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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 WHERE ARE YOU? Where have you gone without me?…I thought you cared about me… Where is the dream we started? I can’t believe we’re PARTED …Where are you?…🎶 “Where Are You” – Mr Frank Sinatra 1957 https://tinyurl.com/36nny4ee

    🤷🏻‍♂️ Yes life played him a DIRTY trick…he now has lost his hair,
    He looks into the mirror…and thinks “Who is that guy there”?
    It started getting PRETTY thin a while back…but now?
    Combined with his new DOUBLE chin…he’s lost his looks somehow…
    He use to think “I’d rather CROAK…than lose my rich thick locks”,
    But now it’s done…and here he is…guess it’s time to take stock
    This middle age? It ain’t no joke…def not for the faint-hearted…
    But better it’s his hair…and not he who’s the one DEPARTED! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    So, COMB on now…even for a Monday, these words are just too easy…But considering it is only PART one of our week, we can only hope that they’ll GROW harder as the days go by…

    Ok …..In a repeat of yesterday, we’ve one old anagram today, BUDEOL, from 2014, and I was able to BRUSH them all off Lickety-SPLIT…I mean let’s face it Folks, I’m GROOMED for this…I’ve been at it for so long now it’s become old hat…And as for the solve? Not STRANDed for a second…

    Our cartoon… We see our couple, BALDolomew and RO GAINE, as he’s looking in the mirror feeling depressed and STRANDed…lamenting the loss of his CROWNing glory…TOUPEE it gently? It’s the AGE old story…HAIR today, gone tomorrow. It’s just a PART of life… And with him combing the PART in his thinned hair, our question avoiding the word PART and using the words “to one side” instead, and our dialogue giving us “last few strands” and “shave your head”? …It’s all tHAIR, Folks…His hair …DEPARTED! But Ro? Holding his brush…(which has seen better STRAYS), suggesting that he shave his head…and assuring him that he looks FINE to her…using the words “great style on you too”? …I found that very enHAIRing…I mean endearing…But what I really liked were the two mirrored https://tinyurl.com/2p8vsa2s rosettes at the top of the mirror…Brought back memories… And in case you think they’ve vanished into thin HAIR, think again… https://tinyurl.com/2p9d9jkz.

    So…THAIR you have it Folks…Done. Be well, stay safe…and this puzzle has me thinking of a friend of mine…He went bald years ago but still carries a comb all the time…he just can’t seem to part with it… 🤷🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

    PS: …And yes, this goes without saying…but tHAIRS no need to rub it in… https://tinyurl.com/5n8n5dst

    • Good Morning Angela and little brother Jimbo or Jim, I think I beat you by doing the puzzle BEFORE midnight. I’m doing better – I almost got them all.this time although I thought I’d croak trying to figure it out ! These puzzles are pretty challenging but also double the fun !
      Angela and Jimbo, have a great day ! Happy Puzzling everyone !

    From way before David and Jeff were HAIR…
    The puzzle of September 13th, 1993… The question: “How hair that was parted yesterday may appear today”… The solve: DEPARTED!
    https://tinyurl.com/2p84bbw3 And notice the word PART in the question? Talk about a hint…

  3. 🐸They all shot him a DIRTY look because as they DEPARTED, he turned to DOUBLE back just to hear the frogs CROAK…which to him was always a PRETTY amusing sound…🐸

    🤧 The sight was not a PRETTY one…trust me it was no joke,
    He felt so sick, his throat raspy…his voice came out a CROAK…
    His clothes unkempt…near DIRTY..His ears? A DOUBLE ache,
    And all that he kept thinking was…”What else now could I take?
    I’ve felt so bad for days now…ever since this whole thing started…
    The worse flu that I’ve ever had…when will it be DEPARTED”? 🤧

  4. It’s Monday ! Start of the week ! And a good start of the jumble ! The anagrams were smooth . I did have to give more time to the first and third words . But I did get them with the help of my better jumble half , Suzie ! She didn’t have much of a problem with the anagrams or the jumble solution! I got the word PARTED relating to hair and DE was left to make it DEPARTED , it was good ! Well everyone, I’m gonna DEPART and start my week !

  5. No Dirty Double tricks today and even this old Croak(er) thinks the Jumble was Pretty easy. It’s time I Departed for work but not before wishing all well and good week. It’s warm and dry here on the Great Plains with a high of 54 forecast. My song choice: “Hair” from “Hair. “Give me a head of hair, long beautiful hair!”

    • Hmm…I guess you didn’t read my PS! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wishing you a good week too, OO…🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Yes ! The cowsills ! Hair ! Great sound ! I always like Angola’s , couldn’t put a comb through todays , just had to reply !

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  7. 🤷🏻‍♂️ While our guy isn’t feeling so great,
    With the loss of the hair on his pate…
    His wife tells him it’s fine,
    For he’s aged like fine wine…
    And the hair loss…just chalk up to fate! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Easy puzzle Monday with anagrams speedily unscrambled, though I spent double the time on DOUBLE. Listened to a few bars of Frank….don’t think I’m familiar with that melody. Good choice, Angela. See you Tuesday

  9. CROAK and DEPARTED in the same Jumble? I’m going to DIE laughing.

    Very easy today, which lets me recover from yesterday’s Jumble.

  10. Very easy indeed,w only croak giving me reason to pause,but working backward from the obvious departed solution,solved the croak anagram as well.

  11. It must be hard not to despair
    When the top of your head is all bare
    But you do what you can
    Hair does not make the man
    You have other talents to share!

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