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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🎠 A TALE OF WHOA! 🎠

    🎶 You got me going in circles (oh ROUND AND ROUND I go)…🎶 “Going in Circles” – The Friends of Distinction 1969 https://tinyurl.com/jyukeep7

    🎠The Carousel‘s in motion…and it’s looking pretty clear,
    That the ADAGE ‘bout good things ending is falling on deaf ears…
    The operator warned these kids that the rules did INFORM,
    That they stay seated at all times…and they’d need to conform..
    His voice is growing HUSKY, trying to regain control,
    (And RODENT today bites the dust…I tried…it took a toll)
    He’s left with not much choice here…as his voice is being drowned..
    “The ride’s over, I told you kids, you can’t just HORSE AROUND”…🎠

    Ok…Let’s cut right to the CHASE, Folks…this one’s totally on the UP and UP, and needs no explanation. We have a Carousel…it goes AROUND. And it has HORSEs. And the two boys are misbehaving, acting UP…HORSING AROUND… https://tinyurl.com/bdzyyjsr …after the ride operator told them to “knock it off”, that he wasn’t going to STAND for it…So the ride had to be stopped when they began to…HORSE AROUND…And that’s it…no beating AROUND the bush with this one!

    And in the background…a Pendulum, a Ferris Wheel..and if you look real closely at the buckle on the strap of the outside horse? The Signature Jumble J…and by the lines of motion drawn, this horse looks to go up and down. Also note that the three horses are Jumpers, having all four feet in the air.

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And something that appeared a while ago in the newspaper of a small suburban town…”It’s been reported that burglars struck the local Fairgrounds overnight, making off with the Bumper Cars, the Tilt-a-Whirl, the Spinning Teacups, the Pendulum, the Whirligig, the Carousel and the Ferris Wheel. Detectives have been combing the area for clues, but report that they still haven’t found anything to go on”…Give it a minute…🎠🙋🏻‍♀️

    Just a note…Because most people are right handed, Carousels turn in counterclockwise rotation to target the brass ring which was hung up at the outside.

    • I forgot to mention another song to ride with yours is “on a carousel “ by the Hollie’s ! Have a good day !

  2. 🐀 After spying the rather HUSKY looking RODENT scurry across the floor of the warehouse, the old ADAGE about striking while the iron is hot went through his mind… it was no time to HORSE AROUND, and he knew he’d better INFORM the exterminators immediately…🐀

    👨🏻‍🏫 The lesson plan, the ADAGE, and the teacher’s main intent,
    Was to INFORM his students what each of them had meant…
    His cold made his voice HUSKY, but he pressed on just the same,
    First up was “Smell a rat”…and he said “RODENT not the claim,
    It refers to suspiciousness that’s usually quite sound…
    And goes beyond the limit of say…those who HORSE AROUND”…👨🏻‍🏫

  3. Definitely getting some tacos today ! I felt like I was on a carousel going around with the anagrams to the jumble for a fun solve ! The anagrams were real smooth and the jumble made me happy ! The word that came right out to me was AROUND and the letters that were left did not say say Naaaaahhh ! So I didn’t HORSE AROUND ! Great one today ! Angela , good song , and I saw two being arrested having a head on collision, oh yea , they thought they were in bumper cars ! Everyone have a great taco-Tuesday !!!!!

  4. Running a bit late today so didn’t pursue the first word in today’s puzzle. I did come up with AROUND for the second word. Also didn’t have my thinking cap on as HORSE was pretty obvious. And adding insult to injury, RODENT went unscrambled !! See you on Hump Day. BTW, Carousel Waltz coulda been a contenda.

  5. Of course! the hoarse horses began to HORSE AROUND, horsing the coarse kids around. Don’t blame the kids. These were Rumble Ponies. The kids were HEROS AROUND. This is A HORRENDOUS Jumble. And where did this take place? In Binghamton, New York, home of the Binghamton Rumble Ponies (3 wins, 6 losses), who play against the Akron Rubberducks next week. Rumble Ponies vs Rubberducks. That should be a showstopper.

    • Well , I’m from Akron and I’ve never watched the minor league, but when I saw your post , I wanted to say go rubber ducks ! I’ll watch this one and not Horse Around !

  6. Good evening. Not being home I was able to do both parts of jumble without a newspaper and just getting the cartoon answer from the words that I was able to get. I thought I posted real early before I went to bed but I see I did not. Now that I’m home and have the newspaper I see that I was correct. Until tomorrow stay safe and be well.

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