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Good Morning, Everyone! 🚘 MAKING WAY FOR THE NEWER MODELS?🚘

🎶My HANDS were steady, my eyes were clear and bright…My walk had purpose, my steps were quick and LIGHT…And I HELD FIRMLY to what I felt was right…LIKE A ROCK 🎶 Like A Rock” – Bob Seger (1986) – 1992 Chevy TRUCK Commercial

🦖 To someone like Godzilla, trucks are PUTTY in his claws,
It goes UNSAID he’s ‘Like a Rock’, and grabs without a pause…
We see him KNOCK a dealership until it’s all debris,
He’d be accused of PIRACY if we were out at sea.
He’s left it all in ruins, it’s mire and it’s muck…
And all because he’s looking for a few good PICK UP TRUCKS.🦖

After a somewhat MONSTROUS week that gave us stumpers the likes of Effort and Strewn, Debtor and Amoeba, and solutions like “Highly Productive” and “Moater” Boat, that had some of us SCALEing the walls, it looks like we’re starting our weekend off with four old CLASSICS. And so far, UNSAID, taking us way back to March 2014, looks like it could emerge as the HUGE stumper of the day, being the most difficult to PICK UP on. PUTTY, our most recently seen word, (02/22/19), shared an anagram that day with an entry from June ’17, (Tuypt), but today’s simple reversal of the Y and U gives it a fresh face. We have KNOCK which made its debut in the puzzle of 02/28/18, one of my favorites, a FABulous puzzle about the Beatles, and lastly PIRACY, our oldest entry, dating all the way back to May 19th, 2010, has appeared many times throughout the years, most recently on 03/21/17. Quite an INVENTORY, wouldn’t you say? But now that we’ve ATTACKED this portion of our puzzle, let’s DRIVE forward and see what we can PICK UP from our cartoon…

Finding ourselves at a Used Car Dealership, according to the sign lying on the ground, we see Godzilla, the most well-known Japanese KAIJU, out on a shopping spree. In the market for a new TRUCK, it’s easy to see that Construction is secondary to Destruction in G’s check-list of necessary features. Where we’d look for sturdiness, he’s more impressed with how light they are. Easier to digest I suppose. Where we’d kick a tire, he’d igGNAW that. Where we’d be concerned with the 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, he’s more interested in how he’d BREAK them down to perhaps serve as a garnish with a nice GRILLE cheese. And where we might whine about the cost? He’s probably thinking he’ll FUEL up his next dinner party with a roBUST bottle of red from his BUMPER crop. Or maybe he’ll go white with some Lobster TAILs. Whatever his reasoning, today he’s all about wanting to PICK UP TRUCKS. And so he has…

Eye candy? Godzilla appears as his usual khaki-green self. There’s a snow-capped mountain peak off to the right, with smoke billowing nearby. The ground is STREWN (wink, wink) with the remnants of smashed cars and trucks…a blue, a red, a gold and a gray off to the left, with a fifth car on fire behind them all. At G’s right foot lies another light blue model, while a red and an overturned gold one lie under his raised left leg. And overhead to the far left we see 6 planes flying in formation. Probably the Rescue Squad…or maybe the manufacturer getting STICKER SHOCK…But the eye catcher today? Way back at left under G’s tail, at the very bottom left of the panel, and at right just above the date of the puzzle, we can see three stick figures fleeing the scene, arms and legs flailing. They reminded me of the figures one draws when playing Hangman, that CLASSIC WORD GAME. It may KNOT be much, but I thought it was a really cute TWIST. So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I’m sorry, but I can’t resist…”Hey…KAIJU doing”? 🦖🙋🏻

PS: I thought I’d mention that a movie was just released in May, “Godzilla, King of the Monsters“, that may have prompted David to go with today’s theme. Trust me, this puzzle’s a much BIGGER success…And what’s with the background music used in the trailer? “Over The Rainbow”? Are you kidding me?…When will they learn to stop messing with the CLASSICS?







21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/10/2019

  1. An odd mix of words to meld. But I was DRIVEN just the same…🚘🙋🏻

    °Figuring it was UNSAID, but knowing they were KNOCK-around guys, and wouldn’t be PUTTY in his hands, he still disregarded the PIRACY laws, and ended up losing his entire fleet of PICK UP TRUCKS.

    °He read a book on PIRACY, the music industry’s bane,
    To KNOCK off someone’s music borders on being insane…
    No more things soft like PUTTY, today the lawsuits fly,
    It goes UNSAID that artists aren’t into by and by…
    And consequences will be held, if caught they’re out of luck…
    There’ll be no picking up a Track…stick to the PICK UP TRUCKS

  2. Good morning. Piracy did me in today. Now that I looked it up I wonder why it eluded me. Looks easy enough to grasp. The cartoon answer was the easy part. With those double U s,Ps,Ks it was my pick up after missing that third word. Angela,isn’t the chevy replaced these days by the Dodge Ram. If you want to be macho,that’s the truck to have. Enjoyed both entries on the words. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Macho? Moi? Why? 😉 Good Morning, Brooklyn! Dodge Ram? You got me. I’m not all that big on Pick Up Trucks. You know I just go for the entertainment angle, and I felt the song fit. So, PIRACY, huh? Looks like you’re not alone, the poll numbers are climbing. I only go by what my Early Birds have trouble with, and this morning it was UNSAID. Thanks for the Shout Out Brooklyn, and get out there and enjoy the game today. I trust you’ve been winning? 🤔🙋🏻

  3. Hey, Angela, the notes for the first YouTube song you linked to say that the singer is Bob Seger, not Pete Seeger. I just couldn’t believe that such an anti-commercial person like Seeger would have ever done a car commercial!

    • Hi Mike. Good Morning. Thank you, I corrected it. I had my head a little in the clouds this morning…Pete Seeger? Anti almost everything! 😉 🙋🏻

  4. Hi Everyone –
    I couldn’t come up with either PIRACY or UNSAID until I got the answer. This was another puzzle where the picture gave the biggest clues.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. I agree. Godzilla picking up the trucks pretty much said it all! 😉 Wishing you a great day! 🚗🙋🏻

  5. My vote for hardest word (s) is PIRACY/UNSAID. The solve eluded me; I should really make it a habit to read the cartoon script spoken by the characters, it was all there. It was just too HEAVY for ME! ( so call me Godzilla Jr?) It’s been a hard two days and yes, no morning coffee yet. Angela, Steve, Chuck, HAPPY SATURDAY! Guys, take your woman shopping, the MEAL OUT will brighten your day.

    • Jamu, Have a great weekend.l always enjoy what you have to say, even if I don’t understand same!

      • Guys: I guess you’re not married or go shopping with a woman; eating out is often the only good part. (Just kidding, Angela)

        • Oh Jamu…Since you’ve come aboard, I’ve developed a hole in my tongue…🙄🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – UNSAID would have taken longer if I hadn’t used the usual “UN” prefix trick. Couldn’t get the third word, so looked at the answer letters I had and the clue to solve it, then backed into PIRACY. Even knowing the letters and putting Y at the end, it still took several tries to get it.

    Funny coincidence today – the SF Chronicle’s Datebook section’s main story today is “Destroying S.F. (on film)”, and they of course reference Godzilla 2014.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    🎵”He PICKS UP a bus and he throws it back down
    As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town
    Oh, no, they say he’s got to go
    Go, go, Godzilla (yeah)
    Oh, no, there goes Tokyo
    Go, go, Godzilla (yeah)
    History shows again and again
    How nature points up the folly of men, Godzilla!”🎵 (Blue Öyster Cult)

    “Left UNSAID was the fact that it was an act of PIRACY to KNOCK the PUTTY out of the hull’s drain hole to scuttle the galleon”.

    • Hey Steve…Nice sentence! 👏🏻👏🏻 You done good! Hope the day’s going well!🚗🙋🏻

      • Thanks! Funny emoji there; took my wife’s old car for a smog check this morning (passed easily). 🙋🏻‍♂️

          • Just a funny coincidence that you sent a car emoji the same day I took my wife’s CAR for a smog check. Good luck to Joe Panik’s Mets tonight! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

            • Hmm…Well, the puzzle IS about a Car Dealership…and there are little cars in my heading! 🤔 …Tonight…Tks 🙋🏻

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