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  1. Good Morning, Everyone ⛰ ‘S” – MARKS THE SPOTS

    🎶 Up here in the land of the hot dog stand..the atom bomb and the Good Humor Man…We think our SOUTH AMERICAN neighbors are grand…We love ’em to beat the band….🎶 “South America, Take it Away”:- Bing Crosby and The Andrew Sisters 1946 https://tinyurl.com/59fbwuam

    ⛰ Across the many countries the Andes snakes its way,
    There are colors…MAIZE and lavender in Peru on display…
    You won’t locate a PANDA, though the list of animals long,
    A GOPHER-like mammal was found…another that belongs…
    High peaks and NARROW ridges…with some terrain that has changed…
    The Andes covers so much ground within countries ARRANGED…⛰

    I’ve always remembered the Andes https://tinyurl.com/2p8p42wp as being the longest mountain RANGE in the world…so between that, the ARRANGEMENT of the countries displayed on the map, and the dialogue stating..”snake their way from North to South” I was able to get an automatic solve with today’s puzzle…Because of the way the countries are ARRANGED. But it did take a moment for me to catch David’s drift…

    Our anagrams this morning bring us a split decision…with ZIMEA going way back to 1966, and last seen in 2018, while PGROEH appeared last June. And as far as any degree of difficulty goes, it was just NARROW that caused one of the Early Birds to SQUINT…

    And while there’s nothing PEAKing out from our cartoon this morning, I will run down the countries listed on the map for you…since most papers SCALE the puzzle down to size…From North to South: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well and stay safe out there…⛰🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🦫 After they’d ARRANGED to see the red PANDA at the Bronx Zoo, on the way home they spied a GOPHER pop up from a NARROW rut in the field of MAIZE they were walking through…🦫

    🎡 He saw her at a county fair, her hair with shades of MAIZE,
    She stood before the ring-toss stall…and watched the people play…
    The prizes weren’t fancy ones, stuffed animals and such,
    A GOPHER and a PANDA with bamboo within its clutch…
    He saw a NARROW opening, and went to join the crowd,
    He introduced himself and felt his head was in a cloud…
    He made a joke that made her laugh…pleasantries were exchanged…
    And that cloud became number nine when a date they ARRANGED! 🎡

  3. Good morning Saturday weekend ! Great way to end a jumble week ! When I saw how smooth the Andes snaked it’s way down , it was definitely not MAIZE ! I’m wondering if you would see a PANDA bear while hiking a trail on the Andes ! Compared to South America , the Andes looks smooth and NARROW . If I was with my family wanting to walk through the mountains and I was a little hesitant , they would say “oh just GOPHER it “ ! Ok the jumble was ARRANGED wonderfully ! When I saw the letters the jumble came right out ! It was a very nice one today , to crown the weekend ! There are so many mountain songs , I can’t wait to hear ! Everybody have a top of the mountain Saturday !!!

  4. ⛰ With a lesson about the terrain,
    There’s the Andes again and again…
    These kids study a map,
    And the lesson’s a wrap…
    Now it’s just how much these kids retain! ⛰

    🗾 Seven countries we see on display,
    And one child is prompted to say…
    “They’re arranged in an ‘S’ “
    Leaving nothing to guess…
    Andes Mountains the lesson today! 🗾

    ↕️ North to South covering quite a span,
    It’s the Andes today’s lesson plan…
    And the children sit rapt,
    Seeing how the range wraps…
    It’s the longest one that’s known to man! ↕️

  5. Not a blind solve morning, what with RANGE being kind of a cryptic part of the answer. Also found the anagrams somewhat difficult and except for PANDA, had to scratch my noggin a little bit to unscramble. But with that bit of unscrambling, the answer was shown in neon lights. Loved listening to Der Bingle singing along with the Andrews Sisters !!! Nice choice

  6. WOW! I’m excited – i was able to get the final puzzle – “arranged”.
    The “gopher” ran through the “maize” of “narrow” tunnels in search of the elusive “panda” who he had “arranged” to meet up with for a cup of coffee and donut ! These puzzles are great – they encourage minds to arrange words in crazy ways ! Thanks for the puzzle !
    Have a great Sat everyone!

  7. Limerick delayed today – more snow to shovel! But it snows in the Andes too I’m sure!

    I wonder what they would exchange –
    Does their life there seem really strange?
    From mountains to sea
    They likely agree
    For them, it’s home on the range!

  8. Good morning. It was difficult for me today. The only word that came easy was Panda. All the rest and the cartoon answer took time for me to get. Enjoyed the song, you could understand every word they said, not like today’s songs. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Glad you enjoyed it..Definitely an oldie! Have a good one…Be well and stay safe…⛰🙋🏻‍♀️

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