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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…😱JACK!…THROUGH THAT CRACK!…😱

    🎶 “The Dies Irae Connection” 🎶 – Theme song from “The Shining” – Composed and performed by Wendy Carlos And Rachel Elkind 1980 https://tinyurl.com/2p85zu3v

    🎥 The movie did its damage, it was real hard to EXHALE,
    While watching Jack up on that screen weaving his frightening trail…
    I’d bet good MONEY on the fact that Jack’s VIGIL did cause,
    More than a few to gasp in fright at his SPLEEN…and to pause…
    To catch their breath as he chose both his wife and son to trample…
    A horror film you’re looking for? It’s the SHINING EXAMPLE! 🎥

    Ok…So here’s the thing with the Jumble. Even if you didn’t get this solve right off THE BAT, with the spot-on iconic image of Jack’s face leering through the door at his wife Wendy, and the even more so iconic phrase..”Here’s Johnny”, …all one had to do was Google “1980 Kubrick Film”…and Voila! Up pops “The SHINING”. https://tinyurl.com/yc5vtv3j …So, you’re halfway HOME…Pair that with the leading nature of our question, “great roles”…giving us EXAMPLE…and you’re in like Flynn*… https://tinyurl.com/4t8nmk69 …or should I say in like Nicholson, https://tinyurl.com/b8wwdrxy …since we are talking actors!*😉 Anyway…bottom line? Another easy, breezy…albeit queasy solve! Jack’s role as Jack Torrance?…A SHINING EXAMPLE of his acting prowess! https://tinyurl.com/yr94ap37

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And if you’ve never seen this movie of Jack and CHILL…TREAD carefully…it’s SNOW, SNOW scary! 😱🙋🏻‍♀️


      • Sorry, Darlene, I’m not following you. The letters needed were SPEN, and that’s what was used. What are you referring to? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. 💽 After having spent a ton of MONEY throughout the years on his 45 collection, he kept a close VIGIL over them, and when he came across Phil Och’s “Draft Dodger Rag”, he began to reminisce, singing…”I’m only 18, I’ve got a ruptured SPLEEN”…and was forced to EXHALE as he thought of what. a SHINING EXAMPLE of an anti-war song it was ….💽

    💰 They keep VIGIL o’er the MONEY, not daring to EXHALE,
    Lest they endure their boss’s SPLEEN, should they go on to fail
    Successful they just had to be…or reputations trampled…
    Collective effort they put forth…this a SHINING EXAMPLE! 💰

  3. 🎭 As an actor Jack played many roles,
    And on screen our attention he’d hold…
    But in this one movie?
    We’d all have to agree…
    That he left us with blood running cold! 🎭

    😱 Psychological thriller for sure,
    Watching we thought we couldn’t take more…
    Scenes that left us in shock,
    In our seats did we rock…
    And for months I was wary of doors!😱

    🎥 Strangest things in this film did we see,
    Things that caused us to ask…”Could it be”?
    Steven King wrote the .book,
    And then Kubrick he took…
    It and made it into a movie! 🎥

    🗣The phrase “Here’s Johnny” oft times repeated,
    Ed McMahon’s line..is where it’s deep-seated…
    And Jack did improvise,
    Which turned out to be wise…
    And a smart move it wasn’t deleted! 🗣

    🎥 Yes, “The Shining” and Jack left their mark,
    Horror films go? This one’s pretty dark…
    It proved to be a hit,
    With the gore and the grit..
    But it’s surely no walk in the park…🎥

  4. Funyon today!
    Solution took a little longer cuz of all the letters but I was able to get it

  5. We’ll good morning Thirsty-Thursday ! Is it me or did I just come to a dry-spell mentally ? Yesterday and today’s anagrams, in a harsher sense , ruptured my SPLEEN ! And for all the MONEY in the world , I couldn’t get VIGIL ! Ok , I’ll EXHALE sand I have to say Jack Nicholson is one of my favorite actors , but I don’t remember the SHINING , but he is an EXAMPLE ! Ok , let’s move on to Friday , everyone have a great thirsty-Thursday !!

  6. I got this pretty quickly. With the X in the answer, I found EXAMPLE. The letters left gave SHINING. Unscrambling the words was easy.

    I like Jack Nicholson’s acting, but have never seen The Shining.

  7. This one forced me to go through Kubrick’s films. This EXAMINING HELPS. I found two of his films in 1980, Raging Bull and The Shining. The latter explains the latter as the answer, SHINING EXAMPLE, but it doesn’t EXPLAIN MESHING these two films into the same year.

  8. Today was Half-Blind-Solve Day….knew the movie title, so SHINING MOMENTS was my first idea, which was half right !!! As I plowed through the anagrams, the “X” emerged which changed my word to EXAMPLE. A good day in the Jumble Kingdom.

  9. I had to check online for info on Kubrick’s movies to get this one.

    In a career filled with praise and with glory
    Movies sometimes spooky and gory
    Nicholson played them all
    Held us all in thrall
    He knew how to act out a good story!

  10. No problem with the puzzle this morning but I don’t like horror movies so stayed away from “The Shining”. Wishing all of you a good day.

  11. Saw the Shining but missed it in today’s puzzle after being momentarily stumped by the spleen anagram.Guess being a year older today,dulled my brain.

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