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Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans! I bet there’s a few of you out there that saw the original King Kong in movie theaters back in 1933. The movie was going to be named “The Eighth Wonder”, but I think King Kong has a nicer ring to it. Here’s a couple of fun facts for you. The words King Kong only appear once in the film. They’re displayed on the marquee above the theater where Kong is being exhibited. And remember the giant gate that Kong busts through to gain access to to the native village on Skull Island? Well, it was burned (along with other movie sets) in the burning of Atlanta scene from Gone with the Wind!

There were two new clue words in today’s game as far as I can tell. AORTA and PRETTY make their debut, but neither of them gave me any trouble. My moment of pause came from INDOOR. Doubling up the O’s made it come right into view though. INDOOR was also the oldest word this morning with a gameplay date of 3/18/18. GLAND was the freshest and was found in a puzzle on January 4th of this year.

Today’s cartoon had a fantastic retro feel to it. We see three Jumble characters exiting the theater and a fourth selling tickets in a booth. My favorite detail was the movie poster on the right hand side of the panel. Here’s a story of a woman that purchased an original King Kong movie poster at auction back in 1999. The price is really shocking!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. It was two letters less than yesterday’s single word solution, but I found it to be a bit trickier. The GL coupled together brought LARGE to mind leaving IN and PART to be sussed out of the remaining letters for the finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





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  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone…Today’s words? WRAY to go! 💃🏻🦍🙋🏻

    ° Probably due IN LARGE PART to cramming for exams, the young intern was told that her excessive INDOOR time was taking its’ toll after she was overheard saying that the photos of the AORTA and the Pituitary GLAND were PRETTY…

    ° Assigned to print the flyers, and “Our Opening will be GLAND”
    Was what they read, the manager said, “You’re not good for our brand…
    My INDOOR Medical Market won’t thrive with errors like this…”
    And so the company had no choice, they canned the PRETTY Miss…
    But she defended herself, and she fought to keep the stint,
    Explaining that she made a pun…it wasn’t a misprint…
    She even had an idea reading, “Don’t you think you oughta
    Be Heart Healthy this coming year…Let us check your AORTA”…
    She sued them claiming no one said to her from the upstart
    That this was all too serious to joke ’bout IN LARGE PART…

  2. Good Monday morning. Oh wait it’s actually hump day. Yes I thought it was that easy today. I’m not complaining,I feel like a scholar. Even the cartoon answer came fairly quick. My first thought for the second word was Giant but nothing else fit. My second thought was large and the rest followed. All and all a great day. Angela, just looked at yesterday’s comment you made to my remark for you and thanks for the laugh. Maybe that’s why everything was so easy because I was in a happy frame of mind. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Any day I can make you laugh is a good day for me too…And if I made you THAT happy…well…we’ll talk! 😉 LOL…But maybe I shouldn’t take all the credit..it was an easy breezy puzzle today…😉 I think you’re just getting to be an old pro at this..and you’re too humble to come clean about it. Anyway, I had a song in my head for you, but I’m still looking for it..Happy Hump Day, Brooklyn..Enjoy! 🦍🙋🏻

    • Here you go, Brooklyn…(You may want to lower your volume a little) Dedicated to all the Ann Darrows out there and all the Big Apes that fall in love with us…And to you, Brooklyn and your penchant for grunting noises and beating chests,..😂😂 🦍🙋🏻

      • Good evening Mike and Angela. I went back and read your opening Mike and loved it As for Angela with that song choice, you have a knack for getting me to hear songs for the first time. But that’s not hard to do as I only listen to a select small amount of music. Not into jazz or hard rock and most groups as you probably know by now. Take care.

        • Hi Paul. You know I was just breaking your shoes with the song, right? It was jokingly in response to your “male domination” thing, with the grunting and beating on your chest…I thought that was so funny…Jungle Love! And even though I’m knowledgable of most kinds of music, I’m more like you than you think when it comes to what I like and listen to. I’m an old soul…Hope you’re having a great night, Brooklyn. Ciao, Bello! 🙋🏻

  3. I don’t get this one at all. IN LARGE PART? King Kong is part of what? I therefore conclude that this Jumble is cooked, as it has several other semi-plausible answers, including IN GLARE PART and AT PEARL RING. I think the best answer of them all is IN REGAL TRAP. Regal is the name of a movie theater chain (Regal Cinemas). So the movie theater is a TRAP that brings unsuspecting movie patrons in to see a movie which most likely is a bad B movie.

  4. As he was enjoying his INDOOR pool, his wife told him some not so PRETTY news about the doctor’s call stating that his AORTA and adrenal GLAND needed attention as soon as possible.

  5. Aorta was a quick solve given my own cardiac history.Indoor was problematic at first,but soon came into view.I thought the puzzle solution was in great part rather than large part,given King Kong’s great ape size,and major part in the movie.

  6. Hi Everyone –
    My first attempt to solve the puzzle failed. I thought of great, plane, an and words with ape but nothing worked. The answer came to me when I looked at the puzzle a second time and tried in for the first word.

    • Hi Caroline…Just my thought on it, but I think the key word was PART. The “PART” Kong played in the movie, and the woman’s dialogue about him. I say this more so, because I wish I had a nickel for every time my friends and I get into a discussion about a movie, and the first thing said is,.”What part did so and so play in that”? 😉 ..And Kong surely played a LARGE part IN this one! 😉 Hope you’re having a great day, Caroline. Be well. 🦍🙋🏻

    • Hi, Caroline! I sometimes find that it’s easier to solve the smaller words and tackle the larger ones with the remaining letters. I’m glad your second attempt brought you success! Have a wonderful rest of your day. 🙂

  7. Indoor was the word that took me the longest to solve this morning. Got the cartoon answer without problem. I thought it was a clever Jumble today. Love the original King Kong movie and yes, I agree with Angela that Fay Wray was the best and some movies shouldn’t be remade – “Gone With the Wind” coming to mind. Happy Wednesday all.

  8. I remember the 2005 version, with Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow and Jack Black as the director. Don’t remember much about it.

    • Hey Mike..I don’t remember that one at all. I’ve only seen the original. 🦍🙋🏻

  9. the jumble was poorly chosen !!! did not like it’ Couldn’t solve
    Rosen ..

    • I thought it was kind of obscure. To me IN REGAL TRAP is the best answer since the Regal Cinemas theater is luring patrons in to see a bad movie.

    • Hi, Rosen. I’m sorry to hear of your troubles with today’s game. If it’s any help, today’s puzzle has given even seasoned solvers serious setbacks. I personally enjoy the difficult solves because the easy ones can get rather boring. Better luck next time, and thanks for giving us your opinion!

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