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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 I’m in PIECES, bits and pieces…Nothin’ seems to ever go right..I’m in pieces, bits and PIECES…’Cause night is day and day is night…🎶 “Bits & Pieces” – The Dave Clark Five 1964 https://tinyurl.com/566nk87z

    🫕🫔Some PEOPLE abhor leftovers…perhaps they feel ELITE,
    But I’m drawn like a MAGNET to them…and I’ll definitely eat…
    Leftovers… and I sit back in my CHAIR and try to think,
    What dish I can create with them…sometimes a kitchen sink! *
    With spices, herbs and carrots and potatoes that I’ll peel…
    Whatever meat is in my fridge? A stew I’ll make PIECEMEAL! 🫔🫕

    So today it’s TILEE, GMTENA and EPLOPE that are the LEFTOVER anagrams…In fact, TILEE, last seen in 2006, goes all the way back to 1954!…Talk about being SERVED up in the Jumble a STEW, I mean a slew of times…But thrown into the MIX there was no need to HASH them out…they all came together, easy, breezy….Our solve? I PIECEd it together in a flash…

    On the menu this morning…Leftovers…Personally, I love to cook…but I also love working with leftovers…It might even be an obsession…I love to get those creative JUICES flowing…I’ve tried to CUT back a few times…but quitting COLD TURKEY? No WEIGH…

    Ok…our cartoon. Our family’s dug up a serving bowl of soup, two PIECES of chicken breast, seven enchiladas and a zip lock bag of salad…the ROMAINES of the day…And I’m sure that if they put those PIECES all together…they’ll have a fine MEAL. And…PIECEMEAL https://tinyurl.com/yckszvem it is!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and here’s a little advice when it comes to leftovers …Don’t create a dish with leftover sushi…There’s a good chance you’ll end up feeling a little eel…🫔🫕🙋🏻‍♀️

    * https://tinyurl.com/yemhu8tp

    • Just listened to your Dave Clark five “ bits and pieces “ , man it’s been along time but absolutely loved their music ! Great harmonies !

  2. 📑 The report on the MAGNET school being accused of using the word ELITE was written up PIECEMEAL, and after a committee member carelessly left it on a CHAIR in the auditorium, PEOPLE were furious…📑

    🪑 When they went shopping for a CHAIR, ELITE was on their mind,
    The PEOPLE put in charge looked for a very special find
    It would become their MAGNET piece…they went forward with zeal…
    It wasn’t taken lightly…there’d be nothing done PIECEMEAL…🪑

  3. Good morning ! It’s hump-day Wednesday ! Well I got out of my CHAIR to get a cup of coffee , looked out the window and saw some PEOPLE walking , one of them looking ELITE , I came back and wanted to sit down to finish the jumble , but the third word made it easy for me to stay away until I saw it and it was like a MAGNET to let me finish . So basically I put a jumble piecemeal together. I don’t think I’ve hardly ever used the word , but I got it . Have a middle of the week ‘hump-day’ MEAL ! PIECE by PIECE !!

  4. Hallelujah! I was finally able to piece together all the words, but not the cartoon puzzle – i guess there are leftovers still stuck in the fridge of my head ! One of these days I’ll get the whole puzzle, and follow in my little bro, Jim’s, footsteps ! Hope everyone has a super duper day !

  5. PIECEMEAL would never have occurred to me in this early morning hour….however, with anagrams solved, I did piece those letters together correctly. So Humpday is off to a great start. Listened to Angela’s song….there’s a lot of energy on that bandstand !!! See you manana.

  6. People of the Jumble, I feel Elite after barely sitting in my Chair before the answers came to me like I was a Magnet. No blind solve but Piecemeal unjumbled in about 10 seconds. Wow. What a good start to a Wednesday. Still warm and dry on the high plains making fire danger a real posibility. The Dave Clark Five had many a hit and Angela’s pick is spot on. Enjoying the trip back into the 1960s!

  7. In search of a low-cost lunch
    When it really comes to the crunch
    A bit of this and of that
    – Just look out for the fat –
    The result will please the whole bunch!

  8. A fast start to a literary day with wordle in English and in French plus jumble and the Land O’Limerick all done before 9 a.m. I have two full teaching days ahead tomorrow and Friday so I may have to post a bit later.

  9. Good morning. Not a bad day after a little break. I was able to get the words and cartoon answer without to much trouble. Enjoyed your song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  10. An immediate solve of the anagrams,but the multitude of letters gave me pause on the cartoon,but a near blind solve quickly followed there as well.An easier than usual Jumble or a Wednesday.

  11. 🥙 When it’s lunch that you’re looking to fix,
    And you’re fixin’ to make it a mix…
    Take whatever you find,
    And sauté or just grind….
    Just use any culinary tricks! 🥙

    🥘 They have chicken…always a good start,
    It’s so healthy…good food for the heart…
    They’ll create quite a meal,
    Blending tastes that appeal…
    And they’re showing they’re leftover smart! 🥘

    🫔 It’s a shame for food to go to waste,
    So for those who possess some great “taste”…
    They’ll make do with their finds,
    All it takes is great minds…
    And that lunch? They just “cut” to the chase! 🫔

  12. Easy Jumbles this week. There was no way I would have gotten a Blind Solve on the cartoon with a 9-letter single word, but once I had the letters, the word PIECE jumped out at me. And the rest was history. Great song this week, Angela. Not to give away my age, but I think I saw the Dave Clark Five in concert live in the early 60’s.

  13. Anagrams were a quick solve. Cartoon answer took me a little longer but as usual the dialogue helped. Have a good day all!

  14. Today is NATIONAL PIZZA DAY…And for all of us pizza aficionaDOUGHS, it’s the YEAST I can do to let you know what you KNEAD to about this wonderful food…IMO, no matter how you SLICE it…Pizza is definitely a great SAUCE of nutrition…Hot, cold…LEFTOVER…you can never go wrong with Pizza! So take it CHEESY today and enjoy some Pizza…Mangia! 🍕🙋🏻‍♀️ https://tinyurl.com/3x5at2wm

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