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Good Morning, Everyone!      🐎 HORSE…(DOLLARS &) SENSE  🐎

🎶 I got the HORSE right here, the name is Paul Revere, and here’s a guy that says if all the weather’s clear…Can do, can do…this guy says the HORSE can do…If he says the HORSE can do…Can do, can do… 🎶 “Fugue for Tinhorns” (L-R) “Rusty Charlie” played by Danny Dayton, “Nicely-Nicely” played by Stubby Kaye, and “Benny Southstreet” played by Johnny Silver…From the Movie Musical, “Guys and Dolls” 1955   (Includes the Overture)...

🐎 Today we run the Belmont Stakes…and NY folks go wild,
We love our race, we love our track..It’s all a NY Child…
We SHIRK responsibility to make it to the track,
We SLASH cash from our budgets…and a NOODLE we may rack…
We think we’re very SHREWD at this…we handicap amok,
But trust me…there’s more times than not..we’re mostly out of luck.
So you’ll see us parlay today, and hope we don’t have losses…
And we’ll be praying we don’t see a jockey HOLD HIS HORSES! 🐎

So, this morning I’m not sure where to START…Let’s try SHIRK. Definitely in the RUNNING to be another new word. Am I sure? Well, I’m not too sure I’d BET MY money on it, but since it’s not showing up in the Archives..it is a GOOD HUNCH. But again, it just seems like a word that we should have seen before…We’ve seen SLASH a few times, but today the anagram is new. Now…it gets a little ODDNOODLE‘s appeared many times, in fact 3 times just last year alone, and practically NECK AND NECK besides...08/12 and 08/18. And it goes way into the BACK STRETCH – 11/22/15 to be EXACTA…And guess what? It showed up as DOLNOE, just as it does today. Suffice to say Folks, this NOODLE is WELL DONE!...And that leaves us with SHREWD…definitely the FRONT RUNNER today. FIRST, It’s our newest ENTRY, with a last SHOW date of 01/16/2019.  SECOND, I found it 13 times going back to 2009. And THIRD..it’s been anagrammed as WHERDS…7 times counting today! Folks, we got ourselves a TRIFECTA here! What’re the ODDS?..No, really, I’m asking you…What’re the ODDS? (You know I never GOT AHEAD in Math)…All I know is..if I were a BETTING woman I’d definitely PUT MY MONEY on SHREWD…Oh, wait. I am a BETTING woman! Well then…I’ll take SHREWD ACROSS THE BOARD!!!…Oh, and none of today’s words were a STRETCH…The Early Birds RAN WIRE-TO-WIRE..Ok, Let’s get back on TRACK, and take a RUN at our cartoon…

Today we’re finding ourselves at a BETTING Window of beautiful BELMONT PARK, located at Elmont, NY, the beginning of Long Island. Attending the BELMONT STAKES, the third leg of the TRIPLE CROWN, we meet up with ecstatic MAX FURLONG, and his encouraging pal, STRETCH IRONS. (I was tempted to name him Max GELDING, but I’m just not that type of girl). Max has managed to pull off an amazing FEET. He CAUGHT A TRIFECTA, which means he’s got some serious HORSE SENSE. To win a Trifecta, one has to pick the first three horses in a race, in order. And glancing up the board, we see that the Belmont ran: The 6 Horse to Win, (1st Place), the 3 Horse to PLACE, (2nd Place), and the 1 Horse to SHOW, (3rd Place). Lucky Max! But as always with any Horse Race, nothing is paid until the Race is OFFICIAL…Which is why we hear our Clerk telling Max “One Minute…”…HOLD YOUR HORSES! Good one, David! You’ve PICKED another WINNER!

Ok, eye candy…There’s a few ways to PLAY this…Our guys are dressed pretty casually…Stretch (saying WHOA), in a White T-Shirt, Black shorts, and a Blue NY  METS Cap, ❤️ and our MAIN man, Max, in checkered Green pants, a Golden-Brown shirt, and a checkered Khaki-colored, seen better days Fedora. The checkered pattern forms little BOXES. Up in the left hand corner, we see our CHAMP, The 6 Horse, slowing down his PACE, and probably HEADed for the WINNER’S CIRCLE, or maybe it’s his Winning photo. A little hard to tell, since it’s shaded all in green. We can see the word “UNOFFICIAL” written at the bottom of the Board, under the results, and those letters and numbers are all in gold….And strewn across the floor are numerous torn, ripped and crumbled losing tickets. But look real closely…Can you see the numbers 631 written on the ticket in Max’s hand? And do you see that it’s a $100 Ticket? WHOA is right! Really lucky Max! Nice detail, Jeff. But the best part of doing this POST today? 631 is the Area Code for most of Long Island, NY. Now how’s that for a little BIT of Jeff’s whimsy, and a real PHOTO FINISH?  So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And..”Here’s 🍷 to the 🎶WINNERS”🎶  – Frank Sinatra  1973 🐎🙋🏻







32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/08/2019

  1. Good Morning, Everyone..Good Morning, Chuck and Paul. Here’s the FIRST LEG…🐎🙋🏻

    ° Thinking he was SHREWD, he figured he could SLASH the budget by purchasing a cheaper brand of NOODLE, but after the accountant accused him of cooking the books and trying to SHIRK his responsibility, he was told to rein it in…and HOLD HIS HORSES….

  2. ….And coming around the STRETCH….🐎🙋🏻

    ° Because she never learned to swim, she always had a NOODLE,
    She didn’t care what others said…their words were simply futile…
    With nothing to be SHREWD about, she held no dumb death wish,
    Her thinking was, she was a girl…God didn’t make a fish!
    Responsible she always was, her safety she’d not SHIRK,
    It wasn’t like a one-time thing…this feeling was no quirk…
    Then one day someone thinking they were doing something cute,
    Took all the noodles and hid them behind the water chute…
    He thought he’d SLASH the noodles, but was told by all the bosses…
    That he was banned from that day on, and forced to HOLD HIS HORSES!

  3. Good morning. I see Angela is an early bird like me today. Loved your song choice and did enjoy the movie as well as your use of the words. That short rest brought out the best in you today. For today’s jumble I was stalled at the words for about a minute until I took another look and started from the bottom up. Guess I had to clear the cob webs from a lousy sleep again. This time it was as easy as one two three. Once I placed all the letters down for the cartoon,the answer came quickly. I’ve heard that statement many times at the track. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Easy as 1-2-3, huh? Good one! 👏🏻 And STALLed at the words? 👏🏻👏🏻 Even better! Intentional, or did you just get lucky? 😉 Either way, I’m loving it, and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it while I was writing this morning..I think I’ll take a page out of your book, and blame it on a lousy sleep…Thanks for the Shout Outs, Paul…I’m so glad you enjoyed it all…I HESITATED, and thought that maybe I should REIN it in on the video, but I just RAN with it…It’s such an adorable peek into such a happier, innocent time…Altho the city looked like it was full of shysters, right?! 😂 But I remember my Parents always speaking about how easy going things were then…Anyway, agreed, once again, we’re given a little gift for a Saturday puzzle, and it’s always a treat too, getting a puzzle in real time…So, that leaves us with the topic of rest…Me? I laughed because yday was hardly a day of leisure for me…EXACTA the opposite…So, thanks for the shot in the arm there…you always flatter me, and I think you’re an absolute 😘 Sweetheart for it..But now you…What’s up with the restless sleep lately? You have me concerned…I hope everything’s ok there in Brooklyn…Anyway…Oh, I wanted to mention…Have you seen on the news that there was a terrible fatal accident by Kings Plaza? Avenue V…people always drove down that strip like it was a racetrack…And no pun intended…Sad. Ok, I’ll REIN it in now…Wishing you a great day, Brooklyn…and BTW…what’s up with the Bocce? 🤔🙋🏻

      • Good morning again.Yes Angela, I saw the news this morning. Thank goodness the people that got sideswiped didn’t get hurt badly. I can’t remember the last time I had more than 3 hours straight sleep. It’s been like that for years because I was worried about my wife all the time. The dreams are usually where I’m lost a block from home and can never find my way back. Last night it was in church and I couldn’t find the priest who just disappeared. I woke up never finding him. Now it can’t be anything I’ve done wrong because I’m close to sainthood now. As for bocce. Enjoying it just about everyday. The guy that I was feuding with (at least everybody thought I was) lost his wife after 9 years of illness. A blood disease turned into leukemia and she died within two weeks of finding out He is taking it real bad and after about a month just started to play the past few weeks. But he’s not the same. He no longer has any wise ass remarks like he did all the time. One of his kids is supposed to move in with him which should help. It made a difference to me when my youngest ones did for a couple of years to save for a house.

        • What a fiery mess, right? They drive down Flatbush Avenue like maniacs. Both dead…and yep, you’re right, thank God the ones they hit were spared…Paul, I can so relate to your sleep disorder. I’m still doing the same dance. When my Mom was still here, I don’t think I ever closed both eyes at the same time. If I wasn’t on the floor beside her bed, I was in another room with the baby monitor. And you’re right, it lingers. But unless you go thru it, you can’t understand. The dreams…easy enough…you’re still a little “lost” without your wife. That one block? You’re “close”, but not close enough…the loss is still there. The priest? Your sainthood? Hmm..I charge extra for that…The first one was a freebie..you know how it goes in Brooklyn. But you bringing religion into it? We’ll need the big guns! Let me know if you’re interested in pursuing it further…😂😂 And I’m sorry to hear about the Bocce Guy. Maybe that’s why he was so obnoxious all the time, huh? Transference. Probably bottled up all his sadness at home, put on the brave front for his sick wife, and then unleashed all the grief on you. You became his scapegoat…Kind of like doing penance…So you really helped him…while he gave you agita! Life is funny that way…Anyway, I hope his kids do the right thing by him…I feel all children “owe” their parents…and I gave up years of my life to care for both of mine…It’s the right thing to do. I’ll say a prayer for him…and you too. I mean I’m hardly a saint like you are…but I do believe that God enjoys hearing from us sinners too! 😂 A little change of PACE! 😂😂 Ok, no mas… I’m going outside now…to make sure my shingie’s still there!!! 😉 Hang in there, Brooklyn…😘🙋🏻

  4. Good morning Paul hope Brooklyn can smile today I’m totally lost with your local news. Angela, your student did well today, quick with words but slower with solve. Wishing you both a super Saturday

    • Good. Morning, Jamu. You’re not alone with the pause at the solve. Two of my friends hesitated a bit too. But happy to hear that you stuck with it…Amd I wish you a super Saturday also……🏇🙋🏻

  5. Anagrams were surprisingly easy for a Sat morning.Loved your 631 reference and mention of Frank Sinatra,whose version of New York,New York,is the Belmont theme song.

    • Good Morning, Professor, yes they were pretty easy, breezy. But Saturday’s have been easy going lately. I think David throws us a little bone, figuring he’ll then give us a RUN for our MONEY on Sunday. But we’re on to him, and we PARLAY our luck right through to the next day! Thanks for the 631 Shout Out, I enjoyed seeing it myself. And I had to mention it, since I’m sure most people around the country don’t SADDLE themselves down with knowing the Area Codes of other cities…As for Sinatra, are you familiar with the song I attached? 🎶Winners? 🎶 I always thought it to be a very haunting melody…And New York, New York? Prof, here in the Big Apple it’s our theme song for everything! Birthdays, anniversaries…baptisms! 😂 If there’s music playing…you’ll hear it sooner or later…it’s just inevitable! 😉 Have a great day, Prof. Enjoy! 🏇🙋🏻

      • Being a big Sinatra fan,and having seen him in concert way back when,yes I am also familiar with his version of the ‘Winners’ song.But even though having some inlaws living in NYC,I wasn’t familiar with their 631 area code.

        • Prof..You want to TAWK Sinatra fan? Have you met me before? 😂 I saw the man in concert 14 times…and I think I can even remember what I wore each time out! LOL! I absolutely adored the man…and wherever he was playing, I’d beg borrow and steal whatever and whoever I could to get me there. I was even lucky enough twice to be at after parties with him. And for the RECORD, those outfits have since been hermetically sealed! 😂😂 Anyway…the 631. I may not have been clear…It’s not an Area Code of ours here in the 5 NYC Boroughs. It’s one of the Long Island Area Codes. They were always a 516 Code, but 631 was introduced back in ’99, and recently, in 2016, they’ve added a 3rd, 934. And in the spirit of true disclosure, I should have written it as “LAWN GUYLAND”, since unfortunately that’s how way too many NY’ers pronounce it. Oh, The humanity! 😂 Have a great day, Prof! 🙋🏻

  6. Because of the SHREWD NOODLE he has on top of his shoulders, the successful businessman decided to SLASH prices and still found a way to SHIRK a loss of any kind.

    • LOL! Good Morning, Chuck! A SHREWD NOODLE! 👏🏻👏🏻 Akin to the NY Noodles that I mentioned in my opening poem! We’ll all be racking them today…Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a case of RACK AND RUIN! 😂😂 Well done, Chuck! Have a great day! 🏇🙋🏻

  7. Good morning Betty, how about that game? Enjoyed the Curry strut turn into the Curry stumble with head lowered, mouthpiece chewed & droopy. Don’t despair, if past holds true they’ll come back and finish winners. I don’t want that but I fear it.

    • Yes, hope springs eternal but I’m feeling more like a Worrier than a Warrior this morning. It’s unfortunate that the players have so many injuries but they’re a tough group so maybe they’ll bounce back. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed even though it seems like everyone in the country, except for folks in California & Hawaii are rooting for the Raptors.

      • Betty…Did you forget about me? Why, I’ve already “invested” half the Littles College fund! 😂 Don’t despair…There’s a huge chunk of NY rooting for the Warriors…You Gotta Believe…Go Warriors! Go Steph…And let’s hope my Littles don’t all end up in community college! 😂😂🙋🏻!

      • Well Betty, the rooting might not be *quite* that one sided. I believe the map I saw in the Chronicle shows that Nevada also favors the Warriors along with CA and Hawaii. 😂. Almost as one-sided as the election where FDR only lost two states, prompting the pundits to say that the old slogan “As Maine goes, so goes the nation” would have to be changed to “As Maine goes, so goes Vermont”.
        I have to say, the Raptors have their injuries too, and overcame them and just outplayed the Warriors, and it’s hard to dislike them or the Canadian fans. The Warriors could still make history, but the history they’ve given us so far after 40 years of awful teams (3 titles and a record 73 win season) is already more than we ever dreamed. Just like how the Giants are awful and will be awful for awhile, but the glow of the only 3 World Series in SF history will never be forgotten.

  8. Easy one this morning and certainly pertinent in view of the race today. I do enjoy watching the Triple Crown races once a year. We have a restaurant in our neighborhood that has a Kentucky Derby party every year. They put a white picket fence around the place and all the women wear big hats. I presume they serve mint juleps too. Happy Saturday everyone.

    • Hi Betty…I find it amusing too, when the puzzle honors the day, makes it all the more special. And the restaurant sounds wonderful too, something different. Have a great day, Betty.,Enjoy! 🏇🙋🏻

  9. I like when a Saturday Jumble should have been a Monday puzzle, but it obviously had to be released today because of the Belmont race!

    • It was an easy, breezy one, like a Mondsy…Either that, or Everyone’s just getting better and better at solving them! Have a great day! 🏇🙋🏻

    • Hmmm, a lot of anonymous showing up for some reason but yes, this was miy comment! Clay

      • I think we have to click on notification of future comments although I haven’y tried it yet. It also used to send an email automatically when someone either liked your comment or replied to it. Perhaps just a temporary problem!

        • Yes Clay…You do have to click on these boxes. I believe you may be able to do it through the morning email where it suggests managing…I get an email with every like,etc. Click ’em all…It can’t hurt! 😉🙋🏻

  10. Thank you, Angela. Nice to know that some New Yorkers like us. I was just reiterating a poll I had seen that said the Warriors are the team folks love to hate. I think that’s too bad, because when they have all their players on board, they truly play beautifully in my opinion – like a well oiled machine.

    • YWW, Betty I think that’s sort of a given with great Sports teams. The general consensus becomes an ugly one. Jealousy? Probably. All in all, there’s a lot to be said about being humble, but I try to take each player as a one on one…Some do get a little cocky, but sometimes it just comes with the territory. Anyway, I’m Warrior all the way…and as a life-long a Mets fan…I know how to pray for a miracle! Hang in there! 🏀🙋🏻

  11. Hi all – No problem with the words, especially since the double letter trick worked for NOODLE. At first glance, I thought something like PUNCH HIS TICKET for the answer, but seeing “ticket” in the dialog showed the real answer was different.

    My favorite detail was the ripped-up and crumpled tickets on the floor that you pointed out Angela. I wondered whether anyone had not learned the lesson of the Derby and discarded a winner there prematurely. I also wondered whether 6-3-1 could be a real bet in today’s Belmont. I’ll watch that today because we saw the disqualification in the Derby and the jockey catapulted to the track in the Preakness — I don’t want to miss any weird happenings!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “When SLASH decided to SHIRK his obligation to show up at the concert, Axl Rose used his NOODLE to devise a SHREWD plan to trick him into appearing”.

    • That should be “AXL” Rose. I think “AXEL” Rose played with The CARS for awhile! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

    • Hey G…The numbers…We gamblers are a superstitious lot! Nice sentence…Yes, Axl…Those who know…know! Here’s to a great day! 🍻🙋🏻

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