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Happy Thursday, Jumble friends. Today’s puzzle wasn’t all that difficult, but it did feature two brand new clue words by our wordsmith extraordinaire! Please give a warm welcome to JURIST and METHOD for being the newest members of the Jumble Club! Although I didn’t find either of them particularly challenging, the letter layout for METHOD was superb, so it’ll be my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. The anagrams of the 5-letter words were also new, but BRISK was used 9 days ago and was still fresh in my mind. That left GRAPH as the oldest of our established words with a gameplay date of 8/31/17. After writing out all of the answers, I realized that they were in perfect alphabetical order for an added bonus!

Today’s panel brings us to a wine cellar, and it looks like there’s some type of ceremony going on. The cartoon sentence informs us that we’re witnessing the trophy presentation at a wine competition, and one of the four jumble characters that we see in the frame is not too happy with the results. After reading the dialogue, it became crystal clear that the gentleman seated next to the winner needed some cheese with his whine. Jeff drew the poor sport with his back towards the winner in a non-verbal display of defiance to the results.

Did you take a good look at the two wine bottles in the cartoon? The bottle next to the winner has a crossword grid on the front label while the bottle on Mr. Grumpy Pants table has the Jumble “J”. Looking closer at the Jumble bottle, it was easy to read “Jumble” in cursive with 1954 underneath. The 1954, of course, was a nod to the 65th anniversary of the Jumble, but Jeff went even further. Under that were two more words, but I couldn’t make them out for the life of me. My first guess was that it says “Red Meat”, but it could also be another Jumble for us to figure out. If you have any thoughts on the mystery words, please be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters that would solve into two words. I was able to instantly spot GRAPES, leaving SOUR for an easy finish. The answer has been used before, 3/31/09 to be exact, but that was well over a decade ago! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you when I get back from vacation!!!






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  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone….No reason to WINE about this mornings’ puzzle…SMOOTH sailing…Too bad we can’t say the same about the weather.. It’s far from diVINE..Wishing you all a great day…Stay DRY! 🍷🙋🏻

    ° Shocked that it went so far as to be brought before a JURIST, he painstakingly devised a METHOD that would harvest the fruit in an efficient, BRISK manner, thereby avoiding any SOUR GRAPES… and he detailed it all in a GRAPH…

    🍷 With a METHOD to his madness, he thought he’d draw a GRAPH,
    But the other JURIST shook his head, in fact he even laughed..
    But not so easily daunted, despite reception BRISK…
    He stood his ground and truly felt that it was worth the risk…
    And in the end his work paid off, no irony escaped…
    He drew the line quite literally…despite their SOUR GRAPES 🍷

  2. Good morning. Method is my choice for hardest word. I actually backed into it because I blind solved the cartoon answer and now had the two letters to finally get that last word. Nice job Angela on both sentences. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Thanks Brooklyn..And thanks again for last night. I was late, but I left you a reply…You’re such a Sweetheart..😘 Here’s to a great day! 🍷🙋🏻

  3. The METHOD in which the JURIST explained the GRAPH to the panel, helped them come to a BRISK decision.

    • Mr. Bean?! I love Mr. Bean but what does he have to do with wine? It’s RED BLEND. A jumbled wine with several grape varieties.

      • When I Googled “red wine blend”, the first thing that came up was “MENAGE A TROIS DECADENCE CABERNET, 2016” (!) 😂
        And (maybe because two Chucks post here 😂) the first thing I thought of was “Two Buck Chuck” Charles Shaw wine at Trader Joe’s, a Jumbled wine indeed!

      • Mr. Bean would have been perfect if it were an award for a coffee brewer! lol

      • Gentlemen: Jeff specified a JUMBLED wine with several grape varieties. A NUMBER of different blends…The GRAPES OF MATH! 🍷🙋🏻

          • We were in a restaurant one night, and a guy at the table next to us was a real…(fill in the BLANC)…Anyway, he calls the sommelier over and with all this bravado orders a bottle of BLANC de BLANCS. But of course, he pronounced the C…and as a K. We were having a Round Table session, and had been there for a while already…(🍷🍷)…so let’s just say decorum wasn’t exactly at the forefront…2 of the Lous laughed out loud…Not nice, but it WAS funny, and the guy was so full of himself anyway. I remember thinking this may not end well. But the guy was so clueless, he didn’t even realize they were laughing at him. Thank God…Anyway, the moral of this whole story…When I saw the winners label, with the X-word grid…it immediately came to mind…He bottled..BLANC to BLANCS. I pronounced it with the required French accent, of course…but I included the “K” sound..BLAHN..K…We all had a laugh this morning…while we ate our FRENCH toast…🥂🙋🏻

        • Hi Clay…It was funny. I’m not sure if my explanation translated well, and maybe you had to be there, but it was funny…The guy was such a blowhard, he was so obnoxious to the waiter,..(I abhor people that are rude to the waitstaff)…and then when he came out with the pronunciation? We couldn’t help but be “amused”…So as I said, we sat eating this morning, and I brought it up, and we all laughed…Plus I earned a Kudos or two from the guys…We’re always looking to one up one another…all in fun, of course, but we’re serious, and it can get ruthless! 😂😂 .In fact from there one of them mentioned Mel Blanc…and we segued into a riff on cartoons…It’s never dull, that’s for sure! 😉🍾🙋🏻

  4. I also backed into method from my blind solve of sour grapes.Jurist came quickly,but graph not,as I thought that anagram solution started ph rather than gr.Sunny today after almost 3 in. Of rain yesterday.

  5. The jurist walked in brisk & took his place, a graph of conviction on his face. The panel seemed to share his thought, my oh my what has day wrought? What has brought such a quick decision? Was it a method based on reason? Before anyone could speak, the D.A. stood in his space and said “We’d like to drop this case” A gasp, a sigh, a pause, and then the room burst into applause! So what was the case? As a late observer to the show, I will never ever know.

  6. Easy one today even with the new words – sour grapes, clever. I’m totally enjoying the updated Jumble app. Happy Thursday to all of you.

  7. Hi all – Cruised through everything except METHOD, which took 4 or 5 jumbles.
    I guess the loser feels like the Academy’s name is appropriate for him today. And my favorite part of the cartoon is his companion’s biting sarcasm.

    Mike, Grapes of Wrath in the poll question? Nice! And thanks for the details – I didn’t recognize that the winner’s bottle had a crossword grid, and thought the date was 1994. Also – Drew Pomeranz, the Red Sox’s revenge on the Giants for Pablo?

    Hey baseball fans, here’s what to do if you get caught in a rundown:

    Have a great day everyone, and a great vacation Mike!

    “The JURIST had a surefire METHOD to bring the trial to a BRISK conclusion – showing a GRAPH of the defendant’s movements from his cell phone GPS”.

    Thanks for the great musical info earlier, Angela!

      • Ah, good job Angela then! She had previously said that all those were yours, even the Fri-Sun ones.

        • Tks! They’re 99% Mike’s ..But I’ve slipped one or two in there…I was telling Mike that for some reason I’m not so good at it…IDK why…it’s like it’s something POLLar opposite to my usual punning! 😂🙋🏻

  8. Steve – What takes me a paragraph takes you a sentence; I’m in envy. A jurist would never be allowed to show evidence, it would be an attorney’s or a witness’ responsibility.

    • Thanks Jamu! Unlike Chuck, I didn’t look up the definition of JURIST, and I obviously should have.
      As far as the paragraph vs SENTENCE, I’ve realized lately that my ultimate goal is to produce a good sentence using *only* the clue words and answer. In real life, I’m a man of very few words, unlike here sometimes.

    • If you have seen the movie Twelve Angry Men, then you know a jurist can certainly show evidence to another juror while deliberating on a verdict. Great movie!

  9. Steve – What I see is that you’ve reached your goal, you’re just be looking for finesse. To me it’s there, but we all are self critical. Presently I’m just looking to do it in less than a paragraph (or a chapter!)
    Paul – I haven’t seen “12 Angry Men” so I’m unfamiliar. Jurists can only reference evidence given in court, not any they might bring or refer.

  10. Angela – Maybe the diner had imbibed a little vin & his mind went blanc (with a k)

    • LOL…No, he hadn’t started drinking at that point yet…In fact I explicitly remember him walking over from the bar area where he was waiting, and he wasn’t carrying a drink, because he was loudly cracking his knuckles! Hard not to notice…Just one of those guys…🙋🏻

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