Jumble Answers for 09/01/2017








Good morning my friends and happy Friday!  The clue word choices were excellent today with USURP being my pick for the most difficult word to decipher.  It’s not that it’s a “difficult” word, but rather an uncommon word that is rarely used or seen in print.  GOURD would have to take second place for the same reason.  With all four words solved in a flash, it was on to the cartoon.  I’m pretty sure most of us have experienced this exact moment a few times while growing up and now I find myself telling my son to pick up all of his toys on a daily basis.  Apparently this mother has the same problem and she’s very upset with her daughter as indicated by her wagging finger and her ominous hand on hip pose in the doorway.  I was able to figure out the answer before writing out the clue letters for a surprising fourth day in a row.  If you had difficulty coming up with the solution, the letter layout was very cryptic and you had a bit of work to do before finding a starting point.  Have a fantastic Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/01/2017

    • Been at the NY State Fair all day and left before the answers reached my mailbox.
      In an UNWISE move, the farmer tossed the rotten GOURD in a MANNER that he thought would not USURP his reputation as an environmentalist but was seen as littering by the local sheriff.
      Haven’t read any other posts so I’ll save comments for later.
      No problems with words or solution again. One of these days my luck will run out!

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      • Earl! I wondered where you were all day! I thought maybe with this beautiful brisk weather you took an extra early extended bike ride…A little alliteration just to shake things up a bit! Once again, you’ve hit it out if the park with that imagination of yours!
        I haven’t been to the Fair in a few years. What a perfect day for it! Hope you bad a great day! 🙋🏻


      • Hi Earl! Your sentence sounds like the story told by Arlo Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant, when an overzealous sherrif got him a criminal record for littering. He should have just said that he had seen a sign that said “Fine For Littering” so he thought it was Ok.

        Did you see any 9-pins, rubber-band duckpins or other bowling at the fair?

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  1. IRONically, today is “National Lazy Mom’s Day”. A day for Mom’s to take a break…Did the Jumble Guys PICK UP on this, or is it just my WHISKful thinking? 😉

    🎶”It’s not easy being CLEAN. When CLEAN is all there is to be..It could make you wonder why , but why wonder, why wonder. I am CLEAN and it’ll do fine , it’s beautiful, and I think it’s what I want to be…”🎶 Yes, you’re right, I’m MESSING AROUND with the lyrics a bit, but….If not today, then when?…So, you make your bed, you lie in it…Or not! WHAT a MESS Jeff’s given us! Ok, Let’s STRAIGHTEN this up…USURP is one of those words that you remember learning, and, well…uh, that’s it! Show of hands…When was the last time you used USURP, in any MANNER of speaking? Enough said…or not! The other words I just SWEPT right by. Our cartoon: My first thought…Eating in bed? Talk about a CRUMBy nights sleep!! Our girl has managed to turn her room into a health threat…and Mom has threatened to keep her locked inside the room! Without the phone! Not an APPy thought! Look at Mom’s face! Look at her posture! Look AROUND at that MESS! Oh yea, Mom’s serious alright, and it’ll be UNWISE for our girl to ignore her! She needs to put down that phone and pick up that MESS. And the clock is ticking…So, the eye candy. It wasn’t easy for me to get past all the cups and dishes on that bed. Except for drinking coffee, I keep my EATS out of my SHEETS. So I had to SWEEP my eyes over the cartoon twice; I can’t really make out most of the MESS. The guitar? Nah, I’m not atTUNED to it. But that tiny little POOH head under all that MESS? He’s the WINNIE for me! Good job, Jumble Guys! You CLEANED up nice!
    Ok, little aside here: I found it amusing that GOURD is contained in the word GROUNDED. And IRONically, it left me…END.
    Have a great day, Everyone! I’ll leave you with…🎶”Another one fights the DUST, another one fights the DUST….”🎶 Hey, if there ever was a day to MESS up lyrics…🗑🙋🏻
    Prayers 🙏🏻 for Harvey’s victims

    PS: Does it even pay to mention the color of the outfits?


    • ROTFL! 😂 It’s contagious! We both fell victim to the Demon Rum this week….! We’ll blame it on the Yankees….Just pace yourself…Boston’s in town! 🙋🏻


      • Hey Moose. CC is the man! Glad he got that retirement nonsense out of his head. And tonight I’m doing the CC Seafood! In his honor! LOL…
        I’ll leave you a post on IOW. That should hook you back up. 🙋🏻


      • Hey Moose. My cousins invaded the household! They’re all on their way to the Bronx. Came to visit the broom! IOW gets like that sometime. I’ll post you there as soon as I feed them all…🙋🏻


      • Moose…Mike’s going to delete the IOW page and reset it soon. I’ll leave this for you here. Have a good game…See you on deck…🍻

        Hey Moose. Crazy Yankee fan cousins, all going up to the game. They’re taking two little ones that have never been to the Stadium before. ‘Gonna do the Great Hall, and Monument Park, hopefully, before the start. Holiday weekend, tho, traffic’s guaranteed to be insane. Sometimes one wants to drink the Kool-Aid trying to get off Staten Island. I’m happy for the little kids. Cutting their teeth on a Yankee-Red Sox game, for a Yankee fan? Priceless! So you ate the ice cream, huh? The Ole Black Cherry? It’s like 🎶That Old Black Magic…🎶 😉 Ah, it’s ok. We can go to confession t’row. “Bless me, Father…it was calling my name….”!!! LOL..🙋🏻


    • Good morning, 🎶Sweet Caroline🎶. How’re you? How did the fan work out? UNWISE was scrambled pretty good, actually they all were today. Hope you have a great day! 🙋🏻


      • Hi Angela, my computer is better with the fan and some other fixes but it still has a problem of going dark sometimes. I’ll be sending you a message about the Kakuro puzzle on IOW. Hope you and all have a great day, too.

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      • Hi, Caroline..Hmm. Unfortunately, after a while, all you end up doing is putting money after money into an older model, and it still isn’t up to par. I wish I could help you, but I don’t know that much about them. And, I know you resist change like me..! 🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Could not get the first word. Had to look for the answer. Even after seeing usurp,l had to look up the meaning because I don’t think I ever saw the word before. This put me in the mood to give up all together. After seeing the cartoon answer ,maybe I should have tried to finish it. Oh well. There is always tomorrow. Until then stay well.

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  3. HI, all! Finished in a flash during breakfast. When our girls were little & had toys everywhere, we picked them up daily as you said, Mike, for safety reasons. When they were teenagers, I ignored the clothes & shoes all over their bedroom floor without my adding to their normal teenage angst.

    Mike, thanks for reminding me that I, too, rooted for Gilligan to make it off the island. Daughter is a chip off the old block.

    Here is a sentence using the CIRCLED LETTERS. I am SUR (sure) that GOD made MAN NISE.

    Steve, I am wondering if you will do something with the 2nd & 3rd clue words still jumbled: rudog & narmen.

    Jerry & I are leaving for dr. apt, a ONE HOUR drive from our house.
    Have a great day & weekend, all.


  4. Hi all – And here’s to all ‘U’s guys in NY – *There’s* USURP; the two ‘U’ word I said I was waiting for since USUAL showed up here.
    GOURD took an extra pause.

    Lelia, nothing from my brain on those two scrambled words. My brain may get scrambled – we’re expecting a taste of Phoenix here. Oakland is predicted for 100° (very UnUsUal), and 30 miles east they may break a 50-year record at 115°. And I don’t have even a single pound of air conditioning, let alone tons.


  5. Angela and Steve– I had a wonderful day at the fair. Weather was perfect–cool, sunny and a little breeze to blow away the animal smells when we emerged from the cattle and horse barns. Ate fair food and visited all the free exhibits from flowers to rabbit races to horse drawn wagons. Did not visit the midway, so I saw no bowling games. I am way too long in the tooth for the game and rides section but there many children having a blast!

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    • Earl. You make me laugh out loud! You certainly know how to paint a picture! It sounds wonderful, and I’m glad you had a great time. Definitely a Top Ten weather day, as they say. Enjoy the night, see you t’row. 🙋🏻


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