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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🦏 HORNING IN 🦏

    🎶 I’m a man of means by no means…KING of the ROAD….🎶…”King of the Road” – Roger Miller 1965 https://tinyurl.com/3pnk82a4

    🦏 The Rhino had become a GROUCH, he chased cars all the time,
    Just acting like a TYRANT, thinking he was in his PRIME…
    He so annoyed the Lion, he said, “Let him take my CROWN,
    I am King of the Jungle, but I’m tired of this clown…
    I don’t know what his problem is…but he thinks ‘cause he’s large…
    That he can push his weight around and act like he’s IN CHARGE”…🦏

    With all old easy, breezy words, and dialogue telling us that the MANE attraction is so not amused by what looks like the Rhino’s RUNNING gag at tooting his own HORN…and the Lioness saying…”We’ve so been HERBIVORE”… not to mention the spot-on cartoon showing the Rhino CHARGING at the car..RHINO you had no trouble with this one…Looks like today, the Rhino’s IN CHARGE!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I always say that it shouldn’t really matter who’s IN CHARGE with. most things…just as long as we don’t HORN in on one another….🦏🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🤯Lately the man IN CHARGE of the PRIME-time programming was such a TYRANT and a GROUCH, the staff wanted to CROWN him…🤯

    🦷 The dentist said, “You need a CROWN”…and I said…”Thank you, Sir,
    I always did feel regal…so of course I do concur…”
    The dentist said, “Now that one’s PRIME, you gave me quite a laugh”,
    And then I realized he meant teeth…and I laughed at my gaffe…
    Good thing he’s not a TYRANT, he’s much more of a slouch,
    But I do like his laid back ways…I’d never stand a GROUCH…
    So even though I won’t be crowned, I’m staying by and large…
    He’s really a good dentist…but I still feel I’m IN CHARGE! 🦷

  3. 🦏 He’s big, and he’s bold and he’s mean,
    And he chases the cars that he’s seen…
    Pushes his weight around,
    To the others he’s found…
    To be one who’s just wont to preen! 🦏

    🦁 The Lion, who’s king of the hill,
    Thinks the Rhino need not be so shrill…
    He’s so tired of his ways,
    Says, “Let him have his day…
    But God knows that he def needs to chill”! 🦁

    🦏 Serengeti today sets the scene,
    And we’re seeing a Rhino quite mean,
    Likes to toot his own horn,
    But the act it’s grown worn…
    To the King lying there with his Queen! 🦏

    😱 Looks like Jungle fever’s taking hold,
    With this Rhino who’s acting so bold…
    Scaring those in the Jeep,
    With a rage that won’t keep…
    And there’s fear that we can see unfold! 😱

    🦏 In the Jungle…we’ve been here before,
    Seeing lions and a herbivore…
    And today what we see,
    Are two men as they flee…
    Hoping the Rhino won’t get to score! 🦏

  4. Ok ! Thirsty-Thursday was so easy ! I felt like I was IN CHARGE ! The anagrams were easy PRIME , and I didn’t turn into a GROUCH ! Any rhino that charges at your vehicle is a TYRANT ! So you got to CROWN this one as a continuous fun and entertaining jumble for this week ! It has been a great jumble week ! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s to get five days in a row of fun and jumble greatness ! Everyone have a rhino IN CHARGE day !!!!!!

  5. Didn’t quite get what the first puzzle word would be so missed out on a blind solve. Anagrams flowed easily to find puzzle solution. Yes, great song and tough to play Solitaire with a “deck of 51′ !! Enjoy your day, Angela and fellow Jumblers.

  6. Good morning – what a beautiful morning ! This jumble was really fun – I was able to figure out the puzzle in no time – I was really “IN CHARGE” today! The only anagram that gave me a little trouble was “TRYANT”, but it didn’t make me a “GROUCH”, I was in “PRIME” form – I think I need a “CROWN”, don’t you ? Until tomorrow have a sunny day !

  7. His bulk imposing and large
    The rhino is keen for the charge
    In search of the crown
    He’s thundering down
    But the lion says just let him barge!

    Although he thinks he’s so strong
    He likely won’t last very long
    He’ll tire of the role
    Back to the watering hole
    Coz that is where he belongs!

  8. Good morning. An easy one today. But not a blind solve. Guess I’m still in a fog. Thanks Angela for that great song pick. Always enjoy hearing his songs. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  9. I solve Jumble using a note pad on my phone — my convention is to type the anagram solution and put the place number of the circled letters after the solution — then the solution letters — like this:

    “TYRANT 45 — AN”

    I’m sure it was just coincidence or synchronicity, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the result 😎.

  10. My note app can’t circle letters, so I use the number place in the word to indicate which ones go in the jumble cartoon solution — so if letters 4 and 5 were circled in the anagram, I note those numbers — in this instance, the letters to go in the cartoon solution are “A” and “N” — I hope that makes sense.

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