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  1. Good Morning, Everyone 🤸🏻A WORDLE HURDLE? 🤸🏻

    All new anagrams…but no JUMPING through hoops… The solve? Easy to GET OVER…Between the dialogue…”my best JUMP”…”stay HYDRATED”…”help your VERTICAL”…and all those bottles labeled with the drop of WATER?…High jumpers need that SPRING in their step…Favorite beverage? SPRING WATER! https://tinyurl.com/4xk94abm

    Have a good one…Be well and stay safe out there…🤸🏻🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. Hello Wednesday hump-day ! So far the jumbles have been fun and entertaining ! Just like everybody’s comments ! This jumble was definitely not in the GUTTER ! The anagrams came to me in a WHIRL and I might have fallen off my BISON , but I didn’t ! I must’ve got lost in the PALACE , cause I wrongly thought it was APLACE not even sure if that’s a word , but then I got it and jumped right into it , but I grabbed my favorite beverage and drank some SPRING WATER ! This was really a good hump-day jumble and I hope everyone has a great mid way into the coming weekend ! Hope all are well and enjoy !!!!

    • GM Jim. My eyes kept seeing it as ALPACA for some reason. We haven’t had that word since 7/18/21 so watch it show up at some point this week! 😂

  3. Pulling myself out of the Gutter after long night at the Palace but my head’s in a Whirl and it feels like Bison stomped me. Maybe some Spring Water will help. One fourth of 2022 almost gone and thoughts of spring stirring us here on the Great Plains. Angela, hope you’re better. Good day to all.

  4. What a fun jumble today – it brought me in a “WHIRL”, from the “GUTTER” of the unknown into the “PALACE” of my dreams riding on my sterling white “BISON”, to see the high jumper drinking his “SPRING WATER”. Angela, I pray you’re feeling back to normal – until tomorrow, everyone have a sunny day !

  5. Our local newspaper is making some changes to the puzzle pages (not very good in my opinion) and today’s Jumble was a Sunday edition…in fact, it might be for next Sunday and involving the military and Gen MacArthur (and two Lonngg puzzle words). Anyway, had to find an alternate Jumble source, but this one had the timing and scoring which I’m not particularly fond of. Managed to solve the anagrams and finish the cartoon answer, even while the clock was ticking.

    Yes, amazing 25% of the year passed so quickly….Y’all enjoy this pretty spring day, while I deal with the newspaper situation.

      • I’ve used that before and San Diego tribune and a few others , but the comments stop here ! Hope feeling better !

    • In reference to the puzzle in your paper, I only recall a few Patton cartoons so it’s quite possible that your MacArthur one is new.

      At least you’re getting a paper, Terry. Mine hasn’t shown up in over three weeks now and every time I call they say they’re having a difficult time finding route drivers. It’s understandable but frustrating all at the same time.

      • I’m with you on the newspaper headache ! I had to cancel my subscription, I get it like Angela said , have a good day !

        • I’m afraid I’ve no choice but to stick it out, Jim. It’s the only newspaper in the state with a daily edition!

    • Our paper also revised their puzzle page as well,but Jumble was left in tact,though the crossword puzzle was destroyed.

  6. Good morning. I had a brain freeze on Bison. It took me longer to get that simple word than the other three combined. The cartoon answer was very cleaver but I still didn’t get the easy blind solve. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Good morning a second time. We left the Palace to hunt Bison and ran smack into them. They whirl-ed around and charged us causing us to take cover at the bottom of the hill in a gutter that was a run off of spring water.

  8. She runs up with a spring in her step
    She’s hydrated and bursting with pep
    It’s the water that drove ‘er
    Up, up and over
    Without a single misstep!

  9. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Having just left the PALACE, with the book about the shaggy-haired BISON under his arm, the wind caused it to WHIRL from his grasp, and looking at it lying in the dank mud of the GUTTER he couldn’t help but think that if it had to get soaked why couldn’t it have been in SPRING WATER…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🏰 The PALACE had an ornate door, a BISON on its crest,
    When sunlight shone upon it was the time it looked its best…
    The rays would WHIRL around it… reaching out into the GUTTER,
    Despite the ugly Bison, it still caused her heart to flutter
    ‘Twas better than the last crest, two lambs being led to slaughter…
    While standing near the crystal clear bright blue bubbling SPRING WATER! 🏰

    🧋Olympians and hurdles to beat,
    With jumps keeping our girls fleet of feet…
    So to hydrate a must,
    Lest performance …a bust…
    Tons of spring water brought to their meet! 🧋

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