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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🐦 KNOCKIN ’ ROBIN? 🐦

    🎶 STRAIGHTEN UP and FLY RIGHT…Straighten up and FLY right…Straighten up and FLY right…Cool down Papa don’t you blow your top…🎶 “Straighten Up And Fly Right” – Mr Nat King Cole 1943 https://tinyurl.com/47ena57e

    🪟 Let’s start by saying OCTANE doesn’t fit the bill today,
    But bills related to a bird? Yes, that will lead the way…
    With windows so clean that they shine, no lint or FLOSS would show,
    This bird of ours needs keep eyes peeled or into it he’ll go…
    Air INTAKE of the area…he definitely must pay heed,
    Too bad birds can’t wear sunglasses, seems there would be a need
    But CRAZY as that idea sounds, let’s hope our bird has grit…
    To stay alert…because that glass? He needs STAY CLEAR OF IT! 🪟

    In keeping with today’s sole repeat anagram, ZRAYC from 2011, it also seems a bit crazy that we have a word that hasn’t appeared in a Jumble puzzle since 1970: INTAKE. That’s a long stretch for a word that’s not all that uncommon…but as with the other three, I FLEW right through it after getting the solve just by SIGHT…and a very clever solve it is…

    Our puzzle’s theme today brought to mind those old commercials for Windex.. https://tinyurl.com/yj4839m8 They always QUACKED me up…But CLEARly this isn’t just a FLY by night situation..For as we can SEE, our main character today, AVI ARY, is up AGAINST an all too common situation…Approaching glass that’s cleaned to such a CLEAR shine, it’s all too easy to not realize what it is, and to FLY straight aHEAD into a problem…N’EST-ce pas?…Oui, en effet…

    So, with neighbors such as these, who probably walk around with a FEATHER duster, cleaning all the time, it’s pretty CLEAR that when it comes to that window? It’s best that AVI use his HEAD …( no pun intended )…and definitely STAY CLEAR OF IT! https://tinyurl.com/yzvunrbr

    Jeff’s Gems? The spray bottle in the man’s hand shows stars on its label, much like the bottles of Windex do. But what had me TWEETING to my friends? If you look real closely at AVI’s head, you can see four little images floating around it amongst the swirling lines that simulate dizziness.. And they’re these: 😦grimacing emoji faces!…You know those cartoon images https://tinyurl.com/d2buprkt we’ve always seen of people getting hit in the head and seeing and hearing circling BIRDS? https://tinyurl.com/2p86eyza Well here Jeff’s turned the tables…and I think it’s one of his funniest, most creative bits of whimsy to date…Way to CROW, Jeff! A FEATHER in your cap!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done! Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…And let’s hope we all have a day with no EGRETS! 🪟🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🙊 Discussing the gamut of subjects, from silkworm FLOSS to the effects of OCTANE, the INTAKE of information started to seem CRAZY, and half the panel decided to STAY CLEAR OF IT…🙊

    🦷 The dentist recommended he FLOSS two times a day,
    And watch his sugar INTAKE…to ward off tooth decay…
    They started talking gas prices, OCTANE was then brought up,
    The conversation tough though…with “Ok, now use the cup…”
    But then his tongue touched the bad tooth…now feeling like a pit…
    And he resolved..that sugar? Yes, he’ll def STAY CLEAR OF IT! 🦷

  3. Good thirsty-Thursday morning ! The Anagrams were nice to resolve, but I had trouble with the third and fourth ones . It was CRAZY ! We’ll then I ate a cookie snack and then I had to FLOSS , but INTAKE was out and my brain-fuel needed some OCTANE son that one ! But the jumble was fun ! When I saw the bird after it crashed into the window the word CLEAR came right at me and the two letter words OF IT were there so that left STAY . Got it ! And the bird sang 🎵 I can see clearly now the rain is gone , I can see all obstacles in my way 🎵Gone are the clouds that had me blind . It’s gonna be a bright (bright) sunshiney day 🎵 ! Have a great Thursday !!

  4. Had a bit of a half blind solve again. Easy first 2 words, then thought of “Keep clear of it” knew that wasn’t the correct letters. “Stay” then came to mind. Glad I had remaining letters for “octane” because I think that would have taken longer than it did!

  5. Was pretty flummoxed today. Had the easy anagrams, but just couldn’t put anything together. Adding to my frustration was a out-of-control cursor on the laptop which was making the puzzle zoom in and out with reckless abandon. Still…no excuses needed. The saving grace was Angela’s wonderful song choice….Nice goin’ !!! Wading through icy rain/sleet in central Texas this morning. Talk on TGIF

  6. Epic fail today on the puzzle answer. Hope that doesn’t foreshadow the whole day. Did the dental association put the guys up to using Floss because that would be Crazy like the high Octane in my fuel Intake. My work week ends today and I plan to Stay Clear Of It as long as possible. Coldy McCold Face out here in the hinterlands but no snow! I’ll see Mr. Nat “King” Cole and raise you a Frank Sinatra “Fly me to the Moon,” Angela. Be well all.

    • Frank’s always had my heart, OO, but I’ve used that song a few times already…Wishing you well too…🪟🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. The answer came, but I had to back into Octane. I was able to get intake easily because, amazingly, I was looking up air intake (for a furnace) right before doing the puzzle. A bird hit our sliding glass door once but recovered after a short time. My not very clear glass probably kept others from doing the same. Funny insight into Jeff’s drawing, Angela.            

    • We frequently have birds hit our windows. It seems to be from flying in the sun to a darker area where the windows are (like under a patio). So it looks like they are temporarily blinded due to the change in contrast. Last week a bird noticed their error at the last second and left a “wingprint” on the window.

  8. Toughest one for me in a long while. Struggled with the last two anagrams and the puzzle solve, but stuck with it, and finally got it. And, always loved that song!

  9. Wow, you’ve washed the windows so well
    It’s awfully hard to tell
    Is that glass that I see?
    Well you won’t disagree
    If I fly into it – well, it’s farewell!

  10. Good morning. I’ve got to pick up some blueberries because two days without them has left me in a fog with jumble. Again today I failed on getting one word which was Octane and the jumble cartoon. Now I’m wondering if the two vodka drinks before bedtime has anything to do with my slump. Idea, maybe if I add blueberries that will solve all my problems. Enjoyed your extras again Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  11. Received yesterday’s and today’s papers,all today after yesterday’s 12+ in. of snow.So anagrams were easier to do w a real paper in front of me,as was the cartoon locution,with of it ,being obvious solutions to the last 2 words.

  12. Took me forever to come up with “octane” and the cartoon answer eluded me completely this morning. My son and his wife used to have a tree with berries on it. They had birds crashing into their front window because apparently the birds would eat the berries which would make them drunk and they would lose their bearings. 🐦. Happy Thursday all!

  13. 🪟 Just as birds of a feather do flock,
    There’s a chance there’ll be more birds who’ll knock..
    ‘Gainst this clear window pane,
    Then we’ll hear the refrain…
    “What’s with this glass?…It just cleaned my clock”! 🪟

    🐦 Squeaky clean is this window we see,
    Posing problems for our bird, Avi…
    He thought the glass was gone,
    Now he’s feeling forlorn…
    And a pun would be he’s up a tree! 🐦

    🪟 So we’re watching as our couple scrubs,
    Only thing though it’s causing a rub…
    ‘Cause now Avi’s lost track,
    And his head he did whack…
    This continues poor Avi’ll be drubbed! 🪟

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