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RV   ON   SD   IE   =   IN DROVES


Good Morning, Everyone!         🚗 CAR…TOON MEMORIES 🚗

🎶 The DRIVE-IN MOVIE where we’d go…And somehow never watched the show
We’ll have these moments to remember…🎶 “ Moments to Remember” – The Four Lads   1955

🚗 With her looking rather CURVY in the new sweater she bought, The thought of him dressed SHODDY filled her full of fraught…
She hoped he had an OUNCE of sense…for lack of putting it MILDER
She didn’t want her folks to think that he was really wilder…
Upset as they already are, with the Drive-In I suppose, 
I don’t want them to think he’s with a gang that runs IN DROVES…🚗

It looks like David’s truly DRIVEN to bringing us new challenges, because today it seems like we have another two fresh entries into the Jumble Data Base: CURVY and MILDER. Our other two words…fairly recent old favorites…OUNCE last seen on 12/11, and SHODDY on 09/23. And it was SHODDY that caused two of the Early Birds to blink…Ok..Now let’s see what our FEATURE cartoon has to offer…

This would have been a perfect puzzle to FEATURE two weeks ago, when we celebrated NATIONAL DRIVE-IN MOVIE DAY on June 6th. But better late than never…Today we find ourselves DRIVEN back to a kinder, simpler time…The heyday of the DRIVE-IN MOVIE.  Set in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s, it’s Intermission Time, and we see a couple sitting in the front seat of a convertible, discussing the RIDE over. His stating that fighting the traffic was EXHAUSTing rings true, since we can see how crowded the lot looks. But neither of them seems TIREd, and they both appear to be PROJECTING a happy attitude. So I guess despite the crowds, the popularity of DRIVE-INS was REEL, and it answers our question today…People flocked to them….IN DROVES. Good one, David! That’s the TICKET!

Ok, eye candy. A few cute details SHOWING…The red car, with its’ plush brown interior. The speaker attached to the DRIVERS’ side door, and the serving tray hooked on the passengers’ side.  The FUZZY DICE hanging from the rear VIEW mirror, with the pips reading 3 and 2. The four-foot high speaker poles…His long Classic Pompadour hair style, which DROVE so many of the older generation crazy, and her classic pony-tail with a red head band. Both very timely,  and a SHEAR delight…And off in the distance, below the movie screen, a child’s playground can be seen, with a child at left at the bottom of a slide, two children at right on swings, and an empty roundabout at the middle. But the REEL ATTRACTION for me? It’s the hilarious, campy  Dancing Hot Dog And Bun trailer showing on the Screen that was played at intermission to entice movie goers to visit the Refreshment Center…As I said earlier…it was definitely a kinder, simpler time…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And enjoy the RIDE! 🌭📽🙋🏻

NOTE: All the blue-shaded wording contains a link that offers information pertaining to pieces of today’s puzzle theme. I hope you enjoy them…🌭🙋🏻





32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/21/2019

  1. FYI: Sorry about the large print on the poem..I’m still having trouble adjusting to my new device and the new formatting….🙄🙋🏻

  2. Morning, Angela and everyone,
    I missed almost all the fun details you mentioned, so thanks!
    My first thought was dermil but the right spelling is dermal. After getting the answer and knowing I needed an e and an i, it still took me 14 jumbles to back in.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. YW..Yes, a lot of cute details today…And I see that Milder’s gaining in the poll, so you’re definitely not alone. Stay dry, and have a great day! 💦☔️🙋🏻

        • Hi..,Good Morning. Although they both may work as far as using the letters to spell two words, in reality only one truly fits the bill..”IN DROVES” is a pretty well known idiom, using the word DROVES ..which means “a large number of people or things doing or undergoing the same thing”. With that being said, and the puzzle emphasizing the large number of people flocking to the movie, there really is no wiggle room. I’ve included this link which might help explain it better. That’s tor commenting, and please do so again! Wishing you a great day! 🚗🙋🏻


  3. As I lay at the beach in shoddy shorts & t, trying for the last ounce of pop in my mug, this curvy redhead in white bikini sauntered by drawing stares from all the guys. I swear her flops covered more than that suit. Decided to move to some place “milder” before my S.O. showed & started peppering me with questions.
    My vote goes to milder as toughest. Confident of answer I entered “on drives” never thought to review, guess memory is stronger than clarity. SO, I’M A GUY OK!?

    • Memory of “On Drives”? LOL…Yes, obviously! 😂 Good Morning, Jamu…very funny…very funny indeed! I think I can picture your femme fatale just as well as you can! Nicely done, Dude..👏🏻👏🏻 .I’m sure you’ve piqued the interest of quite a few readers this early morning! Touché! 😉 And Milder may just be the stickler of the day! Have a good one, Jamu! 🌭🙋🏻

  4. With every OUNCE of her CURVY body, the waitress vowed to become a MILDER person after the SHODDY job she did on her first day of employment.

    • Good Morning, Chuck…Obviously we all took CURVY and ran with it! 😉 What choice did we have? Great job..👏🏻👏🏻 Chuck! Hope you’re staying safe from the storms…☔️💦🙋🏻

  5. Good morning. A clear and easy jumble today from the words to the instant solve after writing down the letters. Enjoyed the extra treasures Angela. For the drive-in movies in Tennessee we rigged up something in the electric shop to plug into our own car radio because a lot of the speakers you hung on the door had a lot of static. I never got to use mine back in Brooklyn. When we used my buddies car in Tenn,it worked fine. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! We had Drive-In MovieTheaters in Brooklyn? Where? I love your stories, Paul…you always seemed to be up to something! Kudos for the easy time with the puzzle, and thanks for the Shout Out…But what about the song choice this morning? I thought for sure it’d be a favorite…Hope you’re keeping dry! 💦☔️🙋🏻

      • Sorry Angela. After seeing the post after mine I went back to find the song and passed over it twice. I was hitting everything blue. I finally realized it was before the large print. It brought back memories. The drive-in movie we use to go to was at Green Acres Mall on Sunrise Hwy.

        • Hey Brooklyn…Yea, I messed up on the format again, and the poem printed like Gangbusters…Sorry about that…It threw off the whole page…But you know the music is always my opening…I knew you’d enjoy it, and I’m glad you listened. I love listening to it myself…As for the Drive-In, I didn’t know about one out at Green Acres…before my time I guess…I have to ask my cohorts, who are all older than me, if they ever went. I woukd have loved going to a Drive-In! 🚗🙋🏻

      • Angela. Don’t know why there are songs up in the sky,stormy weather. I posted to your remark and it just disappeared. It’s floating out there in outer space. Anyway,I had a heck of a time finding your song. I was hitting all the blue but the right one. Finally realized it was after the words and before the large print. That song brought back memories. The drive-in movie was at Green Acres Mall on Sunrise Hwy. It was something you could do with the whole family that wasn’t expensive. Take care.

        • 🎶Stormy Weather🎶😂 How perfect for these last few days! Kudos,👏🏻👏🏻 Brooklyn! ..But your comment is there, and I replied to it…Look above…Sometimes they all just seem to get JUMBLED together! 😉🙋🏻

        • Hey Brooklyn…Just for you… I remember a time when I damn near wore out the grooves on this recording…Ah, young love! 😉 Enjoy…The beautiful, talented Miss Lena Horne….💦☔️🙋🏻

  6. Thanks, Angela. No big deal, but “Moments to Remember” actually came out in 1955. I have lots of memories tied to that song. Thanks for taking me back in time!!!

    • Hey Chuck…You’re right..Tks…I don’t know why/how I keyed 58…it wasn’t my intention…ok, fixed! 🙋🏻

    • Good Morning, Clay! Uh…no, not REELy…In a effort to save my fingernails, please take a look above at the reply I posted to Anonymous. No matter how you SPIN YOUR WHEELS, there’s only the ONE WAY that it works. Maybe being the Idiom Savant that I am..😉 the answer immediately came to mind as soon as I read the question…so I didn’t give it any further thought, but the key word is DROVES, and that’s all she ROAD! 😉 Hope you’re having a good one, Clay! 🚗🙋🏻

  7. Milder threw me for a loop,but having the puzzle solution,I could back into milder. Speaking of drive in theaters,we had one here in Macomb where we actually saw the first Star Wars Movie.There is a drive in that’s still open on summer weekends in Galesburg,Illinois.

    • Hi Professor…As we speak, MILDER’s numbers are climbing…And I did read about a number of Drive-Ins still in business around the country. Have a great day, Prof! 🚗🙋🏻

  8. Paul: never gave a thought to the speakers, if they buzzed or crackled we’d leave them on the post, turned on the radio & let the screen be a television on mute.

    • There was a lot of info on line about that Jamu..the sound and the radio frequencies. A lot suggesting that one bring a portable radio along…I REELy feel like I missed out on something having never partaken..I’m SIRIUSly thinking of putting it on my bucket list..😉📻🙋🏻

  9. Hi all – OUNCE took an extra look before putting the O first, then before I got MILDER, it reminded me of my aunt MILDRED and a DREMEL tool – not together, fortunately.

    Love the fuzzy dice, the radio with knobs and pre-set buttons, and the playground down front under the screen.

    🎵”Let’s go down to the snack bar
    Let’s go down to the snack bar
    Let’s go down to the snack bar
    To get ourselves a treat!”🎵

    Well, we could go on all day about drive-ins, but I’ll just say that one of my favorite pinball machines is “Creature From the Black Lagoon”, and one of the things I like most about it is that the theme is not about the Creature or the movie, but rather about the experience of going to the drive-in to see it, including sneaking your friends in the trunk, and, yes, collecting items from the Snack Bar. In fact the backglass looks much like our cartoon today, with some great classic cars facing the screen:

    I have it on good authority that some girls’ fathers had books describing movie plots, so that they could quiz their daughters about the movie when they got back from their drive-in dates. So at least pay *some* attention!

    Have a great day, everyone, and don’t forget to return your speakers to their stands before driving off!

    “SHODDY oversight of the CURVY hot sauce production line caused an OUNCE of jalapeños to spill before reaching each bottle, causing them to be MILDER than intended.”

    • Hey Steve…REELy love the creativity with your sentence,👏🏻👏🏻 but I think it DROVE you to break the rule…If one of us has to stay with the CURVY woman, it’s only PROPER that we all do! 😉 And I’ve heard a few REEL funny stories about the plot questioning…and even funnier ones about being hip to the fathers thinking they were foolproof! Definitely a kinder, simpler time, right? 😂 But it could never fly today… Have a great day, G…Hot dogs all around! 😉🌭🙋🏻

        • I think if I ever make it to see one…it’ll definitely DRIVE me to try all the junk food available…LOL! Might as well enjoy the entire experience! 🙄 …And yea, I think the Four Lads were under appreciated…A lot of competition at the time…🌭🍟🍿🙋🏻

    • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 How cool is this? The cars, the swings…and my little Hot Dog and Bun trailer playing in the background! Thanks, Clay! ..That Hot Dog REELy cracks me up! And would you believe that I’ve never seen Grease in its entirety? I don’t know why either…Maybe I should put that on my bucket list too, huh?! 😂🚗🙋🏻

  10. Steve- on good authority? I’d never heard of what you described or the girls were prepared, but never told us (or we weren’t listening). The radios were new FM & Stereo! I vaguely recall the jingle you referenced, but wasn’t it a commercial?

    • Played in movie theaters (“go out to the lobby”) and driveins. My last drive-in was so long ago they still only had battered, wired tinny speakers to hang on the window.

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