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  1. Good Morning, Everyone….🎣 GUPPY LOVE 🎣
    🎶 And they called it GUPPY love…Oh I guess they’ll never know…How a young heart, how it really feels…And why I love her so…🎶 “Puppy Love” – (with apologies to) Paul Anka 1959 https://tinyurl.com/2p96wy7f

    🎣The first time that he held her, wrapped in FURRY pink and white,
    He felt his heartstrings tugging, she was perfect in his sight…
    He wore the TITLE Grandpa, as proud as he could be,
    And bought a PEWTER bracelet for the year that she turned three…
    He loved her every NUANCE, she helped make his life complete…
    And fishing with his best girl? It’s definitely a “REEL” TREAT! 🎣

    “Sugar and spice and everything nice…It’s like loving his daughter…except now it’s done twice”!…But today, no twice-played anagrams…It’s ofFISHial, they’re all new! What a KRILL! I mean thrill! And they’re all good ones too…Easy…Well, PERCH-ance Nuance had you FLOUNDERing a bit, but I’m sure the others all fell in LINE…

    So, what an adorable bond between these two, right? Definitely no FLUKE…And as our Grandfather tells his Granddaughter to “bring him in”, hand reaSHOREingly on her shoulder…all the while letting her know how much he enjoys her company…she tells him it’s mutual….And we have today’s solve: For these two, being able to go fishing is a “REEL” TREAT! And that’s all she wrote…HOOK, LINE and SINKER!

    Oh, and I should mention the girl’s beautifully braided, beaded hair, the fish lure, the fish carcass, and the angry face on the fish that didn’t get away…But hey, he had to know it COD happen…

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a good one…No, make it a BETTA one…Be well, stay safe…And be SHORE to TUNA in tomorrow…Me, I’m going to CATCH some sleep…Pleasant STREAMS y’all! 🎣🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🧣At the garage sale with the TITLE, “Find Yourself a REAL TREAT”, he was amused by the NUANCE of the expression on a woman’s face when she found a PEWTER brooch to be a perfect match to her FURRY scarf…🧣

    🧸 The child had a stuffed toy, faded NUANCE,…PEWTER colored,
    It def had seen much better days…in fact his Mother shuttered…
    She thought to TITLE it a mess, the FURRY thing looked grim,
    But she just washed it one more time.…it meant so much to him
    Sometimes it’s best to hold your tongue, and just admit defeat…
    To her it was an eyesore, but to her son? A REAL TREAT…🧸

  3. 👧🏻 Little granddaughters can melt your heart,
    And these two bonded right from the start…
    Now they both love to fish,
    And I’m sure they both wish…
    Nothing ever will keep them apart…👧🏻

    💕 See our little girl has a bite,
    And it’s bringing her so much delight…
    But that look? Grandpa’s eyes?
    Says that she’s the “REEL” prize…
    And they’ve formed a true bond that’s so tight…💕

    🎣 Whether they bring some fish home today,
    Or just let the fish go on their way…
    The memories made,
    Hopefully never fade…
    And their love for each other hold sway…🎣

  4. Another easy J day!
    Good fun and a reel treat.
    Anagrams mostly came quick although NUANCE took a little longer.
    Fun time to be a Jumbler

  5. Well , it’s thirsty Thursday , not Wednesday hump-day , but I still have some tacos left ! Thanks everyone for understanding my time warp yesterday, it was a wake up call ! Today’s jumble (Thursday) was fun and great ! My wife and I solved it together and we both shouted out the words and then the jumble.it was fun ! We have a granddaughter and grandson in Los Angeles that we love to go and see , and when I saw grandpa fishing with his granddaughter, it was definitely a REEL TREAT ! We’ll everyone have a great Thursday ! Yes Thursday !

    • Well, Mr. Jim, all that “Taco talk” yesterday, had me buying the fixen’s today (all I needed was the shredded lettuce). Looking forward to having them tonight and the remainder, tomorrow! Isn’t it funny how words Trigger the Brain and the Palate! 🌮😋

    • Read the article you gave and very true ! Lately we’ve been watching Golden Girls which I never did , I really liked it , we’ll miss all of them , thanks !

  6. Fun and easy jumble week so far. I agree with Mig…today was easy but NUANCE took a little longer. Had to solve the cartoon first, and then “back into” the word NUANCE. Great word. Good song today…and Donny Osmond revived it 12 years later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu3Frh9SWXc Angela, interesting article…hard to lose Sidney Portier, Betty White, and Bob Saget all so close together during this challenging time. Have a great week and weekend. It’s a cold one in Texas!

    • Yes, Brad..Definitely lost three of the good ones. Enjoy your day..stay warm.🎣🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Good morning. Nuance was a nuisance to get but came to me after playing with the letters. The cartoon answer was easy but still no blind solve. Another hit with the music choice. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Hoping you’re doing the same. Have a good one. 🎣🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. First of all, thanks for the little snippet from your newspaper….that article will probably find it’s way into many publications. Easy puzzle today…at least the REEL part of it. Quite truthfully, needed anagrams to find TREAT. Can’t remember unscrambling NUANCE and PEWTER lately, but did accomplish that today, fairly easily. Paul Anka….gotta love him !!! Glad we all have our days arranged correctly. See you for TGIF

    • Good Morning, Terry. YW. The article is from the NY Daily News, part of Tribune Publishing, so it’s definitely out there. And yes, gotta love Paul Anka. Enjoy your day, Terry. Take care..

  9. Another easy one today and oh so true. When our grandson was born someone sent my husband a card that said: “If I knew it was so much fun, I would have been a Grandfather first”. Have a good Thursday all!

  10. Angela, I’m still salivating over those Hero sandwiches we all talked about! Ok going to go walk the dog on the Treadmill now! Gotta get out of “Food Mode”

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