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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🐈PURE PURRFECTION! 🐈

    🎶 PUSSYCAT, PUSSYCAT you’re so thrilling…And I’m so willing TO CARE FOR YOU… 🎶 “What’s New Pussycat”? ”- Tom Jones 1965 https://tinyurl.com/ycktujtp

    🐈 The woman sits there patiently, a CRIMP style in her hair,
    Her cat that she’s named TIGER with her in her favorite chair…
    No SQUALL is heard from Tiger, long as petting will RESUME,
    It feels so good and also helps to keep old Tiger groomed…
    He just lies there contented, comfortable upon his chest,
    As the woman caters to him…and it’s all “PURR” HIS REQUEST! 🐈

    Ok, beFUR we start…Our word today is RESUME. Not RÉSUMÉ. It’s the verb meaning continue, not the written account used for a job application. There is never an accent aigu used in a Jumble word, as there is in résumé…I’m PAWSitive about that..And where there might be a variant used here and there…it’s not being used here today. The word David chose is the verb RESUME. Period. So please… there’s no need to get bent out of shape and God forbid end up with the possibility of a STROKE over it. Let’s PLAY nice with this one today, OK? …You SCRATCH my back, I’ll SCRATCH yours…RESUME…It’s a PURRfectly acceptable word…

    And now…Only one old anagram today, and that’s RMICP from 2017. Squall may be a little tough, but then again, maybe not, since we know the Q and U go together…it’s a help. The solve? With the dialogue telling us that the cat was “asking”= REQUEST for attention, PURRing, and HIS given to us…this is just one more STROKE of genius on David’s part…Our woman gave her cat attention beCLAWS he asked for it..it was “PURR” HIS REQUEST…And I guess he was very PURRsuasive!

    And the Gems? I like how you can see the car’s fur between the woman’s fingers as she pets him… a nice TOUCH. And there’s Alexa atop the end table, and an old-fashioned, crocheted antimacassar being used as a headrest on the chair. Sweet combination of the old and the new…another STROKE of genius…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…And here’s looking forward to a PAWSitively PURRfect week ahead…🐈🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Years ago, when he wrote for TIGER Beat magazine, there was that day when the SQUALL of someone’s child brought into the office had put such a CRIMP in his writing, that it was hard to RESUME his article, and with the Editor upset too, the Mother and child left, PER HIS REQUEST.🤷🏻‍♂️

    🐅 While visiting the TIGER cage, there was a wild snow SQUALL,
    It definitely put a CRIMP in things, one Scout began to bawl…
    They’d need RESUME another day, perhaps summer’d be best…
    ‘They told this to the Scout leader..as they went PER HIS REQUEST 🐅

  3. Good morning ! We loved the jumble today with a beautiful cat ! We had one little kitten that I saved under our deck that was abandoned 3 yrs ago and our daughter has her ‘ Kiki ‘ now ! We love her ! Ok I’ll RESUME to my comment and I’m not accepting any ‘resume’ ! The jumble was very comforting! Great one to start the week ! When I got the letters and QU was there it gave me a way . PURR came to me first and then I got it PURR his REQUEST ! We’ll the weather is a TIGER about there , right now it’s 4 degrees ! It kind of puts a CRIMP in driving ! Well let’s get through this cold and snow and have some PURR-fect weather soon ! Have a great Monday !

  4. I agree with Mig. The Jumbles the past two weeks have been fun. But I wonder about the missing punctuation in today’s Jumble; it gave me PAWS. Shouldn’t there have been a comma after “SO SHE GAVE HIM SOME”…as in “SO SHE GAVE HIM SOME, PURR HIS REQUEST”? 🙂

  5. Good morning. Enjoyed today’s jumble because for me it was harder than most for the start of the week. Having gotten the words it took me some time to come up with the cartoon answer. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. 🐈 We’ve a woman and her cat today,
    And it’s obvious he got his way…
    We can see that he’s stoked,
    For he loves to be stroked…
    Shows that “purr”sistence definitely pays…🐈

    🤷🏻‍♀️ While our woman is queen of her house,
    Is she part of a game…cat and mouse?
    Here does she have a choice…
    With that purr in cat’s voice?
    Would it matter if she were to grouse? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    🐈 So a woman, a cat and and a chair,
    And a lap I’m sure that’s filled with hair…
    But I guess it’s ok,
    Since the cat got his way…
    By making things “purr”fectly clear! 🐈

  7. Loved the word “Squall” today, as it is keeping with the season! Have had about enough of them already, in this here neck of the woods! 🥶 Keep warm, All! ☺️

  8. Messed up a little today. With no blind solve on the agenda, unscrambled anagrams quickly and placed PURR in place….but I had covered over the part of the puzzle and thought I needed one word to follow…therefore, I was stumped. Wordle was kind of tough today, too. Warming up so that’s nice. Talk to you Tuesday

  9. Let me compliment Angela on a great job selecting Tom Jones’ “What’s New Pussycat?” That song brings back a lot of childhood memories. So many funny plays on that line back in the day. I’ve been under the weather, a brief Squall, but I’m back like a Tiger with no Crimp in my mental acuity and ready to Resume the daily puzzles as “Purr” my own Request.

    • LOL! Touché, OO! Compliment greatly appreciated…Glad you’re feeling better. Take care. 🐈🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Saw Tom Jones years ago in Vegas! Anagrams went quickly,but cartoon stumped me.My wife’s family is from W NY state and are big Bills fans,and are in shock this morning.

    • It was a WILD football weekend, Chuck. Sorry for the Bills loss. Can’t believe the Niners prevailed. We’ll see what transpires this weekend.

    • It was a WILD football weekend. Seems like all the games were won in the final seconds of the 4th Quarter. So sorry the Bills lost, Chuck. Couldn’t believe the Niners won. We’ll see what happens this weekend – anything goes.

  11. Looks like the feline has got his way
    And has settled down to stay
    For a long cozy nap
    Ensconced in a lap
    He’ll be there all night and all day!

  12. Like others it took me a bit longer to arrive at the solution today because of “resume” . However knew that “purr” had to be the first word so the cartoon answer was easier. Happy Monday to all!

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