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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 📃 HEIR AND SHARE! 📃

    🎶 Oh boy, WE’RE IN THE MONEY…I’ll say we’re in the money…We’ve got A LOT of what it takes to get along…🎶 “We’re In The Money” – Fred Astaire 1933 https://tinyurl.com/2r7kjw5x

    📃They looked to be a FEISTY group, although a MINOR point,
    And they sat before the gentleman the parents did appoint…
    To UNWIND all the aspects of their sizable estate,
    Not wanting to be HARSH at all with their four children’s fate…
    So here we see who will be blessed…children of Beth and Truman
    And hopefully their largesse doesn’t prove TO “HEIR” IS HUMAN…📃

    Beth and Truman worked hard all their lives, and managed to succeed in accumulating an extremely impressive estate…all the while raising tHEIR four children. Pictured left to right: Reno, Jean, Buzz, and Will. And today we see that despite their obvious differences, each of them is getting an equal PEACE of the pie…The four HEIRS get an equal SHARE…

    Today’s solve?…”HEIR” is obvious. The word inheritance in our question, the lawyer’s dialogue, the family sitting tHEIR under the portraits of tHEIR parents, plus the tell-tale quotation marks…TESTAMENT to the fact that we WILL have a misspelling…all GIVE THAT AWAY at a glance. And the word mistake = ERROR, pHEIRed with the hippie son’s dialogue “changed tHEIR minds” lets on that despite what may have transpired over the yHEIRS, Beth and Truman had a change of heart and acted in the most HUMANe way….Or you just could have recognized the age-old idiom…and let it simply REST IN PEACE…TO “HEIR” IS HUMAN! …(To forgive is divine)… https://tinyurl.com/4cxns53d …And you may not forgive yourself if you don’t get this one!

    …And it’s the reactions of the four heirs that allows us to understand the gist of it all. The one son, Reno, is a gambler, the daughter, Jean, may have an issue handling responsibility, the hippie son, Buzz…well…him not expecting it kind of speaks for itself…but it’s the last one, Will, obviously the last born, who may be a bit of an enigma…Perhaps his older siblings thought he hadn’t paid his DUEs…hadn’t put the yHEIRS in as they had…Who knows…but the sly smirk on his face is definitely saying something…Maybe that he JUST had the WILLpower to see beyond the PENNILESS, I mean the pettiness all along!

    And you can’t help but NOSEtice that each of the sons inherited tHEIR Father’s nose…while the daughter, luckily, got her Mom’s JEANs…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And I’ll leave you with an inheritance tale that MONEY a man may have faced…Larry was single, living with his sickly, widowed Father, and working in the family business. He found out he was going to inherit a fortune once his Father died, and decided he’d like to have a wife to share his fortune with. One night, at an investment meeting, he spotted a beautiful woman who took his breath away, and struck up a conversation with her. “I’m here tonight for advice…because when my elderly Father passes away I’ll be the only heir to the family business worth millions of dollars”. Impressed, the woman asked for his business card….And a week later she became his stepmother…📃🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🤷🏻‍♀️Seeing it as just a MINOR infraction, the FEISTY teacher was quick to state that TO ERR IS HUMAN…feeling the principal was a little too HARSH, and needed to relax and UNWIND a bit….🤷🏻‍♀️

    🎭Because the child’s a MINOR the theater had no choice,
    Despite his FEISTY nature and his well-pitched perfect voice…
    They couldn’t just UNWIND the rules… theatrical acumen…
    A little HARSH?…But hiring him?… Would prove TO ERR IS HUMAN…🎭

  3. End of the weekday Friday and end of an almost undefeated jumble week solve ! The anagrams all were there ! This one was a good one but , I just couldn’t solve it ! I did like your song Angela ! I just hit a wall , but I’m determined to get back on the jumble wagon and start getting them ! Well everyone have a great end of the week day Friday and bring Saturday one!

      • I got ‘to’ but in the wrong place. there was no way I was coming up with the rest of the answer. It’s a cute play on mistake and I commend those that got it. wish I’d been one of them.

  4. I, too, missed out on today’s puzzle. Of course, I thought of the obvious HEIR (even though a form of the word was used in the dialogue). But no other word forms made their way to the front. Well, anyway…a nice melodic tune to get me marching along today. Great story, Angela, and another reason to keep your cards close to your chest !!

  5. That’s a strange one. I came up with AS HEIR IN MOUTH. Maybe because these people were talking all over the place. I was expecting something like “heir apparent”. But TO HEIR IS HUMAN makes more sense.

  6. Good morning. I was able to get the words but failed on the cartoon answer. Until tomorrow stay well and be safe.

  7. I guess I was in good company in failing to solve the cartoon, w too many letters as well as a word in quotes. At least it’s another warm sunny day!

  8. Clever puzzle this morning. Had to put on my thinking 🧢 cap to get the cartoon answer but it came to me after a bit. Happy Friday all!

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