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Good Morning, Everyone! 🏰 SAND..SATIONAL 🏰


🎶We’ve got our BUCKET and our shovels and a job to doWe’re gonna build the best SANDCASTLE…We’ve got the sand and the sun and the water, tooWe’re gonna build the best SANDCASTLE🎶 The Best Sandcastle” Kidsongs 1994

Researching our words today showed we have new anagrams, and quite possibly another new entry into the Jumble Family: MIDAIR. Once again, I feel we’ve seen it in play before, but my search came up empty…Our remaining 5 words oddly enough have all appeared in 2014, and again within the last three years, with the most recent being ABSORB, which we last saw a mere three weeks ago today. And it was MIDAIR that caused 4 of the Early Birds to want to bury their heads in the SAND

And on the SAND is where the Jumble has taken us today. Finding ourselves at the beach, we encounter four youngsters, two boys and two girls. Sandcastles seem to be the TROPIC of discussion, and on the SURFace we can see that the newCOMBer to the group, who I’ll call MEGAn has SHOREly turned the TIDE, and introduced some PIER pressure…As too often happens, there’s one child who was the bigger and better toy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…What is wrong though, is that sadly, some kids are just not taught that Mega Castles don’t amount to a HILL of beans if in the BUILDING process you diminish others. And this young girls condeSANDing manner, has the other three kids feeling “less than” in COMPARISON to her and her Castle Maker. I just hate when one kid tries to trump another. If there’s one thing that was instilled into us growing up, and that we as adults have instilled into our little ones, is that thinking you’re better than anyone else, and acting superior is a load of CARP! And that making WAVES by asSALTing another in any way, is just apPAILing. Anyway, Megan, grandSANDing to the other children is BASKING in the fact that all the other Sand Buckets will…”PAIL” IN COMPARISON. Good one, DavidYou’ve BUILT another winner!


Ok, eye candy… Fluffy white clouds are seen in a clear blue sky, it’s color rivaling that of the ocean, where we see a wave lapping towards the golden shore. A pier is off to the right, and two images are atop it. At first I thought them to be two people, with the one at front looking to be holding a fishing line, but now I’m not so SHORE. So I’ll apPAIL to you all for any suggestions. And there’s a single SANDerling standing near the pier. The boys are clad in shorts and T-shirts, with the one at right donning a blue sun hat. The little girl kneeling in the SAND is SEAn in a black bathing suit adorned with little white flowers, and a black sun visor, and she’s made 3 castles with her black pail. The little boy at left, unFORTUNEately is the SOLO child without a pail…he has only two red cups…The boy at right has made a castle with his red shovel and gray pail, and it’s topped with a tiny sliver of a twig. Megan is wearing black shorts, and a teal sleeveless ruffled top, with a matching visor. And in her hands is the item that she’s SANDbagging the other children with…A shiny, HUGE gold CASTLE MAKER complete with a cranked handle that allows sand to exit from a rounded opening, and in addition to the shovel in her hand, attached to the pail are a spade, and a domed conical spire. Pretty oPALEnt, indeed. But once again, despite all that Jeff’s offered us on his PALEtte, the cutest little touch is his sinking sailboat aPIERing off to the left…He always manages to SANDwich it in! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And may we never get too old to build SAND CASTLES! 🏰🙋🏻







26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/23/2019

  1. Once again, I’m experiencing problems with the blogs’ format. The poem won’t print without a space apPIERing between each line. And even though writing this was no piece of cake, it still PALEs in COMPARISON with trying to adjust the new format..So, I’m left no choice but to print it here…SAND so it goes! 🏰🙋🏻

    As often happens with children, some ABSORB things from the others
    Like little TURNIPs trying to sprout, their wings they try to flutter,
    If one kid acts the ORIOLE, the bird leading the bunch,
    The others a MOSAIC make, and get in on the crunch…
    An job UNPAID but vital, is the one where we must teach,
    That bragging and grandstanding are not aspects we should reach…
    So MIDAIR more than once I’ve paused to take a child aside,
    To let them know that acts like this are ones we don’t abide…
    And protecting their fairness and good will as in a garrison,
    A lesson taught of kindness never will “PAIL” IN COMPARISON

  2. Good afternoon. It took me that long to finish the jumble. But,not wanting to quit,I stayed with it to the end even in between nodding out at the table from lack of a good nights sleep. The hardest word for me to get was TURNIP I tried to enter it three times but it never changed to 3. Oh well. The cartoon answer again took forever but finally that light bulb went off and I actually yelled out “Pail In Comparison”. Loved you post (both) Angela. That song choice was appropriate for the children. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Afternoon, Brooklyn. Yep..today was a bit of a challenge…But look at you not throwing in the towel! And Kudos on the solve…I’m hearing that not everyone was so lucky. Thanks for the Shout Out, and I had to laugh, because I did the same thing…nodded off at the table reading the paper…And I So hate when that happens…I still have my nights and days screwed up…Hoping you have a great day, Brooklyn! Enjoy! 🏰🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – I got MOSAIC from having seen it before, but no such luck with ORIOLE until I wrote down the letters and stared at it for awhile. Got sidetracked with UNPAID after I had first put UP together. I *thought* those were my hardest words until I came here and realized that I had mistaken MIDAIR for MYRIAD.
    “Sand Bucket” was the obvious clue that PAIL would be in the answer and gave it away.

    The poor little one-bucket “castle” with the twig looks like the summer equivalent of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Speaking of which, I missed saying Happy Summer and Solstice, so that and a great day to all.

    Thanks for the poem, puns and details Angela. Was not disappointed when looking for the sinking sailboat! Not even going to attempt a sentence with this Jumble of words! Hope you have a great day also.
    (ILOOER first made me think of the Edmonton OILOERs – must have NHL Draft on the brain. P. K. Subban to the Devils? What’s the reaction?)

    • ….And I don’t blame you for not playing around with these words today…They go together like “OIL” and WATER…🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

      ° Sitting by the window trying to catch up with UNPAID bills, he wasn’t sure if that was an ORIOLE he saw in MIDAIR amongst the many birds making up the MOSAIC of color near the TURNIP patch…but he tried to ABSORB as much as he could, since just seeing things like this on TV would always PALE IN COMPARISON..

      • My brain hurts just reading that sentence. That thar’s some fine wordsmithin’, Ma’am! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • …And I’m ready to bury my head in the SAND after getting it out…Thanks, Steve…it wasn’t even any “fun”! 😉🙋🏻

        • Turnips sprout….”their” referring to the kids trying to test the waters…spread their wings…🙋🏻

  4. Hi Everyone –
    I thought the clue words were quite tough, but luckily most seemed familiar. MOSAIC took me the longest. I thought of PAIL and my husband came up with the rest, which allowed me time to read the rest of the paper.
    Wishing all a happy Sunday.

    • Hi Caroline. It’s the toughest one we’ve had in a while…And Kudos on sticking with it! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 🏰🙋🏻

      • Thanks, Angela, but I didn’t really stick with. At breakfast I asked my husband if he could think of anything that went with PAIL and he came through.

        • Hi Caroline …Well, you got the 6 words and 1/3 of the answer…so …Hmm..You know if I was any good at Math I’d give you the %! 😉 Where’s the Professor when we need him?! 😂🙋🏻

  5. Good Grief Charlie Brown!! I struggled with “oriole’. Those two “o’s” really threw me for a loop. Kept seeing oiler.Solved the cartoon answer and still had to work at it with pencil and paper before coming up with that one word but alas, I finally figured it out. Good reference, Steve to Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree (twig). We have a hardware store in the neighborhood which sells them at Christmas time. I bought one for my grandson and he just loves it. I think he keeps it up all year round. Hope all of you have a good day.

    • LOL..Good grief is right! This one was a challenge. And I was trying to make oilier a word…🤦🏻‍♀️ Kudos for getting it done…Quite a few threw in the towel today. Wishing you a great day, Betty! 🏰🙋🏻

    • He’s not alone Betty. I have a Halloween tree (in a somewhat out-of-the-way place) and some Christmas lights that I use year-round. (But I don’t *think* I’m a redneck; just lazy).

      • I like the idea of a Halloween Tree Steve. We have some folks in the neighborhood who leave their Christmas lights up year round too. Like you, I think they just don’t feel like taking them down. , I think it’s nice to have a holiday spirit year round.

        • They’re pastel slowly-color-changing LED’s around a window, and they’re pretty and make me happy to see them, so we just left them up. *And* I’m lazy! 😂

      • Good Morning puzzler pails! My body got up before my brain still on “SNL” time so I had a loong morning as well trying to solve the anagrams. It was anagram – coffee- anagram – news – anagram – breakfast – anagram – etc.etc.etc. Oriole was my last anagram , though I do love oreols. The answer solution came when bucket was recalled. Angela you are a punny person & I get fun from a pun. (couldn’t resist)

        • Good Afternoons, Jamu. It was the kind of puzzle that called for a break here and there..And I agree, Bucket was a Mega hint! Thanks for the Shout Out…and have a great day! 🏰😂

  6. Wait… wait… wait…turnips can fly? I thought it was just a old wives tale (I resisted yaaay!)

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