Jumble Answers for 03/21/2017








Happy Tuesday everyone!  I didn’t have any trouble with the clue words this morning and they all came to me at first glance.  It felt like David was trying to throw us off track when he jumbled FROSTY by spelling out STORY and adding an F.  Rarely does he spell out other words within the anagram so it was a nice treat.  I figured I’d try and solve the cartoon without the aid of the clue letters again this morning and I wrote down my guess.  After writing out the clue letters I saw a lot of the letters that I needed and was feeling pretty confident.  14 letters is more than I’m usually able to figure out but after crossing out SOARING, I knew I had it right.  Have a terrific Tuesday my friends and here’s a link to a 1970’s Pan American commercial featuring the Boeing 707.  See you tomorrow!


19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/21/2017

  1. Good morning, Mike. Agree, easy words and as you, surprised to see a 14 letter answer (without a pun included). The commercial….the clothing, the smoking, the dining…! Thanks for the share. Have a great day πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  2. CWs 1,2,3…came quick….since I do not have any “scrabble tiles” wrote down what I had and some how PROFIT jumped up at me.. Just the degree of difficulty I enjoy. SPRING HAS SPRUNG, THE GRASS HAS RIZZ, I WONDER WHERE THE FLOWERS IS. Hoosier poetry!

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  3. Good morning. First off,thanks for explaining the connection between sew and the commercial. Today it gave me loads of trouble. Had intox for second word. Piracy took forever to get. When I couldn’t solve the cartoon I checked the words and realized intox was wrong. Plus I also had an extra letter in there. Now after everything was straightened out, I got the final answer pretty quick. Right away I saw the first word. The whole thing could have been avoided if I checked to see if the words were correct. Till tomorrow,stay well.

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  4. Hi! Fun solve today! I had all 4 clue words & cartoon answer in just over an hour. FROSTY & PIRACY were both very difficult for me. After swirling my scrabble tiles & rearranging them innumerable times and coming closer than I ever have before of looking at your answer, I finally saw the word “soar” and that did it for me. Kudos to you Mike & anyone else who considered that an easy solve. I love reading the comments & seeing how different the difficulty level is for all of us doing the very same puzzle.
    Earlier I left out a word in my sentence. I meant to say, “Tune-in to The Voice tonight and watch for Josh West, our grandson with long hair, to compete in The Battle Round.”
    Have a terrific Tuesday! See you tomorrow!

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  5. It took a bit of time for me to figure our Piracy but I arrived at the cartoon answer easily. Love the Pan Am commercial, Mike. Was flying ever that civilized? I don’t recall ever seeing anyone playing chess. Have a soaring day.

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    • That must have been an experience! Nowadays it’s so cramped in economy. I did upgrade to first class on our trip to Rome and there’s nothing like it. Reclining bed seats and a great meal. I wish I could fly like that every time we travel.


  6. Now I’m wishing I had not said that last part even in fun because I really did enjoy the poems. Now I feel better after saying sorry and hope I quit making stupid comments. I should have said, “Thank you to our poets today, Harry & Steve. I liked your poems.” period

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