Jumble Answers for 03/22/2017








Happy Wednesday everyone!  After solving the first three clue words just by glancing at them, I thought today’s puzzle was going to be a piece of cake.  When I got to FUTURE, the two U’s together really threw me off and it took me a couple of minutes to figure out.  I was in the middle of cooking breakfast so I didn’t mind the delay!  Day three of attempting to solve the cartoon without the aid of the clue letters was a success.  I read the sentence and dialogue and had an idea as to what the answer might be.  It was the way Jeff drew the gentleman’s hand on his stomach and the action lines around it that sealed the deal.  I jotted down my guess and then started to write out the clue letters.  After crossing out FEELING, GUT was left to finish the puzzle and I could finish my breakfast.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow.  😀


21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/22/2017

  1. Good morning. It was the opposite with me. Entice was my struggle. After awhile staring at the cartoon the answer jumped out at me. This time I checked to make sure I had the words right. Thank goodness I didn’t miss Josh last night. The last time I looked at the comments I didn’t see that he was suppose to be on. Until tomorrow,stay well.

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  2. The Voice: Gracious, Mike, Josh was on but only for about 10 seconds. They showed him walking and then singing only about 5 words with his opponent and then Adam announced that Josh won. Then they did that shortened version with 2 other Battle Rounds. Josh said that after he won, his opponent did not get stolen. I wonder how they decide which battles to show all of?! The good news is that Josh won and will advance to The Knockout Round. Go Josh!
    To find him on your recording, fast forward about 40 minutes into the show to right after 2 men compete and the taller one, Chris, wins. Then go slow and don’t blink. I fast forwarded past Josh twice before I finally found him.
    Solved the Jumble, time 2;45, hardest word for me was ENTICE.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday. See you tomorrow.

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  3. FUTURE stumped me today. F
    First three words came easily, Got FEELING right away and finally worked backwards and came up with GUT. I had trouble with FUTURE and worked into it backwards. I always enjoy reading how everyone works out the puzzles. Our minds work in so many different ways,

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  4. My first thought for the solution was bad feeling, but solving buggy changed that to gut feeling given the two g’s. I, too, was briefly distracted by the two u’s in future, but quickly moved on for a relatively quick solve today.

    Regarding The Voice, I was out and missed it. Returned home to be informed that Josh hadn’t been on. A quick scan of the DVR eventually showed otherwise. Too bad that he didn’t receive “full c0verage”, but I am glad that he moved on!

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  5. John, thank you for your words of gratitude that Josh moved on. I don’t know what to think about such an abbreviated coverage of my favorite little singer. Glad you commented today. Yesterday when it took me an hour, I was wishing we had your time to see just how wide the time range can be for 2 people doing the same puzzle.

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  6. Hey Harry – About your spring poem yesterday (The grass has rizz), here’s one for Spring allergies:
    I sneezed a sneeze into the air
    It fell to Earth I know not where
    But hot and cold were the looks of those
    In the vicinity where I snoze.

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  7. KALEY could be an adjective describing a salad.
    I also guessed ‘bad feeling’ but saw that it was ‘gut’ when the ‘B’
    wasn’t part of the answer.

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  8. Hi, Everyone. Hi Mike, I agree with you again, easy solve all through except for a second look at FUTURE. With my paper being delivered at 5:15 AM, I do the puzzle so early, I forget to check back here! Being new to the site,I’m not up to speed re Lelia’s grandson and the Voice; but from the comments I see he’s a contestant. Bravo! Best wishes and good luck! Once again, sadly, 💔 we feel the hatred out there. 🙏🏻 Prayers for Great Britain. Wishing everyone a safe and good day.

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      • Hi Mike. Oh because you do it on line…threw me off there for a minute! Lol. I was thinking, ” wow, how early does his paper come?” Lol. Watching “Wheel” here in NY. Hope you have a good night. Be well 🙋🏻

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  9. No problem with today’s jumble.Last night I recorded The Voice and fast forwarded three or four times and could not find Josh. I went to trusty Google and found that Josh and three others not on featured on the show, however, it did tell me that Josh was moving on to the next round. I was sorry that we missed Josh performing but bottom line he moves on to the next round and that’s the most important thing. CONGRATS TO JOSH!

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  10. ANGELA, welcome to our friendly forum! Thank you for your bravo and best wishes for Josh. You can still see his complete audition performance with 4 chair-turns on Google at “Josh West on The Voice.”
    SUE, thank you for your continuing hearty congratulations to Josh and rejoicing with me that he won The Battle Round and moves on to The Knockout Round. Here’s hoping that we get to see more than 10 seconds of his performance next time!

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    • Hi lLelia. Thank you for your words of welcome. I can catch past episodes of the show on demand through my cable provider. I’ll check it out. All the best for his future success. 🙋🏻

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  11. Like John, I initially thought the answer to the cartoon was Bad Feeling. Paused a bit with future but really came up with the solutions fairly quickly. I did get to see Josh last night though very briefly . I thought he would have a regular segment as did some of the other contestants. Who knows how the powers that be make those determinations? At any rate, I’m happy that he won and is moving on.

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