Jumble Answers for 08/31/2017









Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  All of the words came instantly this morning, but UPDATE would have to be my pick for the most challenging word.  Moving on to the cartoon, we arrive at the “Minnow Nursery” where Gilligan, The Professor and The Skipper are all hard at work diligently building a “hut resort” out of bamboo.  Was this yet another get-rich-quick scheme concocted by Mr. Howell?  Probably, but it’s also a well drawn cartoon by Mr. Knurek that will trigger your nostalgia for the mid-1960’s sitcom Gilligan’s Island.  The letter layout for the final solution was cryptic and perfectly jumbled, but wasn’t needed for me to solve the puzzle.  I’m on day 3 of being able to guess the answer so let’s hope that tomorrow’s solution is a real brain teaser.  Enjoy your Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/31/2017

  1. 🎶” Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tiny port, aboard this tiny ship…So join us here each week my friends, you’re sure to get a smile. From seven stranded castaways…Here on Gilligan’s Isle…”🎶 UPDATE: “The SS Minnow, is still lost at sea. We now believe it may have shipwrecked on an uncharted island, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean…We hate to be so GRAPHic, but the RIGORs of the journey may have taken ATOLL on the passengers by now. Hopefully, they can OUTWIT the elements. Please stay TUNED for further information”…Well, didn’t they BAMBOOzle the world! It’s Gilligan, in that iconic red sweater and The Skipper! They survived and are HALE and hearty, running a Nursery! Let’s begin today’s JOURNEY: Our words: easy, BREEZY. You won’t need THREE HOURS solving these. SAILING ON to our cartoon, Jeff’s showing us the MINNOW Nursery, specializing in BAMBOO. In case you didn’t know, Bamboo is the FASTest growing plant. In fact, it GROWS so RAPIDly, that one can SKIPPER over any strenuous enDENVERs to achieve BOOMING success. Which is what we see in our cartoon. The business is doing great! The guys are thrilled! SHOOT, there’s no nervous WRECKS here! I wonder what they’re selling it for? ProBOBly $19.64 to $19.67 a CULM. And you can aCULMulate enough for a HUT in no time! Before they know it, they’ll have acCREWed enough for the whole RESORT! So, that’s aBOAT it for today’s puzzle. Great idea, Jumble Guys, I must PROFESS..OR should I just say ISLE like it? I do like it, it’s a CLASSIC! Oh, the eye candy…ISLE go with the first thing I SAW, the tiny BAMBOO plant on the desk! I mean, WATER you expect to SEA? A GINGER plant?
    Wishing Everyone smooth SAILING. And hoping you CASTAWAY your cares! 🙋🏻
    Prayers 🙏🏻 for Harvey’s victims.

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  2. Solved puzzle but failed to get a pun. No groaning today. Amazed that you spotted the cartoon as Gilligan and crew. Missed it completely. I bow down to your genius! 6 weeks to first freeze in Indiana

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  3. Not much RIGOR was needed when it came time to UPDATE the GRAPH showing which salesman on the carlot had the chutzpah to OUTWIT the others.
    Another day of easy solves– one of these days the guys will stump us. Anyone who knows anything about bamboo probably had little trouble with today’s solution. I am ignorant when it comes to sitcoms of the ’60s, 70’s and early 80’s so the Gilligan Island theme was lost on me until I read the posts above–thanks guys.

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    • Hi Earl. Of course you weren’t watching TV, you were too busy tooling around London in the Jaguar, and doing God knows what in Sierra Leone and Nigeria! You outwitted us all! Talk about chutzpah! Hope you’re having a great day! 🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. I was annoyed that it took me too long to get update. The other three words were an instant read but update took me over ten minutes. When you finally get it your amazed and shaking your head at why it eluded you for so long. As to the cartoon answer it came to me in under a minute. You guys amaze me at what you get out of a picture. I still can’t put my mind to look for hidden treasures. Well done. Yes,I’d take MaryAnn over Ginger. But would either of them take me? Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • You never know, Paul, you never know! But you do realize I went with Ginger because there’s a plant called ginger. Have a good day! 🙋🏻


    • Paul, Want to laugh? Talk about coincidences….Ginger just walked into the GMA studios at ABC TV, because they’re doing a “Day of Giving” for the Harvey victims. Just now! What are the odds? If you’re near a TV, turn it on, you may get to see her. 🙋🏻


      • Hey Paul…I was washing dishes and listening to the TV when I heard them say..”Look who’s here, Tina Louise, Ginger from Gilligan’s Isle”, but when I looked up all I saw was Tony Danza. He’s was there from very early in the morning, manning the phones…. And I knew I had to mention the Ginger plant somewhere! Hope you have a great nite! Be well. 🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – Yup, UPDATE took the longest because I didn’t try UP at first, then had to write the letters to get the answer.
    Not much to add to what everyone else noticed. The first thing I thought was “that looks like Gilligan”, and the second thing was that my problem with bamboo has always been to *stop* it from growing.

    There’s an entire “Ginger vs Mary Ann” paragraph on Wikipedia (personally, I prefer Lelia Ann):
    “The question has inspired commercials, essays, videos, and a sermon.”

    To continue another theme, there was a fun “Gilligan’s Island” pinball machine:

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    • Been going on for years! Always gonna be Mary Ann fans and Ginger fans. Getting rid of bamboo? You got a better chance of the Giants making the Playoffs! Lou’s got bamboo encroaching on his yard from the neighbors house..impenetrable! He uses a Machete. Nicky Machete…he comes over and takes care of it…BABOOM! Done! 😂🙋🏻


    • Steve, thank you for your lovely compliment! I missed getting to say “hi” yesterday but worked all day on my paperwork job & didn’t finish. I wanted to at least tell you I liked your word “pungle,” a pun bungle. I have a list of 7 things I want to ask you about, one at a time.


      • Hey Lelia – Guess what I just saw at my local thrift store – a pristine box of Rummikub!
        I didn’t buy it, but it said “60th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” and “Features special metallic jokers.” Don’t know why that would matter.
        As far as BOARD GAMES go, at the RISK of sounding CLUE-less, I had never heard of that in my LIFE. I have no idea why – we could have afforded a set; it’s not like I had a hard-SCRABBLE upbringing. Sometimes I just feel like I’ve got a MONOPOLY on ignorance of some subjects; a real BLOCKHEAD, UNO? It’s a small OPERATION so I didn’t get to ask the clerk about it; next time I’ll try to CHECKER out. SORRY to take so much space!


  6. Hi, all! Finished words & cartoon answer while eating my oatmeal. I now have a full day of paperwork to do.
    Great catch, Mike! Older daughter, elementary school. RUSHED home to see Gilligan and sadly reported daily that Gilligan ALMOST made it off the island again but not quite. She ignored my words that If he did make it back home, the whole show would be over.

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    • Hi, Lelia! That is such a cute story. I must admit that while watching reruns, I was rooting for them to make it off the island too. I hope the paperwork was quick and you were able to enjoy your afternoon and evening doing something that you enjoy. I look forward to hearing how Rummycube is played. 🙂


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