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Good Morning, Everyone!   🥩WINNER WINNER?…NOT THIS DINNER..🥩


🎶 IT’S MY PARTY, and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to…You would CRY TOO IF IT HAPPENED TO YOU…🎶 It’s My Party” – Leslie Gore  1963 

🥩 A dinner party can be fun…as long as things go right,
A problem here or there and it’s all FLOWN out of sight…
Like most of us who’ve never had a BUTLER to take over,
The bottom can fall out of things..like meat eaten by Rover!
You feel like in a SIPHON, your patience flowing out,
Complaints arising as you feel that you may start to shout…
You try to keep composure, you want to keep it loose,
But faced with all these problems is like dealing with a MOOSE!
The oil’s not agreeing, besides these other whims…
You can be sure I’m done with this…no more HOST OF PROBLEMS! 🥩

Ok, so here’s my question…Just how many new words did David’s friend come up with, anyway? Who knew? Today, he’s SERVED up BUTLER, and I’ll tell you right now, it had one of the Early Birds looking for some help. Our other words…Sweet Repeats, with SIPHON going way back to 05/09/2011, and MOOSE having last roamed around as recently as 12/01/18. Which leaves us with FLOWN. 07/30/15, and 02/18/17…and both times appearing as WOLFN. And with this SALT being said…Let’s see what’s on the MENU for today…

Finding ourselves seated along with a man and two women in the dining room of a poor HOSTess with the Grossest, we MEAT HARRIEDette, a somewhat DISHeveled woman, trying to HOST a dinner party. And what can go wrong, does. Some might say choosing to do Fondue was her first miSTEAK, but who are we to judge, right? Actually her first miSTEAK was leaving meat unattended with a dog around. I mean let’s be honest here…you just can’t igGNAW the fact that there’s an animal on the loose while you’re trying to prepare a meal. Anything’s PAWSible. It’s a RECIPE for disaster if I ever saw one! And beSIDES having the main ingredient gone, she seems to find herself being SERVED some pretty strong WHINE. Who’s allergic to the oil, who’s husband took a POWDER, and who can’t see the light...EGGScuse me! Talk about being in La La LAMB…Where’d this crew come from? Does HARRIEDette even know them WELL? Did she GRILL them at all before inviting them into her home? Anyway, bottom line? This party has a HOST OF PROBLEMS! GOUDA one, David! You always SERVE us well!

Ok, eye candy. The panel is totally shaded in a light green. I thought it might be BLEU. At right, off to the rear, we see Rover in the kitchen, the scene of the PRIME. At LEASH he looks somewhat contrite, standing there with his tongue hanging out. He’s brown. I have no idea what breed he is though..maybe a HOLY TERRIER...Or a MELON Collie?  On the counter behind him a can is seen, lying on its side. The missing Sterno, dog food? Or Juice? I CAN‘t CONCENTRATE. Maybe just some random deBRIE? Sorry, but I CAN’t really tell. The table is devoid of any color except for the red Fondue pot. But I have a BEEF with a few things…The table’s set for 6. Even counting the NACHO interested husband, we’re still short one person, right? Someone we’ve yet to MEAT? And why are there 2 Fondue forks at each of the 2 plates at front, and none anywhere else? Hmm..This raises the STEAKS a BIT, don’t you think? Somewhat of a mystery. And I wish I could explain it FETA, but my TENDERIZE are starting to BURN, so I’m going to CHUCK the rest of this and get some rest. But not before I mention the single strip of MEAT left on that plate in HARRIEDette’s hands…That’s what I’m CHEWsing as my eye candy. So, There you have it, Folks..Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And remember..STEAK is like a good pun…A RARE MEDIUM…WELL DONE! And I bid you a FONDUE!







26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/22/2019

  1. Good morning. I folded real early. Was stuck on SIPHON and had to look it up. Then when it came time to the cartoon I gave up as well. Heads a million miles away. Angela loved your post today as well as song choice. Saw your late entry last night and watched the great music video and even the next one after that. Thanks for the enjoyment. You sure come up with gems. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Sorry you threw in the towel, but I get it… 2 of my friends struggled with the solve too. And thanks so much for the Shout Outs..😘 .Gems for a Gem…which is what I consider you to be…I’m glad you enjoyed it all…Have a great day, Paul! 🥩🙋🏻

  2. Having just FLOWN home from Canada where he was MOOSE hunting, the BUTLER was told he had to SIPHON some water out of the old well for purity testing.

    • Good Morning, Chuck…Bravo!! 👏🏻👏🏻 WELL DONE! 😉 Wishing you a great day! 🥩🙋🏻

  3. Good weekend everyone! Wasn’t today fun? First 2 words were easy, tripped into BUTLER, then SIPHON? FUHGETTABOUTIT! Seriously, got locked into “loss of”…. nothing! Looked for another 4 letter word “HOST of” hmmm…hit me! PROBLEMS! Searched remaining letters & YES!YES!YES! Angela- your subliminal method of definition & encouragement worked; thank you-thank you-thank you. I know you’ll say it was all me; I know better.

    • Good Morning, Jamu. I credit you with coming up with the answer using the letters. My habit is to study the cartoon to give me the solve. And then if need be, double checking with the letters…The idiom was again a familiar one, albeit the true phrasing is a “whole host of”…..something. In this case – problems. And our poor HOST had her fill of them, that’s for sure…But I think the puzzle hinted enough at HOST and PROBLEMS to lower the STEAKS! Very clever, and a FRESH idea…And it looks like SIPHON is becoming the runaway stumper of the day…Have a good one, Jamu! 🥩🙋🏻

  4. Siphon was problematic,and butler looked like ‘ brutle’ which caused a ” host of problems” in solving the overall puzzle .We have a new paper delivery person.and though we were leaving for Dixon ,again,by 7, the papers were delivered before 6,so I had ready access to the Jumble.

    • Funny you mention that Prof, because we were just saying this morning how insanely early the paper has been coming. It’s here by 4AM! That’s early! Yes, Siphon and Butler were a bit tricky…with Siphon seeiming to go off the charts! Enjoy the road trip, Prof. Have a good one! 🥩🙋🏻

  5. My statement of word usage is worked out before my puzzle solve so I hadn’t seen Chuck’s entry as I’m about to prove it. The master told the butler to tell the chauffeur to have his favorite gilded moose head flown to his country manor and the butler not to siphon any more of his best bordeuxs.

    • Not following your reference to Chuck, but 👏🏻👏🏻..another WELL DONE entry, Kudos, 🥩🙋🏻

    • …My take…I haven’t thought of a poem yet…🙋🏻

      ° Despite the HOST OF PROBLEMS that he was encountering, he was determined to find out who went so far as to SIPHON the stuffing from the mounted MOOSE head, resulting in it being FLOWN all across the room…and the BUTLER was who he suspected…

    • Here you go, Jamu..🥩🙋🏻

      He grew up with the MOOSE head there, just hanging in the den
      The focal point in Grandpas’ house, since he remembered when.
      He’d FLOWN to visit many times, despite how it did SIPHON…
      His time and strength…he went the same…like heart-felt with a hyphen.
      His Grandpas’ BUTLER took great pains to keep the head in shape,
      He recalled how he worked so hard when it frayed at the nape…
      And even with his Grandpas’ growing list of quirks and whims,
      He still enjoyed the visits there…and it’s HOST OF PROBLEMS

  6. Siphon really tripped me up this morning. I had to take out paper and pencil to figure it out but did get it eventually. Knew “of” would be the connecting word and once I figured out “host” “problems” felled into place. It was a good challenging puzzle this morning. I’m ready to take on the day. Beautiful sunny day here. Hope it’s pleasant in your corners of the world.

    • We finally got a sunny day today, Betty…it’s been quite a rainy stretch. Good Morning! Yep, SIPHON has the numbers jumping…and it’s not the new word either. Go figure! But in all fairness, it’s not an every day word either. Good move with the solve…and yes, it was a bit of a challenge…which I know you appreciate.Carpe diem, Betty…Enjoy, 🥩☀️🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – This one took awhile. Had to write the letters for the last two words; saw BRUTAL, but then put the BUT at the front. Saw SIPHON as soon as I wrote it out; no idea how or why. OF seemed like the only 2-letter word and thought LACK OF for the answer, but there was no ‘A’. Finally saw HOST OF.

    What do you say we just go out to eat? What with the dog and the bathroom references, I’ve lost my appetite here anyway.

    I looked at the details on the Chicago Tribune website, and couldn’t resist reading the review of last night’s Rolling Stones concert. Next up, Elton John.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Angela, an overload of excellent puns today; too many to list, but CONCENTRATE and deBRIE made me laugh.

    “Among the HOST OF PROBLEMS on the New Hampshire MOOSE farm, the staff discovered that the BUTLER had FLOWN the coop after attempting to SIPHON the gas from the owner’s tractor, ruining it”. (Hey, this one wasn’t easy!😂)

    • Hey G…Funny..I read all the stuff on the Tribune site too! 😉 I’m so surprised that no one knows the phrase…WHOLE HOST OF, or HOST OF…(fill in the blank)…There must be sombody out there who does..I thought for sure you would…Thanks for the Shout Out, it was a lot of fun..especially deBRIE! 😉 and Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻 WELL DONE. Yea, it was’t all that easy…But why not raise the STEAKS and challenge yourself …Get the answer words in there too…GAME? Have a GOUDA one! 🙋🏻

    • Steve… Crossed lines…I’m texting with one of my friends and I meant the challenge to him not you. 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • No problem. 😂😂
        Sweet Baby James sure knows that phrase, and slips in a double meaning to boot!
        🎵”Now there’s a HOLY HOST OF others standin’ around me
        Still I’m on the dark side of the moon
        And it looks like it goes on like this forever
        You must forgive me, if I’m up and gone to Carolina in my mind”🎵

  8. Angela – The reason I referenced Chuck is because I didn’t want anyone to accuse me of plagiarism. As for your poem one can’t even be envious, it’s that good!

    • Hey Jamu. Not to worry…I doubt you’d ever hear a cry of plagiarism here…no one thinks along those lines. Least of all Chuck, he’s a true gentleman. And your sentence is fine on its’ own merit, there’s hardly any similarity with his. It’s inevitable that many of our sentences will contain the same thoughts, since there are some words that don’t afford much wiggle room. Case in point, yday with CURVY. Some words are just limiting..so the end results are most likely going to reflect the same train of thought…My poem? Thank you. Again, I looked for a different slant, despite going with MOOSE head in my sentence. I always like to give it a bit of whimsy…Hope you’re enjoying your night…🙋🏻

    • Hi Chuck..You’re very welcome! And all well deserved! Hope you’re enjoying your night! 🙋🏻

  9. What happened with the original guy who started this site?
    And is Michael W. Smith the Christian singer?

    • He posted here on Thursday that he was going on vacation. And sorry, I have no idea who Michael Smith is..🙋🏻

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