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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 It’s a Colorado ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH…And I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky…Rocky mountain high (Colorado)…🎶 “Rocky Mountain High” – John Denver 1972 https://tinyurl.com/3a5vmd6n

    ⛰ It’s really not an ODDITY for one to lose one’s way,
    And it can be quite SPOOKY if it gets late in the day…
    Our hikers did INFORM themselves of where a trail might lead,
    But best plans do UPROOT and sometimes hikers do get treed…
    They see an ORIOLE in flight…they may REMOVE a vest,
    They’re sweating and they’re fearful but they still don’t stop to rest
    And then they see some sunlight…where the tree’s leaves make a split…
    Sighs of relief, after they were ON THE LOOKOUT FOR IT! ⛰

    The LOOKOUT area of a mountain is described as a scenic viewpoint. It’s also called an observation point, a viewpoint, a vista point, a scenic overlook, etc. It’s an elevated location where people can view scenery, often with binoculars, and photograph it. And that Folks is the HIGHlight of our puzzle today…Be on the LOOKOUT…

    So, in a bit of an ODDITY, all six of our anagrams are new today. HIGH acCLIMB to David for that. In another bit of an oddity, we just saw ODDITY last Sunday. But that’s ok with me, I’m big on oddities…

    Ok…Let’s cut to the chase…This solve pretty much PEAKS for itself. Our two guys were LOOKING for the LOOKOUT area, saw that sun PEAKing through the trees…and found it…after being ON THE LOOKOUT FOR IT. No STEEP of faith needed here today, ‘cause no matter how you LOOK at it, all roads led to Rome!

    So…There you have it Folks…And except for mentioning that we can see two other hikers making their way up, we’ve gone from CRAGS to riches with this one. Easy, breezy…Done! Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and as with this puzzle today, always follow your instincts…That first TERRAIN of thought is usually the right one…⛰🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🐧 It was an ODDITY and a little SPOOKY to see what came out of the house next door as the neighbors needed to UPROOT and REMOVE so much stuff because of the giant ORIOLE nest found in a closet…and they overheard the people from Animal Trackers INFORM them that they had long been ON THE LOOKOUT FOR IT…🐧

    🎥 The movie definitely SPOOKY, the ORIOLE a fright,
    The opening credits did INFORM that to them on that night…
    An ODDITY to have a film rattle them both like this,
    But they remained glued to their seats, nothing they chose to miss…
    A scene or two did UPROOT some…REMOVE themselves they did,
    Especially the couple who foolishly brought a kid
    They sat through the entire thing, most times their teeth were grit…
    A sequel? Hmm…Yes, they’ll def be ON THE LOOKOUT FOR IT! 🎥

    • Piece of cake–NOT!
      Sunday Js usually go faster for me, not sure why. Like others have said the daily Js were pretty easy this week. The Sunday J was not easy for me, but I got them all with time. It always helps to read the cartoon dialogue.
      Wonder if Monday will be hard or if easy is our friend again……….

  3. Not a blind solve for me, but Marsha knew the answer….it was on the tip of my tongue, though. All anagrams speedily accomplished so that helped solve the puzzle. Song choice very apropos and I think the second time John Denver has come to the plate recently. We’ll thaw out a bit today and await warmer Central Texas weather tomorrow.

    • Good Morning Terry…John Denver…Hard to believe that he’s gone 25 years come October, right? Definitely taken too soon. Terry…I forgot to ask yesterday if my reply to you Friday about the last anagram vs last word usage covered the bases. Let me know….⛰🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. A blind solve for me after getting all the anagrams except for uproot,which I couldn’t even get after knowing which letters I needed for the blind solve.Happy Martin Luther King Eve.

  5. ⛰ So two guys they took off on a trek,
    Lost their way for a while…what the heck?
    But no way did they stop,
    Until they reached the top…
    And looked down on what Nature’s bedecked! ⛰

  6. It looks like we’re right on the ledge
    This lookout acts as a hedge
    Were it not for the light
    Through the leaves so bright
    One more step – we’d be over the edge!

  7. Good morning. Enjoyed it more today because for me it took some time to get. The last two words took the longest to get along with the cartoon answer. Hard to imagine it’s going on 25 years since the passing of John Denver. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. I wondered where we were going this morning with all those o’s but it was an easy solve both anagram and cartoon wise. I too am a huge fan of all of John Denver’s songs. Wishing all of you a pleasant Sunday.

  9. The boxes used for the cartoon solution would not display on the Jan 16, 2022 puzzle. I only had 2 boxes for the “on” showing on the screen. There was no place to put the rest of the letters. Reloading the page idi not help.

    • Hi. We here have nothing to do with any publishing of the puzzle, we just do commentary on it. I don’t know what site you’re using, but you’d need to take the issue up with them directly. Here’s an interactive site that you can use, https://tinyurl.com/45263te2 and here’s the puzzle from my newspaper https://tinyurl.com/5n7ajwv4 …I hope it helps…🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. I had a similar experience as Chuck. Blind solve and got all the anagrams except UPROOT. First I tried to make a word with “OUT” in it. When I used the letters from the cartoon, and tried UP instead of OUT, that was enough to solve it. Looking forward to warmer weather in Texas. Big fan of John Denver also. Have a great MLK day and week ahead.

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