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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…⛪️ A PLACE TO LIFT YOUR SPIRITS ⛪️

    ⛪️ With so much going on today, I sometimes find I SQUIRM,
    You want to LAUGH in life, it’s true…but lately there’s hard terms…
    The year PRIOR virus loomed large…and now we see a war,
    The YELLOW bloom of Springtime’s tested…that’s the truth for sure…
    It’s hard to pun and make jokes… So today respectfully…
    I’m keeping the solemnity…acting RELIGIOUSLY…⛪️

    Sacrificing the banter today, for a little soul searching. It hasn’t been easy for me to be “on” all the time, and lately it’s taken a toll…so today I’m just keeping it real. We all struggle with things in life, and I’m no exception…

    Today’s puzzle brings some Religion into the mix, something we don’t often see. It’s tough to speak about religion, and as a rule, we here make a concerted effort to try our best to keep both Religion and politics off our radar. So today’s puzzle is a tiny bit of comedic relief. But it’d be a sin to say that it’s a stumper. With our Priest and his congregant, (or our Minister with his wife), speaking so fervently about the workout facility…”I BELIEVE…DAILY”, “I have FAITH”…And our question giving us what the “Church created”…it pretty much laid the groundwork we needed to get this one…The HOPE was that people would use the gym..RELIGIOUSLY! … https://tinyurl.com/3348852u Solved! And can I get an AMEN!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Be well, stay safe, and I pray you’ll all have a good one today…⛪️🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. Good morning Saturday !! Boy I forgot to put my anagram hat on , and it made me SQUIRM on the second and third words ! That being said , for LAUGH I did GAUHL , for YELLOW I did LOWLEY , it was totally ridiculous ! I should’ve gotten them easily ! So , I put on my jumble hat and solved it RELIGIOUSLY ! It came right to me with the relation of church and praying they would use it ! And I’m gonna shout out a big “ AMEN “ ! Everyone enjoy the weekend and workout RELIGIOUSLY !!!

  3. Good morning. I had no problem with the words and I was able to get a blind solve on the cartoon answer. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. Not an immediate blind solve….but when I asked Marsha her thoughts….she pumped out RELIGIOUSLY within a moment…..when confronting the anagrams, I had the same trouble with LOWLEY and WOOLEY, knowing they were not correct. Thank heavens for the blind solve to back in that pesky anagram. Angela, Marsha and I send a hug and kind thoughts your way for a blessed Easter Sunday.

  5. This is a wonderful topic! I could jog through miles of limericks….(Give us this day our daily workout…..) Here are just two – maybe more later when I’m back from my almost daily tennis.

    To be sound in body and soul
    You need a fitness goal
    To sit and listen for long
    You have to be strong
    As the minister gets on a roll!

    Those sermons that go on and on
    They seem like a marathon
    Reflect long and deep…..
    (Don’t fall asleep!)
    Yes, you need both brains and brawn.

  6. Good morning fellow jumblers ! Well, Spring has not sprung yet, we all are praying it won’t be to much longer !
    Today’s puzzle was fun and really appropriate for Easter weekend ! But can you imagine – “YELLOW” made me “SQUIRM”, but eventually got them
    all !
    Until tomorrow, have a sunny day –
    HAPPY EASTER, everyone !

  7. Certainly a timely puzzle considering the season. I too had to back into yellow first seeing wolley? And lowely. Got religiously right away. Blessings to you all on this Holy Saturday.

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