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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🎾 GAME, SET…BUT NO MATCH🎾

    🎶 NO TIME for a summer friend…No time for the love you send… No time, no time, no time, no time…🎶 “No Time” – The Guess Who 1969 https://tinyurl.com/wwp2sr7a

     🎾 With storms predicted later on, our girls have a full slate,
    It’s BATTEN down the hatches after this quick tennis date…
    They both with LOFTY schedules, they’ve much to do today,
    The BASIS for no match be played…they just can’t find a way
    Their time is PRETTY limited, and fore skies turn to gray…
    They’ll just enjoy the shortened game…they both came SET TO PLAY…🎾

    Tennis… https://tinyurl.com/248d4yp2 And today we see two women who are telling us that they have a lot of running around to do…But not on the Tennis court! Both are short on time…things to get done before the weather turns…so neither is able to complete a Match…but they’ll try to PLAY a SET or two….They’re SET TO PLAY…

    And the guy in the background getting ready to serve? Gotta LOVE that tongue hanging out…involuntarily I suppose..it’s not his FAULT…

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I hope you find time today to celebrate Dr Martin Luther King, Jr …🎾🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🔨 The BASIS of his LOFTY dream of building a wall unit was a PRETTY tall order…since he was already having problems with a BATTEN…but he was definitely SET TO PLAY this carpentry game…🔨

    👧🏻 🧑🏻‍🦱They made up games as children do…the BASIS to have fun,
    And ofttimes all their LOFTY thoughts ended as they’d begun…
    They’d BATTEN down the hatches….then lose interest in ships,
    Results not always PRETTY…’twas a lot of flaps and flips
    But nonetheless the time would pass…they’d spend another day…
    Imaginations running wild…as they were SET TO PLAY! 🧑🏻‍🦱👧🏻

  3. Well, it’s Monday, and I was hoping to get back on the Blind Solve bandwagon, but today missed by a few short inches. Took a quick look at the puzzle cartoon and thought TO PLAY sounded like it was to be a dandy fit. For the life of me, didn’t catch the SET for a complete answer. Speedily solved the anagrams, then slapped my forehead in mock disgust. As usual, because of Angela’s post, will go back and check out the hanging tongue on the third player. Enjoy the Monday holiday !!

  4. This is the sport I love to play
    Any time of night or day
    Though I often do hack it
    Tennis is my racquet
    I just keep swinging away.!

      • Yes, Betty, tennis is definitely my racquet. Thanks for thinking of me. My son and family are just back from a brief California vacation, LA area and had mostly very nice weather.

  5. Welcome Monday , start of the week ! I love it ! The anagrams I want to say were there and PRETTY good , but two of them were kind of LOFTY ! And those two were the BASIS of them that had me BATTEN them down ! But that’s fine cause the jumble was a great tennis game and I was SET TO PLAY ! I loved it ! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great start of a new jumble week !!!!!

  6. Well we’re certainly battening down the storm weary hatches here in California. My little rain gauge shows another 3 inches of water since I last emptied it. Think we’re supposed to get a bit of a break starting tomorrow. Easy time of the Jumble this morning. Have a good day all!

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