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  1. G’day Everyone…. 🥕🧅 DO YOU SEE WHAT AUSSIE? 🧅🥕

    🎶 Do you come from a land DOWN UNDER…Where women glow and men plunder?…Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?…You better run, you better take cover…🎶 “Land Down Under” – Men at Work 1981 https://tinyurl.com/bdz97tjt

    🥕🧅 They used to have a GOURD crop, but now they’ve changed it up,
    There was nothing to DECODE…with these roots they’ve filled their cup…
    The money good, a WINNER crop, check ARROW in each box,
    They felt themselves to be wise and no more facing hard knocks…
    The bottom line these vegetables were definitely not a blunder…
    And our farmers are quite content with things that GROW DOWN UNDER! 🧅🥕

    So…The key to today’s immediate solve? AUSTRALIA – PLANTED right there in our question…Let’s face it, Folks…our farmers, (the main one seen here decked out in his outback hat, a bead of sweat dripping past his eye despite his sun protectors) could have been located anywhere….but David chose to set them in Australia. Why? Because it’s the Land DOWN UNDER… https://tinyurl.com/4enc9w6w And root vegetables? https://tinyurl.com/yetxraex They GROW UNDER ground…We’re ONIONdated with CRATE clues!…So it didn’t take long to get to the ROOT of this one …and for the answer to CROP up… The carrots, onions, beets, etc from Australia? They GROW DOWN UNDER!

    Jeff’s whimsy? Of course the G’days…and the one carrot wincing as he’s pulled from the ground while another is saying “you gotta like the view from (up) here” are keepers. But the money shots today are the name of the farming company….KOALA-ITY Vegetables….(Although “I” would have gone with just KOALA-TY)…and the Koala Bear on the crate giving the thumbs up…Cream of the CROP!

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I’m ROOTing for you all to have a G’day! 🥕🧅🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. ✔️ Wanting to view the location of the GOURD patch that they planned to GROW DOWN UNDER the back of the property, they first had to play along and DECODE a map…looking for the black ARROW that would decide the WINNER..✔️

    ⬆️ The water held within a GOURD, an ARROW as its logo,
    No need to DECODE anything, all systems now were go…
    He hoped to be the WINNER…and not be led asunder…
    As he prepared his garden for what he could GROW DOWN UNDER…

  3. 🤞🏻Working soil can definitely be tough,
    Hours long and ‘gainst nature is rough…
    And you hope that things grow,
    So that you’ll reap the dough…
    Fingers crossed everything’s up to snuff…🤞🏻

    👍🏻Today’s puzzle…it takes us down under,
    Easy, breezy…leaves nothing to wonder…
    We see crops as they grow,
    It was easy to know…
    There’s no chance here to make any blunder! 👍🏻

    🥕🧅We see carrots and onions and beets,
    And our farmers showing no defeat…
    They do reap what they’ve sown,
    Now their crops are all grown…
    And they get to both sell and to eat! 🧅🥕

  4. Good morning Friday ! I had to get up and let the dogs out , so I did the jumble ! It was just a little soiled , but the clues like Angela pointed out were definitely a help ! Australia , gotta like the view “up” here , and root , and really liked the koala-ity of the boat ! Tha anagrams were fun , so when I eat I’m gonna eat it to GROW DOWN UNDER ! Loved the the song 🎵 land down under 🎵 I’m still singing it ! Everyone have a Good Friday !!!!!

  5. Out of the starting blocks gave me WERE DOWN UNDER….pretty close. I at least solved the main theme. Easy anagrams brought the GROW to finish properly. Don’t remember the song as much as the movie “Men At Work” which was hilarious. Caught it on TV just awhile back. Yes, song very apropos…good choice.

  6. I’ve often been given to wonder
    Just how they do things down under
    Do they walk upside down
    Heads close to the ground
    Wouldn’t that lead to a very big blunder?

    In that case these veggies would grow
    With the roots first beginning to show
    The leaves stuck underground
    No trace to be found
    Unless you dig down below!

  7. I didn’t associate the roots clue down under growth but did associate the clue w Australia being a down under country thus being able to solve the cartoon even w the multitude of letters which usually gives me trouble, have a great Friday!

    • Thank you! I remember as a child asking myself that very question – is everything upside down in Australia and why don’t people just fall off?

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