Jumble Answers for 03/24/2017








Happy Friday morning everyone!  The clue words were excellent this morning with two words (TIGER and GATHER) being perfectly matched to Jeff’s cartoon either by coincidence or design.  David continued his streak of doubling up the letters in a couple of the words to try and throw us off the scent but it wasn’t enough to trip me up.  I solved them all in a flash and was anxious to begin the cartoon solve.  Day 5 of trying to solve it without the aid of the clue letters proved more difficult than I had anticipated.  I managed to guess THE and gave up trying to solve the other two 5-letter words after a few minutes.  Upon writing out the letters, I crossed out THE and was still unsure of the answer.  I went back to the cartoon for clues and noticed the man on the right was touching the tip of his spear and his hand had a couple of action lines above it.  POINT came to mind and it was in my clue letters so I crossed it out and ARGUE was right there to tie it all together.  I really struggled with this puzzle but it was fitting for a Friday finale.  Jeff added some great detail to his cartoon and my favorite was the woman’s earrings which appear to be rocks!  Have a fantastic Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  😀


21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/24/2017

  1. Great puzzle…By the by, that thing on that knight’s chest yesterday was a CHICKEN. Solved the puzzle today just with the picture then struggled with GATHER. 70* F in Indiana today then a week of rain….Gotta make up for all that snow we did not get this winter. I am predicting severe flooding in the Ohio Valley.

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    • Hi Harry! I thought it was a Phoenix so perhaps Mr. Knurek will read this and fill us in. High 40’s/low 50’s but rain all weekend here. Better than snow! Enjoy the day. 👍🏻


  2. Good morning. Ah,”redemption”. Gather was the last word I got. Took longer than the other three words combined. I made it a “point” to really look at the picture today. Because I did,the answer came pretty easy. Now that it’s solved I’ll take my medication. No chance of a repeat today. Till tomorrow stay well.

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  3. GATHER also took me the longest, because I first tried one of my standard tricks, and it didn’t apply today.
    Whenever I see a GHT in a word, I look for that combo first, like HEIGHT, WEIGHT, or LIGHT. Had to go back and then got Gather. I also check first to see whether there are ING, UP, or UN. Amazing how often UN turns
    a 6 letter solve into a 4 letter solve. Cheers!
    (I also thought it was a chicken on the T-shirt yesterday, but it probably was a Phoenix).

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  4. Great puzzle this morning. With “and” not in the mix as a connecting word, that left only “the”. Argue came to me first and then point fell into place. I too thought that was a chicken on the knight’s chest yesterday but couldn’t figure out why. Have a good day everyone. Rain here today in San Franicsco.

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  5. Hi! Living in Phoenix & having seen the Phoenix bird drawn many different ways, I think it has a smaller head, but with artistic license, anything is possible.
    Loved the caveman cartoon & got the answer first. I paused on TIGET, GATHER, & ANNUAL. Final time 4:11, which I am proud of because whatever Jerry has hit me full force last night so I will be back to bed as soon as I comment. Sue, hope your shoulder is better.
    Mike, last Saturday you said that “Live PD on A & E” is your new favorite TV show. I immediately put that title into the stereotyped slot in my brain labeled “Shows for Guys,” and knew Jerry would know about it. He has seen only some of the first 2 hours because it airs here from 9 p.m. to midnight, past our beddy bye time. Tonight we’ll record it, watch it tomorrow, and think of you. There is also a bonus hour tonight of “best moments” of previous shows. I prefer recording long shows and fast forwarding commercials. What time does it air in NH?
    Happy rest of Friday! See you tomorrow!

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    • Happy Birthday to Jerry and I hope that his cough is subsiding, Lelia! Live PD is on from 9-midnight. It is a “guy” type show. I get to stay up a little later on the weekends and sleep in an extra hour on the other side. Get better and don’t stay up too late with the Birthday boy! 😀


  6. Mike, I just found your kind words and I thank you for them, about the X-ray results. I read them to Jerry because today is his actual birthday. Thank goodness we had his parties earlier this month! I am taking your excellent advice to take it easy this weekend and I know I’ll bounce back soon.

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