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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🐏 RAM-BUNCTIOUS! 🐏

    🎶 If you’ve had ENOUGH, don’t put up with his stuff, DON’T YOU DO IT…If you’ve had your fill, get the check, pay the bill, you can do it…Tell him to just get out…NOTHING LEFT TO TALK ABOUT…Pack his raincoat show him out…Just look him in the eye and simply shout…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (is enough is enough)…I CAN’T GO ON, I can’t go on no more, no…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…(is enough (is enough)…I want him out, I want him out that door now…🎶 “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)” – Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer 1979 https://tinyurl.com/5n6ztsnb

    🐏 It’s definitely PUBLIC knowledge that a Ram is really tough,
    But our guy here’s feeling the strain…it’s just getting too rough…
    “Let’s do this” would make the NINTH time the young one wants to go,
    The only HITCH is it takes two…and the Old Man’s getting slow…
    Where the young Goat can prance around like he’s a BALLET guy,
    The older one just can’t keep up…and doesn’t care to try
    He feels it’s gotten all old hat…there’s no more need to strut…
    It’s now all constant ennui…just a real PAIN IN THE BUTT! 🐏

    Ok..So…I’m wondering if any of you took a first glance at our puzzle, saw the spinning lines drawn around the sitting Ram, read the question and quickly figured you had this one automatically in the bag. …A PAIN IN THE NECK. Am I right? C’mon..show of hands…Well if you did, you’re not alone…Four of the Early Birds were blowing that HORN this morning…And it does make sense, since if you lower your head and RAM it, it’s going to hurt your neck, right? BUTT …Where’s the pun in that? This is the Jumble, o”K”? (Yep…and besides, there’s no “K” in any of the words)…BUTT since these guys have been BUTTing heads all day…It’s becoming a …PAIN IN THE BUTT! https://tinyurl.com/44crspfb And EWE had to see that one coming! …Especially if you noticed that rather emphaSIZED REAR on our guy in the foreground!

    And the scene…the Southwest, where way off high upon a mountaintop we see another Ram GOATing it alone, while a second pair of HILL-BILLIES BUTT heads…Oh, and except for just a slight BATTLE with BALLET, the Early Birds HERDed together and put this one to rest…just as our Old Man chooses to do here with his drink of choice…finally free of any annoying RAMifications!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Be well, stay safe…And as for today’s solve? I hope you all got tHERBIVORE it got your GOAT! 🐏🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. DISCLAIMER…This is becoming harder and harder for me to do. I’m so shattered to my core that I feel writing these pun-fueled posts amounts to an exercise in disrespect. The new details coming to light from Texas keep digging deeper into the well of problems we’re living with within our country…and the news yesterday of the death from a heart attack of the husband of Irma Garcia, one of the teachers killed in the massacre, is additionally overwhelming. High school sweethearts, married 24 years…now leaving behind four suddenly, tragically, orphaned grown children…the man’s grief taking his life in addition to their Mother’s…This is a nightmare that we may never fully recover from as we once again find ourselves burying our children. And I’m an emotional wreck…angry, stunned, devastatingly heartbroken…and feeling guilty for writing fluff…And I again feel that I need to have you know this…

    • Angela, I am sad and angry that our children are being murdered while the people with the power to change things continue to not only do nothing, but block any change from happening. But as for you, I want you to know that diversions are so helpful in maintaining our sanity. And though I’ve only begun checking this site in the past week, I’ve come to look forward to your smiling emoji and your puns. I think we need to keep a balance with all the pain we are going through. The fact that you’re here daily brings some stability and some kind of comfort to others. I understand that it’s difficult, but whatever happens, your efforts are appreciated. Take care, Brian.

    • It’s just a very sad time, Angela. You articulated so well what many of us feel too. I do believe that a little fluff is so necessary to help us deal with the insanity with which we are currently living. I am so hoping that perhaps this time we will see some change. Courage and Hope!

      • Thank you, Betty. And hopefully this time our lips to not only God’s ears…because I’m sure He’s with us…but hopefully to the ears of those who need to open their eyes and do what’s not just right, but desperately necessary. We can’t keep saying “this time”. We can’t afford anymore this times..The time has to be now…the future of our country depends on it. 🙏🏻

  3. 🩰It was becoming a real PAIN IN THE BUTT trying to organize the NINTH PUBLIC BALLET recital, and the director wished he could HITCH up with a partnership…🩰

    🤷🏻‍♂️ You HITCH your wagon to a star, you hope to pass the bar,
    Like in the bottom of the NINTH, you’re hoping to go far…
    You’d love to serve the PUBLIC, or to rep a BALLET star,
    As a career you feel that it will show just who you are
    So right now there’s no way that any corner can be cut…
    It’s study day and night…and it’s a real PAIN IN THE BUTT! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Good morning Friday, end of the week ! It ended with a PAIN IN THE BUTT ! No pun intended, Butt after I did a BALLET through the anagrams, I thought there was no HITCH , then I felt like it was bottom of the NINTH , bases loaded , so I’m making this PUBLIC ! I loved the cartoon with the rams , butt I just couldn’t get it , and I felt like I was Butting heads ! I still really enjoyed it , I just wish I would’ve been able to see it ! But I’ll be prepared for tomorrow and I hope everyone has a good start to the weekend !!!!!

  5. Good morning. Straight down the four words with no hitch and right to the cartoon answer. Thought I had it right away with “Pain in the neck”. But after checking the letters I find the last word to be “Butt.” Like you song choice Angela, (which I loved) I thought it didn’t fit but then hearing it, it fit perfectly because like the picture of the ram sitting on his butt he had enough of their games. Enjoy your holiday weekend as well as everybody else and take care.

  6. This life has been driving me nuts
    I’m covered with bruises and cuts
    So I’m packing it in
    Don’t ask me again
    There’s simply no ands, ifs or but(t)s!

  7. No buts about it, it was a clever puzzle this morning. I thought the last word might be “head” but lacking a “d” had to revisit that idea. Take care all!

  8. Angela…you’re doing a superb job with your Jumble Blog, and as life marches on, there will always be disasters and tragedies juxtaposed with the lighter forms of life. I feel the same way as you…how does one go to summer’s big new blockbuster (Top Gun, Maverick) and not think about Uvalde ?? Bless you.

    • Tks, Terry. And yes, there’ll always be tragedies…but purposely targeting babies, innocent babies? It’s way too bitter a pill to swallow. So many lives lost, and the survivors, calling out for help? Hard to get past…the cases of PTSD will be staggering. We’re traumatized…can you even imagine these poor kids? I can’t help but be shattered…I know PTSD, I live with PTSD…I was lucky enough to survive 09/11…and yet this has me reeling…And I pray God blesses us all this time…and leads us onto the road to reform…🙏🏻

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