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  1. Good Morning, Everyone….I hope this finds you well….


    🎶 So it must be RAINDROPS…So many RAINDROPS…It feels like RAINDROPS…Falling from my eye, eyes….Falling from my eyes…🎶 “Raindrops” – Dee Clark 1961 https://tinyurl.com/42sykmdj

    💦 We’ve dealt with Mother Nature here in Jumbles of the past,
    And truth be told it’s surely a theme that will ever last…
    We EMBARK on a given day, the weather does entice,
    The sun, the clouds, the showers…be it once or TWICE or thrice…
    But where you’ll see the downpours…or sights of FUNNEL clouds,
    Mother Nature brings her drama….of that she’s definitely proud
    A sunny day starts to turn dark, a ROBIN feels the strain…
    Of what’s on the horizon…Mother Nature’s own FREE “RAIN”…💦

    It’s weather reports like this that cause people to break out into choruses of 🎶Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head🎶…But what’s the solution? I guess you can carry an umbrella with you at all times…Might not be all that convenient, but WATER you gonna do? It sure beats ending up the POUR sap…

    So except for 2020’s BIRNO, today brings us new anagrams. And oddly enough, ROBIN was the only word that two of the Early Birds POURED over. I mean it didn’t RAIN on their parade, but it did DROP them down a peg or two. The solve though? Easy, breezy…we all RAINED supreme…

    …Ok, it’s the 11 o’clock news, and the 12-Hour forecast…And we can see by the erratic weather pattern on the map that it’s a FREE-POUR-all as far as predicting the rain. The POUR Weather Girl’s in a FOG!…Scattered showers running amok…proof that Mother Nature bows to no man…She definitely has FREE “REIN” … https://tinyurl.com/ywa5wkzf and she rules with an iron MIST…And you know what they always say…”It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”… https://tinyurl.com/3c83xxvz You BUTTER believe it!…And on the TV camera we can see the image of the 🎶Stormy Weather🎶…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and if you are thinking of trying to fool Mother Nature, RAIN it in…people will just tell you that you’re ALL WET…💦🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🗣After TWICE being accused of allowing its members FREE REIN to FUNNEL money into private projects, the league’s battle cry became…”They’re modern day ROBIN Hoods…and we need to EMBARK on reining them in”…🗣

    🤷🏻‍♂️He tried to FUNNEL oil from the huge tin to the cruet,
    And TWICE the spillage proved to him that he just couldn’t do it…
    Why he chose to EMBARK on this…act sous chef for this crew,
    He felt like Batman’s ROBIN…would this second place fall through?
    Maybe he should just bow out now…no longer need to feign…
    That he could keep up with the chef…despite having FREE REIN…🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. We’ll good morning Wednesday hump-day ! Man the anagrams were smooth and fun ! I didn’t have to think TWICE . I did another walk today and can’t wait for Spring and can’t wait to see my first ROBIN ! I want to EMBARK on a fun summer with walks everyday ! And I don’t want to see any FUNNEL clouds ! Wow ! The jumble was easy , but when the RAIN came I didn’t get wet , but the letters EFER were left and FREE didn’t cost anything ! But I was eye-brow raised cause I thought that the phrase FREE RAIN was always in plural form ! So 🎵 and I wonder , still I wonder , who’ll stop the rain 🎵 CCR 1970 , I got it and it got me over the hump for the day ! So everyone have a great Wednesday hump-day !!!!

  4. Good morning. Skipping today as I’m a little busy even so as to put the paper aside. Today is Ash Wednesday and lent starts plus I have to get ready for mass until tomorrow take care.

      • When I first saw the letters BMREKA, I immediately saw MARK and put the BE in front for BEMARK. I was not sure if that was a word so i checked with GOOGLE and they said it was with a meaning of “to mark with sign of cross, mark oneself”. I
        thought that was really appropriate for Ash Wednesday so I assumed it was good. Your word of EMBARK is definitely more common, but I thought mine still looks good and did not affect the surprise answer so I claimed full credit.

  5. Jumble cartoon solved speedily after tidying up the anagrams, just the way authors intended. However, there was no blind solve, even (probably) knowing that RAIN fit into the solution. Fairly cryptic for my brain !! Enjoy the day.

  6. Was expecting “Free Reign” for the solve but Free Rain quickly fell into place and I didn’t have to look Twice. I will Funnel my thinking and Embark on trying to find the first Robin of Spring. Another day in the 70s on the Great Plains but March may have a few tricks to play. Can’t beat “Raindrops Falling on my Head” but will also offer “Singing in the Rain” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1ZYhVpdXbQ May that happy song bring you joy!

  7. Here’s a terrible “Dad Joke” I just thought of:

    Q.) What happens if clocks get left out in the rain?
    A.) DELUGE time! (*groan!*)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

  8. It’s one thing we can’t control
    When we see those clouds on a roll
    Is Mother Nature together?
    What kind of weather?
    She gets to choose her very own role!!

  9. Good Sunny, March morning ! The puzzle today was, for me, tuff ! Don’t know why, just couldn’t “Embark” on the answers, but I’m so happy because there was a “Robin” outside today – which is a sure sign of spring ! Yeah ! Have a great Ash Wednesday and Springy Day !
    Until tomorrow – 🙏 for Ukraine !

  10. Today is NATIONAL READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY… https://tinyurl.com/3393fupy and also the Birthday of Dr. Seuss. One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is to instill in them the love of reading…Enjoy a book today, and how wonderful if you’re lucky enough to share it with a child…📚🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. Anagrams were a snap,but my confusion between rain and rein prevented my getting the cartoon solution.Have a happy Ash Wednesday start to Lent.

  12. Easy solve this morning. We sure could use some rain here but none predicted unfortunately. Mother Nature rules indeed!! Have a good Wednesday all!

  13. Easy Jumble today.

    In SoCal we had the least amount of rain in Jan-Feb in over 100 years! We have rain forcasted for Friday, so I’m hoping for FREE RAIN.

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