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Good Morning, Everyone!           👣WOOL YOU BE MY MATE?👣

🎶 I like the dimple in your chin…I like the tricky way you grin, Still you ain’t no kind of cat…(You know why don’t you?)..Boy, your SOCKS don’t match…🎶”Your Socks Don’t Match”‘- Louis Jordan (with) Bing Crosby 1941

👣 At one time socks were boring, you’d RARELY see a pair,
That wasn’t matched with darkened hue…and that’s what one would wear…
But things have changed over the years and now folks BRAVE and bold,
Wear patterns based on whimsy and great colors to behold…
There’s rocking chairs upon a PORCH and Super Heroes fine
The fashion is be not afraid…just let your sock freak shine…
Where once you’d need a MIRROR to check that things looked right,
Today it’s fun to don a pair no matter dark or bright.
And there’s no need to worry that both of them do gel…
It’s mix and match that now can make your socks COM “PAIR” ABLE! 👣

So…RRR in Mirror. That’s different, right? But I think the M at the end makes it a lot easier to solve than when it last appeared on 12/03/18 as Roirmr. This time we were not deFEETed. We saw BRAVE on 01/04/16, PORCH on 02/01/18, and RARELY? …BAREly! My search came up empty…There was a puzzle solution as Rarely way back on 07/19/13, but the word itself may be another new entry into the ever-growing Jumble Data Base. And as new words tend to do, it caused a bit of a STRETCH with 4 of the Early Birds. Ok..now that we’ve FIT our words into place, let’s see what our MATCHING puzzle has to offer…

Pressed for time, I’m not looking to STRETCH this out and make it a long YARN…so I’ll get right to it…Finding ourselves at an accessories store, today we see two women investing in the SOCK MARKET. Going a little head over HEELS with SOCKS, great things are aFOOT, as one women can’t decide which PAIR she could see herself DARNing. With a MATCHING price, she’s unsure, but her friend is quick to point out that she’d NAIL it with either one, and that she’s with her every STEP of the way… So, why is it so hard to decide? Because they’re so…”COM-PAIR-ABLE“! Good one, David…A perfect FIT!

Eye candy? Today the colors have it! Hanging on the wall, we have the SOCK SOLID section: blue, red and green. Arranged at the nearby counter are three pairs of slippers: yellow, green with a butterfly, and blue with a flower, and three pairs of gloves: brown, beige and gray. But it’s the pairs in our girls hands that knocked my SOCKS off..A green and white pair, the Electric SOCKS, and a pink pair with black dots… I think that one should be her SOLE MATE! So, There you have it a Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And let’s all put our best FOOT forward today…and TOE the line! 👣🙋🏻






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  1. She sat on the porch to enjoy a summer’s breeze. The soft wind stirred the flowers scent & brought forth a horde of bees. Not brave to stand such incursion, she ran inside in deep aversion & sat a while in Introversion. She soon stood and went to see her face in the mirror & curiously she was smiling. The immediate past had become a blur and to her was still a reverie.

  2. My PAIR of word play entries…🧦🙋🏻

    ° After he was BRAVE enough to catch the raccoon that broke the MIRROR on the RARELY used side PORCH, the family claimed no one was COMPARABLE…

    ° He sat out on the back PORCH, something he RARELY did,
    He wasn’t always quite as BRAVE…he had fears as a kid.
    A MIRROR hung upon the wall, and shadows always cast,
    He laughed now at the little things that he feared in the past.
    But now he sits and ponders, thinking how it’s all so bearable…
    Any nothing scares him like before…nothing could be COMPARABLE

  3. Good morning. Breezed through the words but when it came time for the cartoon answer which was in quotation marks I took the easy way out to avoid feeling down. I’ll blame it on things I have to do that led me to bail out. Yea,that’s it. Sounds plausible. Until tomorrow stay well.

  4. I’ve said before I despise long hyphenated answers in quotes. I’m not in the cartoonist’s minds. It’s like ordering dinner for for your partner, picking the entree, side dishes, drinks, & dessert & getting it perfect on first try. I agree with just letting it go. By the way, I did solve it, but still…….

    • Hey Jamu …As with everything else in life, it’s a matter of choice. The Jumble has been doing hyphenated puzzles for years, and while some people suffer the Quotation Trepidation, others look forward to them. And sometimes they do pose a little bit more of a challenge…but again, c’est la vie…it’s all good! 🧦🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – Only RARELY took a second look, but putting Y and then LY at the end made quick work of it. I thought FOOT or TOE would be in the answer except for the minor detail of not having an F or T in the letters. Saw PAIR and the answer as soon as I wrote the letters down, though.

    I hope the poor girl doesn’t FLIP-FLOP on her choice for too much longer.

    Have a great day, everyone!
    Amazingly appropriate song Angela. I really like the ones that are obscure to me.

    “The hopelessly vain guy was RARELY BRAVE enough to step out onto his PORCH without first checking his appearance in the MIRROR”.

    • Good Morning, Steve…Your sentence has me laughing..👏🏻👏🏻 Like when Lou teases me about touching up my lipstick before I go out to the curb to get the mail..It’s not vanity, I look at it as always putting our best FOOT forward…😂 But sometimes I just tell him to put a SOCK in it! 😉 I definitely like your FLIP-FLOP..👏🏻 But I can empathize. I’ve been in her SHOES many a time…Buying SOCKS for the guys is an Achilles HEEL of mine…I love all the wild choices available for men today…the more whimsical the better..and when we’re shopping I do sometimes hear..”What the HEEL is taking you so long? We’re leaving, so STEP on it”! 😂 And thanks for the Shout Out, G, I’m glad you enjoyed the music…Whimsical, right? Hope you’re having a good one, Steve! 🧦🙋🏻

      • Quotation trepidation & cest la vie? Hnestly? Loved it! By the way “se la vi”
        translats into “I saw it”

        • Why thank you, Anonymous……as long as you’re not pulling my LEG! 😉 I coined the ‘Quotation’ stipulation a while back when one of our OG’s Paul, time after time, decried their dreaded use. (His sentiment, not mine). 😉 And yes, I do know that the wording se la vi means I saw it, in Spanish. Thanks for commenting, and it hope you’re enjoying your day! 🧦🙋🏻

    • Hey ProfessoR…They certainly weRe! In fact eveRy woRd today had at least one…What R the odds? 😉 I like R’s..I have one in my name…it’s a fun sound…But how’d you do? Solved it? Hope MaRla’s doing well…🧦🙋🏻

        • LOL! Good one, Prof! And happy to know Marla’s doing so well…All the best to you and yours! 🧦🙋🏻

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