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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well

    🎶 Lil John Henry he said to Sue….If I can barefoot, you can barefoot too…Sue told John, I can get out here and groove…I was BAREFOOTIN’ ever since I was two…🎶 “Barefootin’” – Robert Parker 1966 https://tinyurl.com/2y45wxjz

    🐾 I guess Bigfoot’s not a JOGGER, ‘cause the prints would show much more,
    But this reporter won’t RELENT…A story she’s here for…
    She’s followed very closely, but it’s ‘AFTER’ once again,
    Old Bigfoot might have been there…but he’s once more ‘round the bend
    Maybe she needs some GIZMO, to plant somewhere near a ridge…
    An App perhaps that would alert…then she’ll get real FOOTAGE! 🐾

    I love when a puzzle rings a bell, or strikes a chord..you know, reminds me of an earlier PRINTed puzzle…And I love it even more when I’m able to TRACK it down… Well, voilà! My SEARCH paid off! Here we go…. https://tinyurl.com/y6ajnz9v Exactly six years ago today, we had Sasquatch in our midst…I gotta laugh though…THIS I remember…and yet I stand at the opened refrigerator door…time and time again…and wonder just what it is I went in there for…Brain FREEZE…Quarantine…not so keen…But I digress…

    Anyway…our words:: Except for GJEGOR, which TRAIPSED through here in 2020, today we’re working with new anagrams…and guess what? Not all of them, but some of the Early Birds have FOUND their way back, and it’s always so much more fun SEARCHING for answers when they’re around. And this morning was no exception…GEIGER was thrown about…which of course was duly dis-COUNTER-ed…I mean discounted…but I did find it amusing. (Maybe it’s just me…I did miss the boys, they make me laugh)…But they quickly sideSTEPPED that wrong guess and we all FOUND the puzzle’s answer to be an automatic solve…”Sasquatch“…and that huge FOOTPRINT definitely NARROWed down the playing field…no pun intended…

    Ok…our cartoon….Somewhere in the forests of North America, amidst the snow and ice, we FIND our TV news crew, CRYSTAL FLAKES, and CHASE DeSTORY, reporting on the latest BIG news…a Sasquatch https://tinyurl.com/2vyud2hf sighting. And it’s given me a thought…Let’s FOLLOW the Jumble’s FOOTSTEPS, and play a little game…You know those “Can You Spot The Differences” puzzles that appear in a lot of newspapers? Well, let’s give it a go…Ok…Today we have ourselves a female reporter….PROVING THE EXISTENCE of fair play. Next, look at the camera…Instead of what looks like one of those old boxy BROWNie Instamatics, today Chase has the more modern camcorder…PICTURE that! Next, if you look closely at Crystal, you’ll see that both her parka and her microphone sport the Jumble “J” logo…showing that the Jumble franchise has definitely STEPPED up in the world…Then there’s the footprint…Notice how the one in the old cartoon has toes and today’s doesn’t? That STUMPed me a bit…And lastly, look at Sasquatch himself. In the old cartoon he’s very visible, standing back, YETI’s not really hiding. In today’s drawing though, FIR the most part, he’s half hidden behind the tree. But one thing’s FIR sure, he’s grinning in both cartons. FOLKs (the) LORE of the spotlight, huh? Oh, and one last thing worth mentioning? The reporter in the old cartoon, calling himself an expert? Three day old footprint, and Sasquatch is still so close by? Maybe it’s just me, but I think he’s a little off TRACK with his opinion of himself…and of the FOOTAGE!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done! Have a great day! Be well, stay safe…and a final thought..I personally think finding Sasquatch is no SMALL FEAT…YETI applaud all those who try…HOAXy Doaxy…I’m outta here…Happy TRAILS, Everyone! 🐾🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🏃🏻AFTER the newest GIZMO geared towards the JOGGER community hit the market, they needed FOOTAGE and weren’t willing to RELENT on the time allotment for filming…🏃🏻

    🐩 They named their puppy GIZMO, the little ball of fluff,
    And very soon the word RELENT described the powder puff!
    AFTER some time he settled down, they got used to his bark,
    They’d go for walks..he had a favorite JOGGER in the park
    They took a lot of pictures of him, placed them on the fridge…
    Gizmo, their favorite subject…yes there’s def tons of FOOTAGE! 🐩

  3. Good morning taco-Tuesday ! Great way to start off the jumble ! Lately the jumbles have been very satisfying to solve and to get them within a good amount of time. I saw a JOGGER and he said he saw some big footprints in the snow ! He had to RELENT the idea of seeing Big Foot , so when I got home , I turned on the GIZMO and saw some FOOTAGE of Sasquatch and in the background the sound was music 🎶 he did the monster mash (the monster mash) it was a graveyard smash ( he did the mash) it caught on in a flash (he did the mash) he did the monster mash 🎶 so here’s to a Big Foot , taco-Tuesday everyone !!!!!

  4. 🦍 In the snow and the ice he does roam,
    Midst the forests it’s said he makes home…
    Is he real this big ape?
    Always on the escape?…
    With a price tag that’s placed on his dome?🦍

    📹 Do you think that he crosses the boarder?
    Comes and goes with no papers in order?
    Things I wonder about…
    How’s he hide, he’s so stout?
    They def need more than just that camcorder! 📹

    🤷🏻‍♀️It’s a story that now’s grown so old,
    With some changes each time that it’s told…
    But the Folklore persists,
    A gorilla in mist?…
    Despite the trail that always runs cold! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    🦍 Story has it that Roosevelt, Ted,
    Heard a tale of old Bigfoot…There’s dread…
    A camp did he ransack,
    And before he turned back?
    He left a beaver trapper for dead! 🦍

    🐾 Whether we’ll ever know if it’s true,
    There are those today who still pursue…
    So like Crystal and Chase,
    They’re out to prove their case…
    And old Sasquatch? Part of their milieu! 🐾

  5. Like others this morning….reeling in memories of dancing the Mashed Potato (that’s what it looked like to us) and an easy Blind Solve. Anagrams solved quickly, so we have it packaged up and put away on an easy Taco Tuesday….and I don’t even know any Taco Tuesday places around me. Enjoy all the chocolates left over from yesterday !!! Hump Day looms closer.

  6. Good morning. You had me laughing Angela with your perfect song choice. Another successful day at jumble. No blind solve though. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tks…Always good to laugh! Be well and stay safe…🐾🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Back in the Jumble saddle after a few days off and it was an easy return with a blind solve. After the Jogger checked his time with a Gizmo his sweetie bought, he vowed not to Relent. There’s Footage of win on Channel 3. Old Omaha has had no measurable snow during first two weeks of February for only the second time in record keeping. What that means, I leave up to others but not good. Good song, Angela, but I offer up “Walk Like a Man” by Frankie Valli and Four Seasons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzoIvwNqKpw

  8. There are many who are seeking hard proof
    That the sasquatch, who remains quite aloof
    If the footprints are fresh
    Does it exist in the flesh
    Or is it someone’s idea of a spoof?!

    It would certainly be a treat
    To see the imprints of feet
    Of the sasquatch so large
    You would have to take charge
    And be careful not to delete!

  9. He was a jogger named Gizmo, who had feet the size of a giant and after he ran his bunions were sore, he decided to relent not to run but walk at a slow and healthy pace forever more !
    Happy day after Valentines Day – hope you all spent time with your sweeties !

  10. Ha ha. That’s why I read the comments; I did not notice the Yeti hiding among the first. Good one!

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