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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🚤 MAKING WAVES? 🚤

    🎶I’m still open to what could be…CONVINCE ME…show me that’s there more than what I’ve seen before…🎶 “Convince Me” – Daisy Mallory 2011 https://tinyurl.com/p49zdhbv

    🚤 He went over their finances, made sure no DIGIT lied,
    And as weather grew HOTTER, a boat he hoped to buy…
    He saw one that he favored, with wood like in their FOYER,
    Now all he had to do was bring it up and not annoy her…
    Their ANNUAL refund came in, they could see their way clear…
    So fingers crossed the time is right now to FLOAT THE IDEA…🚤

    …Hmm…She may not have walked by that Marina recently, but it’s obvious her MATE definitely SLIPped by before today…

    So KNOT knowing the situation with our couple today, I’m just going by what I SEA…and of COURSE this will go one of two ways…There could be ANCHOR on her part, that he was planning all this without telling her…prompting a big ROW…and she might want to KEEL him…or there could be smooth SAILING. But IMO? The “Oh look…this one’s for sale”? Just like that…a coincidence? …Humph…the very IDEA! Uh…I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that LINE would hold WATER…”Oh, look”? …it just sounds just a little too SHALLOW for me…But…I guess it remains to be SEAn…The bottom line though, as far as our solve goes? …He dropped the BAIT, so now he just needs to feel her out…to FLOAT THE IDEA https://tinyurl.com/2f7hyxza of buying a boat. And I guess he’ll find out SCHOONER than later…But I just can’t help thinking that most FERRY tales don’t come true…

    And as always, I went FISHING for Jeff’s Gems …I see the anchor on his cap, which strongly resembles the Jumble “J”, I see the three little fish…but what I don’t see anywhere is the sinking sailboat …Pikes!…I’m not SHORE this will BOAT well for our couple!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I wonder if she gave in to the PIER pressure…🚤🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🙇🏻‍♂️Looking to FLOAT THE IDEA of having the FOYER done over before holding their ANNUAL Holiday party, she saw him growing HOTTER as soon as she went over the cost DIGIT by digit….

    🤷🏻‍♀️It should be HOTTER in the FOYER, so she checked the thermostat,
    The DIGIT didn’t look to move, it just seemed to lay flat…
    Perhaps the ANNUAL tune-up would explain what’s going on,
    She didn’t know what else to do…the comfort level gone…
    Maybe she needed better drapes to keep cold out of there?
    She’ll wait until the tune-up…and then def FLOAT THE IDEA…🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Today was not a Wednesday hump-day , but it was a Wednesday happy-day ! I got all the anagrams with no difficulty ! They were HOTTER than usual wether they were in the FOYER or at the annual anagram party ! I just clicked on my brain DIGIT and there they were ! Now the jumble , talking about a boat and trying to see if your wife would still be interested , just FLOAT THE IDEA was right there and no way I was going to sink ! This week has been so much fun with jumbles ! And Angela your information and song choices make it a Wednesday happy-day ! Everyone have a great day !!!!!

  4. My initial thoughts was TEST THE WATERS, but that didn’t work. FLOAT didn’t ring my anchor….so off I went to the anagrams, which I speedily conquered. Still….even after taking out the THE, I had to furrow my eyebrows and concentrate. Finally saw FLOAT and the rest was history. A nice little cryptic puzzle for the mid-week !!!

    Which reminds me about the the two happiest days of boat (or airplane) owner’s life. The day you buy it…and the day you sell it !!

  5. As the sea breezes we inhale
    In a boat that’s just waiting to sail
    The wind in our hair
    A day without care
    We’ll carve our own watery trail!

  6. Good morning. Not much trouble with the words but took some time to get the cartoon answer. Unable to get a blind solve I played around with the letters until it finally clicked after starring at the pontoon boat. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. 🤷🏻‍♂️He’s longing to purchase a boat,
    But first by his wife he need float…
    This idea of his,
    Will he be in biz?
    Or will his wife negate his vote?🤷🏻‍♂️

    🤷🏻‍♀️It seems she has hardly a clue,
    This boat idea to her all new…
    Is he slick enough?
    Or will she call his bluff?
    With this boat thing clear out of the blue? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    👫🏻Our couple enjoys a good walk,
    They stroll ‘round and engage in talk…
    But today he springs,
    A boat of all things!
    …And chances are she’s gonna balk! 👫🏻

    🤷🏻‍♂️Convenient that he spots the boat,
    And says to her…(nearly I quote)…
    “Oh, look…one’s for sale”,
    Will he win or fail?
    Wish we knew if his idea floats! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    🤞🏻Perhaps a puzzle follows this,
    Where we get to see its hit or miss…
    Will his wife agree…
    To set out on the sea?
    …Or is he sinking his wedded bliss? 🤞🏻

  8. I thought foyer was ‘f-o-r-e-y’ but the needed letters o and e were still in place. After a deluge and high winds yesterday we have sub 40 degree temperatures today.

  9. I guessed the answer was FLOAT her boat, but the all-knowing letters said otherwise. Overall, an easy puzzle.

  10. I wonder if Cathy, with the yacht from yesterday, would be interested in this deal. ENOUGH, ALREADY!!

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