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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 BUTTON UP your overcoat when the wind is free…Take good care of yourself..You belong to me…🎶 “Button Up Your Overcoat” – Mr Frank Sinatra (& unknown)…Circa early 40s https://tinyurl.com/3nznvvxh

    🔘 I guess the THEORY years ago was “more” should be the way,
    Because today we FLAVOR, I mean favor, easy sway…
    But comes to vintage clothing, you’d be a DUNCE for sure,
    If you didn’t appreciate the old clothing’s allure…
    Yes, people did DRESS differently, and some fabrics they were rationed…
    But this sweater’s a keeper…’specially how it’s so OLD-“FASTENED”! 🔘

    Today we find two winsome young women, who I’ll call Sydney and Maureen, MO for short, shopping at Babushka’s Closet…(location unknown)..where they specialize in vintage items. And at first quick glance, going with the “vintage”, I thought OLD FASHIONED…But then just as quickly I thought…why the quotation marks? There’s no play on words here…But then…KNIT a split-second later, and quicker than you can say “Cute as a button”…looking at Syd’s sweater plus noticing the words “so many BUTTONS” emphasized in our question? Boom! WOOL you look at that!!!…All those BUTTONS! The sweater was OLD-“FASTENED”! Clever, for sure…but there’s no pulling the WOOL over my eyes! (And you know me…I’ll play that pun CARD..AGAIN and again)!

    The Gems? You know Jeff didn’t just pull BABUSHKA out of his HAT… https://tinyurl.com/4kwa337p …I absolutely love the whimsy…And Sydney saying…”MO…HAIR, do you think this is too GRANDMA” (uh…yes, I embellished a bit), about the sweater is so FITTING as a result. Next, you gotta love the 50s inspired diamond-jacquard patterned sweater that Mo is holding…I’d DYE to get my hands on one of those…and the tag on Syd’s sweater reading “Circa 1954” is another of Jeff’s Shout Outs to the Jumble’s beginnings…But it’s what’s on the shelves that DREW me in and had me SOLD…At left, there’s a table lamp with its old-time pull chain. At right, on the top shelf…a bit of a poser…a Wilco’s “Cruel Country” album… https://tinyurl.com/4hpsp9ph Why? I don’t know, since it was just released a few months ago… Below that, a Grecian urn…that I was sooooo badly hoping read “ODE”…😉 https://tinyurl.com/3er7hkk4 but it just seems to be some Hellenic symbols. And on the bottom shelf…the pièce de résistance…a bust of David, with a price tag that reads $20…which I at first thought was illegible. I figured it made sense though…since it being David? I’m sure it’s priceless.

    So….There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I always wanted to open a Vintage Shop of some sort with two of my nephews…and decorate it with a deep rustic, all woodsy interior…And I was intending to call it…AUNT TEAK…🔘🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🦃 She ended up looking like a DUNCE, since holding to her OLD-FASHIONED THEORY that there was only one way to DRESS a turkey, resulted in a bird with no FLAVOR…🦃

    👗The DRESS was dubbed the FLAVOR of the month, far as design,
    It came in many colors… and the buyers chose the wine…
    You’d have to be a DUNCE if the THEORY of what would sell,
    Went over your head..’cause this one’s a winner…and would jell
    With any of the new fall shoes..that’s why we see such passion…
    Coming from the designer…the man’s hardly deemed OLD-FASHIONED! 👗

  3. 🧥When you’re shopping for fashion of old,
    There’s no need to be left in the cold…
    Today there’s many shops,
    With old clothing to swap…
    And there’s plenty around to be sold! 🧥

    🧶Probably hand sewn, the sweater Syd’s picked,
    And it’s looking to be pretty thick,
    The embroidery stitched,
    Making it look quite rich…
    Far as vintage goes…it does the trick! 🧶

    🧵 Syd says “Grandma”…and I guess that’s quaint…
    But old-fashioned?…I think that it ain’t…
    Handiwork such as this,
    No way it’s hit or miss…
    Note the colors…they still aren’t faint! 🧵

    🔘 Hope Syd does buy the sweater she holds,
    With the flowers in colors so bold,
    Buttons? So what the heck?
    Slip it over your neck…
    And your body it quickly enfolds! 🔘

    👬🏻Seeing David gave me a good laugh,
    Knowing Jeff…be assured it’s no gaffe…
    David’s so often teased,
    But he’s never displeased…
    Since with Jumble he’s Jeff’s other half! 👬🏻

  4. Wow ! Fun taco-Tuesday ! The anagrams and jumble were so much fun when my wife , Suzie helps out ! I got all the anagrams except the first one and I felt like a DUNCE ! She got it so that was s good FLAVOR ! So we looked at the rest and had to DRESS them cause that was the THEORY ! We saw the jumble and looked at the letters and my wife came right out with it , OLD FASTENED “ play on words “ good one ! Everyone have a great taco-Tuesday and FASTEN down some tacos !!!!

  5. Out of the starting gates came “Old Fashioned” except that long word was too long. Anagrams were a breeze, took out the ED to end the word. Thought first word might be ONE….then finally gave up. Yes, a good play on words today. Angela’s gems will have me going back to re-examine cartoon…and today’s song will have me humming at the breakfast table. Take care !!

  6. Well it once was the height of fashion
    When buttons were not on ration
    But if buttoning’s a chore
    Then the sweater’s a bore
    It depends on your own clothing passion!

  7. All the buttons were the clue to fastened as the big cartoon answer,so the rest was a quick solve.
    Plus being back w a real paper in hand was a big help,

  8. Good morning. The paper arrived at one of my children’s house where I’m staying at least for now so I’m able to work the jumble. Can’t seem to get an answer when I can get into my new residence. I had no problem with the words but it took some time to come up with Fastened which was a good answer. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. I posted this for you the other day, I’m not sure if you saw it. If you’re without a paper, you can always use this link to get the puzzle. Have one of your kids bookmark or save it for you. It’s interactive too, if you’d like to play it that way. Be well…and stay safe out there….🔘🙋🏻‍♀️


      • I did see it and didn’t try that hard to use it as I was busy. But thank you. I’m so use to the paper because I do all the Puzzles. It’s hard to break old habits. This was my daily routine. First Jumble, cartoons then puzzles. Take care.

  9. Cute puzzle. Like others I too first thought of old fashioned but lacking an i came up with fastened. Am always amazed at the amount of detail in the cartoons – so clever. Love your Aunt Teak store idea, Angela. Have a good day all!

    • Tk you, Betty. I still dream of doing it. And, I totally agree…Jeff leaves me in STITCHES! Wishing you a good one, too. 🔘🙋🏻‍♀️

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