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  1. Good Morning, Everyone! 🏈 BLUE…OVER THAT OLD SHIRT 🏈
    🎶 Hail! to the VICTORS valiant, Hail to the conquering heroes…Hail! Hail! to MICHIGAN…The leaders and best…the champions of the west…🎶 “University of Michigan Fight Song: The Victors” – UM student, Louis Elbel 1898 https://tinyurl.com/mr2b6m9d

    🪡🧵So he put on a few pounds, a FACTOR it was yes,
    In why his wife kept sewing, by now this shirt was a mess…
    The TEDIUM was getting old…if she had an ABACUS,
    She’d total up the many times with the shirt she had fussed…
    She enjoyed sewing FLORAL prints, now that could SOOTHE her nerves,
    But this old jersey, time again…just kept on throwing curves
    Like old THATCH that’s upon a roof, she’s ready to report…
    That this jersey’s seen better days…it’s a LAST “STITCH” EFFORT! 🪡🧵
    SEW…With Jeff being a University of Michigan alumni, I took the football this morning and ran with it…And I think I may have scored a touchdown. I had to look real, real closely at the jersey, because even though the #7 is quite visible, the name LEACH didn’t ring a bell…But knowing how Jeff likes to set the scene, I figured between his dialogue mentioning college, and his love of the Wolverines, he DRAFTED this cartoon for a member of his alma mater, the University of Michigan…So, I’m GOING LONG, and saying that I believe the man in today’s cartoon is UM quarterback, Rick Leach. https://tinyurl.com/yc6dfhjp ..(and if not…definitely a die-hard fan and fellow classmate from Leach’s college days). But I’ll go with Leach. At 64 years of age, our guy looks about right…And as an added BONUS, since Leach played both college football and pro baseball, here’s another link for you to enjoy… https://tinyurl.com/2p87fd8r

    Ok, our words. Once again today, we have previously PLAYED words, and one old anagram, TOSEOH, from last year. But we’ve definitely SCORED with five new anagrams…Certainly something to CHEER about…And the Early Birds easily made it into the END ZONE without any INTERFERENCE…And when they got there? With the dialogue giving us “I I don’t think I could fix this again” = LAST time, and the word Attempt = EFFORT in our question? It was an easy TOUCHDOWN! This was SEW much a LAST “STITCH EFFORT” https://tinyurl.com/4pnvhrab SPIKE that BALL!

    As for our cartoon…There’s a frame reading “Home Sweet Home” in what appears to be needlepoint hanging on the wall…And if you look real, real closely, there’s two little hearts between the Os and the Ms, and the border around the words looks like a series of tiny Ws…Now that’s a winner! And we see Rick lamenting the possible loss of his jersey, which has some serious stitching showing all through it. But I did pause here for a SECOND…because with his wife saying they needed to “buy a newer, larger” jersey…something seemed off. If it is Leach, and that’s his game winning jersey, there is no buying another one, IMO…I mean, that’s the only “WON”, right? And let’s face it, Folks…so what if our guy gained some “YARDAGE”, so to speak over time…It’s been like what…43 years?…Well, I think he’s enTITLEd to SPORT that paunch. Anyway, it’s a bit UP IN THE AIR…but IMO, as far as fit goes?….He can always wear the jersey WIDE OPEN, right?

    So, There you have it Folks…Done! Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and I’m gonna relax, and THROW back with a cappuccino…And that about SEWS IT UP for today…🪡🧵🙋🏻‍♀️

    …And for the RECORD, Michigan SCHOOLed Ohio State yesterday, beating them 42-27, so now they get to go on to the Big Ten Title Game next week! Let’s THROW them a Shout Out…Well PLAYED, Wolverines…well PLAYED! 🏈

  2. 🧮 As a LAST DITCH EFFORT, and despite the TEDIUM being a major FACTOR, he knew he needed to repair the ABACUS – found years ago in the THATCH roof of the attic and kept safe all these years wrapped in FLORAL-scented paper – but the monumental unsureness of it all did nothing to SOOTHE his nervousness…🧮

    🤷🏻‍♂️ It wasn’t going all too well, this search for usable THATCH,
    He did have some already, and he wanted it to match…
    The TEDIUM a FACTOR, and no way that he could SOOTHE,
    Annoyance he was feeling with the task not running smooth…
    Arrangements should be FLORAL, but the woman wanted straw,
    She had an ABACUS to show…but this was odd decor
    And then the color that she chose…a blue shade just like Roquefort?
    He’s giving it just one more shot…this is his LAST DITCH EFFORT! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Hello everyone ! Let’s close the week with this Sunday jumble and Thanksgiving weekend . Everybody should be nice and full to exercise and get back to the TEDIUM of work and yard work to get ready for winter and take care of all THATCH in the yard . So the jumble looked as though mr. # 7 couldn’t FACTOR in him getting on in years . She must have sewn his favorite old shirt many times cause he keeps tearing it ! So if he doesn’t start working out to maybe reduce some belly , she’s ready for the LAST STITCH EFFORT ! So he must go back the the drawing board , like Ohio State must do to keep their season together ! So Mr #7 get prepared so your shirt won’t tear anymore, cause the season is not over yet ! So let’s go Bucks and Browns !! Let’s not count our STITCHES before they’re THATCHED ! Everyone have good Sunday Funday !!

  4. No early-bird blind solve this morning…but anagrams unscrambled successfully without too much thought…though TEDIUM was a little tedious. Looking for a solution with letters poised in front of me, couldn’t latch on to the first word….but thought STITCH might be a player…Sure enough, Marsha looked over and added first and last words for a successful solve. Enjoy your Sunday….hopefully all the pie has been duly eaten up…and we won’t have it tempting us (too much) any more.

    • Stitch was definitely the key…Kudos to you both on the combined solve. Have a good one, Terry! 🏈🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Good morning. I was unable to get Tedium on my own. If I remember correctly it eluded me the last time to. As far as the cartoon answer, I did have Stitch for the middle word but had fast for the first word which didn’t fit for the remaining letters. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Yes, you’re right…it did stump you last time too. But the third times a charm, so sit tight! 😉 Have a good one….🏈🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I can’t patch this old shirt anymore
    It dates way back to the old days of yore
    You can mend it yourself
    Consign it to a shelf…..
    Or buy a new one right from the store!

      • You too Angela! Just waiting for young grandsons to arrive to get them to help me set up the outdoor Christmas projection lights so that they project onto the wall and not the lawn! Why do these “simple” gadgets have to be so obtuse!! Wet snow here today in S Ont.

        • Tk you, Helen, Sometimes I think those people who just leave them up year-round have the right idea..I’m tempted! 🪡🧵🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. A total strike out,first the Buckeyes lose to that dreaded school up north,like Woody Hayes referred to them,then a strike out on factor,tedium,and the cartoon solution today.Hope my Browns can break my losing streak ,Chuck a former Browns season ticket holder,commuting from Illinois to the games.

  8. Wow! The Wolverines really brought it home yesterday. Guess Mr. Harbaugh may finally have a smile on his usually dour face. Regarding the puzzle, no problem with the anagrams and found “stitch” in the cartoon answer but just couldn’t come up with the rest. I’m reminded of a sweater that my husband had from high school. I was sick of seeing it and, although it still fit him, put it with stuff to give away. He made such a fuss that I had it cleaned and put it back. Never mess with a man and his memories. Happy Sunday all!

    • I can’t criticize, because I’m a guilty party. I have jeans and T-shirts that have definitely seen better days, but I refuse to give them up…and yet…I keep buying! 😂😂 Wishing you a happy Sunday too, Betty…Enjoy! 🪡🧵🙋🏻‍♀️

        • Definitely no problem there, Betty. Dedicated is putting it mildly! 😉 Hope your night’s going well…💸🙋🏻‍♀️

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