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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🛻 IT WASN’T HIS IN…DENT! 🛻

    🎶 She’s WRECKIN’ me for WRECKIN’ her heart..Yeah RECKON she’s chasing down a brand new start…RECKON she’s missin’ me…RECKON she’ll forgive me…RECKON she’s gone to stay….RECKON she’ll come back someday…🎶 …”Reckon” – Adam Craig 2016 https://tinyurl.com/yckjw4fj

    🛻 Maybe he wasn’t as AWAKE as one must always be,
    But he did try his best to avoid hitting the BIRCH tree…
    (I’m not dealing with CATNIP, I’d only crash and burn,
    I’ll leave it for another time….when it can have its turn)…
    Our poor guy here, his SWANKY car…too bad not made of pith…
    ‘Cause right now serious damage is what he need “WRECK-IN” WITH 🛻

    So…Today we see LES BRAKEN and his wife, Maureen, MO for short. LES & MO BRAKEN. But before we CRANK out their story, let me CLAWS for a moment and mention CATNIP. Two things…1) I’m so not a cat person…(and for those of you who are, no need to HISS at me…it is what it HISS)…and 2) What is it with these compound words that tend to cause so much TERMOIL? …Aha…Just checking, Folks…Of course I know it’s turmoil…but you have to admit, Term-oil is kind of clever here..,ANYWAY,(another one), I digress. Point is, Catnip had the Early Birds SCRATCHING their heads for a while…they couldn’t make a DENT in it..But as far as our solve goes? I RECKON they made up for it…because we all RACED right through it. There’s a visible car WRECK…there’s the dialogue…”CAN it be fixed”?..”I’m AFRAID it’s gonna cost a ton”…there’s our question…”AFTER seeing the damage…THERE’D BE” …all alluding to thinking and considering (RECKONING https://tinyurl.com/2xdkn4rf )…and there’s those telltale (another one)! Quotation Marks…letting us know we’re being set up to witness some witty DAMAGE to the language again…So…put it altogether? Les and Mo have a lot to…”WRECK-IN” WITH… https://tinyurl.com/2tt834nx …I RECKON!

    And I’m RECKONING that maybe we should cut Les some slack. Those glasses he’s wearing…they look like the ones people use after some sort of eye procedure. Who knows…maybe we’ll find out LASER on…But as for the bollard? I’d say it’s pretty CONCRETE evidence that it was more than a tap…Hard to deFENDER, Les….

    And the Gems? Me mentioning Les having a SWANKY car? You know I’d never STEER you wrong…I just needed to work the word into the rhyme…Because according to the name on the trunk, he’s actually driving a Sudoku. PUZZLING isn’t it? You coulda’ FUELed me… And there’s either a #5 or the letter S on the opposite corner. But the DRIVING force that gave me a LOL? Tom, identified by his name tag, has his company’s name on his hat. It’s “Tic Tac TOW”! And how clever is that? Definitely a name I’d WRECKomend to anyone looking for a good pun! And lastly, if you look closely you’ll see a window crank on the opened car door…Swanky car? Hardly…It looks like this car has definitely seen its share of UPS and DOWNS…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and if need be, here’s hoping Jesus is always there to take the wheel…🛻🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. …AND IN OTHER WORDS…🔠🙋🏻‍♀️
    AWAKE: Last used – 12/25/21 https://tinyurl.com/y72shnzv
    BIRCH: Last used – 10/24/20 https://tinyurl.com/3v7wafww
    CATNIP: Last used – 09/14/20 https://tinyurl.com/mrykxke2
    SWANKY: Last used – 02/23/20 https://tinyurl.com/55v6hzyu

    KAWEA: Used on – 07/28/56
    CHIRB: Used on – 11/03/06, 01/07/02, 07/26/97, 01/20/93, 03/28/86, 07/29/80, 03/05/77, 11/06/73, 09/18/68, 08/05/65
    PINTAC and NSYAWK: New

  3. 🌳 He knew sooner or later he’d have to RECKON WITH the City Council over the BIRCH trees, but he still lay AWAKE last night thinking of them sitting in their SWANKY offices planning to sway the public’s opinion with their CATNIP-like offers…🌳

    🔐 The birds AWAKE in BIRCH trees, their chirping fills the grounds,
    The rising sun like CATNIP…covering leaves by leaps and bounds…
    The SWANKY Country Club open, to let in the locksmith,
    In light of recent robberies…there’s things to RECKON WITH…🔐

  4. Good morning all, I’m up with the Molly girl, she’s all excited about the grandkids coming through on their way back to Vermont. I couldn’t really make sense of today’s puzzle, but the anagrams were fairly easy, it’s a good thing I was “AWAKE” to solve them – until tomorrow, everyone have a sunny day – try to stay cool !

  5. Good morning. Another day of getting the words but had no clue on the cartoon answer. First time hearing your song choice Angela and it fit perfectly. Enjoyed it. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you, glad you enjoyed it. Have a good one. Be well and stay safe out there..🛻🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Good morning Friday end of the week ! The anagrams had a smooth taste, except for CATNIP! For the jumble , I came up with Wrench , but was left with ITIWK , so I WRECKIN I couldn’t get it ! It’s a beautiful day here I’m going to enjoy ! Everyone have the same ! Looking forward to tomorrows jumble for weekend !

  7. Pretty cryptic puzzle this morning so no blind solve. As Angela posted, CATNIP was compound enough to confound me and I worked on it for the longest time, it seems. Over that hurdle, and anagrams complete, solved puzzle easily. Seems like a fitting song for today.

  8. Well, I was hoping for less of a bash
    This is what I get when I dash
    It just felt like a tap
    But it seems it’s a wrap
    And it looks like a whole lot of cash!

  9. Wreck was an obvious first word choice for a successful Friday solution. I’m off for an outpatient surgical procedure please wish me the best.

  10. Catnip was the anagram that took me the longest time to solve but once I got past that one, the cartoon answer fell into place nicely as I saw “wreck” right away. Wishing all of you a Good Friday.

    • Hi Chuck. Sorry, I’m not following you. Reverse? The word itself? Like PINTAC? It’s a first today…🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Thanks, Angela. Nobody commented about it and I thought that was strange.. Stay well, my friend!

    • YW, Chuck. It’s good to see you, and I wish you well too. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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