Jumble Answers for 03/23/2017








Good morning and happy Thursday everyone!  The clue words were well jumbled this morning but I didn’t have a difficult time figuring them out.  EMBLEM would be my pick for the most difficult word if I was forced to choose one.  It’s day 4 of trying to figure out the answer to the cartoon without the help of the clue letters.  I encountered some difficulty on this one and decided to go with MIDDLE AGED on a whim.  Upon writing out my clue letters, I saw what appeared to be all the letters that I needed for a successful solve.  After crossing out MIDDLE, I was left with AGES and had a palm to face moment.  Perhaps if I thought about it just a little longer I would have figured out that AGES was a better solution than AGED.  If David and Jeff get low on ideas for a pun, KNIGHT CLUB (as seen in the cartoon over the tavern door) would be an excellent choice.  Enjoy the day and I’ll see you tomorrow.  πŸ˜€


18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/23/2017

  1. Good morning Mike. Good morning everyone! As soon as I read 1300’s, and saw the M’s in the last word, I went with Middle Ages. Then to the words. Only seedy caused me to stop and do that jumble squint for a second. Sometimes 5 letter words can be tricky. (Chuckled at your palm to face moment…good imagery)! Funny that you mentioned the KNIGHT CLUB. I enjoyed GOOD Knight Club…puns running amok! I’m wondering about the significance of the crone/ hunchback with the man in the background. Did Suduko, Jumble, both crossword puzzles, (habitually in that order), and STILL went back to the puzzle to look at it again. Shaking hands, offering something?? You know David and Jeff always have a method to their madness! Any thoughts? Happy day, everyone! πŸ™‹πŸ»

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    • Hi Angela! It’s been a busy couple of days and I haven’t had much time to comment. In the background, the woman appears to be handing the man something. Although I can zoom in nice and clear, I can’t figure it out. Sometimes a mystery is needed to keep it interesting. Have a great evening and I hope I get a chance to spend a little more time interacting on the forum tomorrow. πŸ™‚


  2. Good morning. I would agree that emblem was the harder of the four words. After not coming up with the cartoon answer I double checked to see if I had the words right and I accidentally saw the answer. The clue was right there in front of me “1300”and I never picked it up. Must have taken a dumb pill with my meds this morning. Better luck tomorrow I hope. Stay well

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  3. I’m with you, Paul. I think I took 2 of your dumb pills. I had a 22:54 solve. Words came fast but didn’t find “ages” until wasting time with “mail” (like in armor) and other 3 letter words with an “s” at the end or 4 letter words. “Ages” is what the cartoon is about!! Duh!
    The Voice: What a lot of rewinding for 10 seconds of viewing! With your young family needing your attention, Mike, special thanks to you for all your rewinding to see my youngest one win his battle & move on. Harry, thanks for telling me that my rewinding directions worked. Sue, I thanked you yesterday but thanks again. Betty, glad you caught his 10 seconds of fame. Thank you to all who viewed and made such wonderful comments, all of which I will put into the Josh West on The Voice journal I made & gave to him.
    Now off to urgent care with my husband whose cough sounds like pneumonia. Better safe than sorry. See you tomorrow!

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    • Lelia, hoping your husbands cough will just be a cough. I’m in NY, and between cold and flu season and the weird weather bringing premature pollen, everyone’s coughing for months. Be well.

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  4. I knew the answer and guess I needed one of Paul’s dumb pills as Emblem gave me a lot of trouble. Pulled a muscle in my shoulder and on pain pills so will use that as an excuse. πŸ˜‰ Lelia, hope that your hubby feels better soon. Everyone have a good day!

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  5. Hi Sue and Paul: I think the reason emblem popped right out at me so quickly was because the other night we were going over medical plans, and there was “Emblem Health” with its dark purple logo! Stuck with me! LOL…Have a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  6. Back from urgent care, and this is how hubby made out, thanks for asking, Mike; no pneumonia! Thanks, Angela, it IS jut a cough, albeit a severe one. Thanks, Sue, we ARE feeling better already after getting his clear/clean X-ray. The doctor said I have a less severe cough and for me to take it easy, too. How about I use my upper respiratory condition as my excuse for doing poorly on the Jumble solve and you stick with your excuse of pain pills. Kidding aside, I am sorry you hurt your shoulder because there are so many tasks around the house that are harder or impossible to do in that condition.
    Harry, tell your grand niece to sing & post it on You Tube and see if they find her there. It’s worth a try and give her my best wishes.

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    • I’m glad the X-rays came back clean, Lelia! I hope you both got some good rest last night and you take it easy this weekend. Thanks for putting our minds at ease by letting us know all will be well. 😊


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