I’m not sure I’d trust an electric Fire Truck rolling up next to a burning building. It would be a nightmare if the batteries somehow caught on fire. But electric passenger vehicles (like Tesla) are super safe and will be the future before long. Have a great week, Betty!

  3. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone! …Clever, and a 💨BREEZE! Have a great day, Everyone! 🙋🏻

    🚗Having only seen the ROUGH DRAFT for the new HYBRID car, he was told by the board that he was acting as stubborn as a DONKEY by insisting that is was so GRAND…especially knowing that it was proven UNFIT for city driving…🚗

    🎈She arranged the children’s party and hoped it’d turn out GRAND,
    With pinning on a DONKEY tail and other old games planned…
    She felt some newer things UNFIT, she didn’t need HYBRID,
    She wanted wholesomeness to be what she gave to these kids…
    So planning took some extra time, she strived to hone her craft,
    And in the end it turned out great…all from that first ROUGH DRAFT!🎈

  4. Today was fun! Hybrid and unfit took me about the same time, the answer was quick and double answer: rough draft of design or rough draft of hot air. The cartoon remarks lead to rough draft of design but the answer could have stood without them.

  5. Hi all – HYBRID would have been the hardest, but I remembered it from recently, and it’s written on my car. Had to write the answer letters, but then saw DRAFT and the solution.

    Happy September Equinox and first day of Autumn to everyone.
    🎵”Wave that flag; wave it wide and high
    Summertime done come and gone, my-oh-my!”🎵 Grateful Dead, “U.S. Blues”

    “The farmer’s little HYBRID car was UNFIT for transporting the DONKEY, who therefore missed out on the GRAND prize at the livestock show”.

    Recognized the Peet’s “Song From the Ceiling” but had to look up the title and artist – “But, It’s Alright” by J. J. Jackson from both 1966 and 1969.

    • I’m guessing you drive either a Prius or a Rav4. Am I close? 🤔

      Thanks for the first day of Autumn reminder, Steve. My thermometer was reading 87 this afternoon and we had a pool party for my wife’s birthday yesterday. We’ve had a handful of cold nights but I’m enjoying the last vestiges of summer while it’s around!

      Perfect sentence formation and both you and Chuck must have been collaborating behind the scenes… 😉

      Enjoy the day, my friend!

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