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17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/01/2019

  1. Good morning. Failed miserably today. Had to look up the third word HIATUS. Then when it came time for the cartoon answer with it being in quotations, another failure. As you know I hate them because I feel most of the time the answer is not clever or cute and today is a perfect example. But that’s me and others might think the opposite. The new format looks cool but I was unable to post for the hardest word. No matter how I tried I couldnt bring it up. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. I’m baaack As I thought I had said, Thor was a day early & all his hammering, yammering, flashing & splashing caused a singe & shudder in my spongy matter that sent the brain into a quick & itchy hiatus. Unfortunately my greatest fear, the composed 8-15 letter pun in quotes still eludes me, so I’ll take another leave & continue to try. In the meantime, can someone explain how my first missive lost a paragraph?

    • PauI- I ommented once before how I loathe made-up hyphenated puns in quotes, I can’t be in another’s head when they read a word & say to themselves “oh look if you just change this letter it’ll make a different word that can be used this other way, ha ha” I was just lucky to hit HIATUS as in – I HIATUS all who aren’t allowed to make up our own answer(s). Have a great Paul. Tomorrow.

  3. Hi Everyone –
    Not a good day for me.
    I gave up on this one and also struggled for a while with HIATUS.
    I’ll have to catch up on comments later.

  4. Good Morning, Everyone..If you haven’t thrown in the towel yet…Think this….
    Who performs EXPERIMENTS? What is a RESEARCHER? Now look at the faces of the two main characters…There’s sadness,disappointment, rejection. What is he saying? “OH NO”.,,.And concentrate on the use of the quotation marks…ALAS! The key is not just what they are, but what they’re doing…🤔🙋🏻

  5. I experimented with today’s words…Hope everyone’s having a good day! 🤔🙋🏻

    ° Always wanting to work with the SCIENTISTS in the community, he volunteered to SINGE the SPONGY moss from the bushes, but after becoming terribly ITCHY, he decided it was time to take a HIATUS from the gardening project..

    ° He asked her for a HIATUS, the stress made him so ITCHY…
    He figured he’d just SINGE it now, before she got more b——y,
    The rashes he was getting, the red and SPONGY welts,
    Would never clear up unless he could get away, he felt.
    He sat and stared at all the spots that encircled his wrists…
    And thought…”If I don’t take a break I’ll need some “SIGH-ENTISTS”

  6. Got all the anagrams but the cartoon solution eluded me. Kept thinking the second word would be “testing” but the other letters simply did not conform. Good challenge this morning.

  7. Ok I gave up; did get SIGH but couldn’t find a suffix. Found TESTING but couldn’t find a prefix. So, guys you win (again). Will try again tomorrow.

  8. Very poor puzzle solution. Not even a good play on words. Had to give up on getting a solution.

  9. Horrible solution!!!!! I hate seeing quotes because I generally know it will be a poor solution that could be of any spelling. TESTING was there but I never would have guessed at the actual solution.

    l love these puzzles but this is the worst one I’ve ever seen!

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