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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 📚TALE ME A STORY! 📚

    🎶 You never send me flowers, you don’t want to hold my hand…When I was sad or lonely, you used to understand…Maybe these are the TELL TALE SIGNS of our love slipping away…🎶 ”Tell Tale Signs” – Kylie Minogue 1989 https://tinyurl.com/37n9rc5s

    📚 Attendance at a book reading is always a delight,
    To hear the words from authors’ lips offers all new insight…
    You get a whole new SLANT sometimes, they INJECT their true meaning,
    And as a reader you can then grasp more as you are gleaning…
    (I’ve tried to TUSSLE with the GLAND, but here it just don’t fit…
    I’m giving up and moving on…I’ve had enough of it)!
    But as far as our puzzle goes, “Invisible Emmie” shines…
    The first book in the series…A Success!…a TELLTALE SIGN!📚

    Terri Libenson, cartoonist of the comic strip, “The Pajama Diaries” is also the author of a series of books for young girls aged 8 to 12, titled “Emmie and Friends”, which launched in 2017, with “Invisible Emmie”, the book featured here today. They’re delightful stories, and I’ve enjoyed reading them along with my nieces. (By the way, they’d make terrific Christmas gifts)…And this link, https://tinyurl.com/3szx5jn3 along with it’s included subsequent links will tell you all about Terri and her work…

    So, once again today, we’ve no new words, but are graced with all new anagrams. And it was only LSUETS that caused three of the Early Birds to pause…and I chalk it up to it being a word that’s not all that commonly seen. But the solve – with its leading question, its spot-on dialogue referring to Terri’s TALES, and the SIGN so prominent in the cartoon, TELLing us about her appearance – was an easy read…Definitely a TELLTALE SIGN… https://tinyurl.com/4j89w2tn

    As for our cartoon? Guaranteed to be a best seller! Jeff’s captured the essence of an author’s in-person reading, as well as the enraptured delight of the young girls shown listening…And I love the distressed jeans on the girl at front…very, very trendy.

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and if you’re not yet familiar with Terri’s books, you should definitely look into them. As a former 8-12 year old, I can honestly TELL you that they’re wonderful TALES…Ok – SIGNing off…📚🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🔧 Trying to temper the verbal TUSSLE over how the GLAND should seal the piston, he tried to express his SLANT on it, and INJECT some sanity into the conversation, since it definitely had the TELLTALE SIGN of developing into a full blown argument….🔧

    🤒 He felt his neck was swollen, perhaps it was a GLAND,
    He tried to SLANT his head so that he’d see what was at hand…
    He knew that he would TUSSLE with himself before he’d seek,
    The advice of the doctor…down his throat he tried to peek,
    He hated doctors looking to INJECT him all the time…
    But he was getting worried…he def felt a TELLTALE SIGN…🤒

  3. Ok , I had my usual comment written down but I am now retyping it to give credit to the creators and all involved of these jumbles . I just have to say that I thought the cartoon was ambiguous which directed me away from the solution . I was not very comfortable with this one , nor two of the words . Please everyone have a great day !

  4. 👭🏻 Always great to see young people read,
    Liebenson’s books definitely fulfill a need…
    For they all can relate,
    And these girls from age eight…
    Find advice that will help them succeed! 👭🏻

    📚 A book reading can always be fun,
    And with these girls they’ve only begun…
    To expand their young minds,
    Emmie’s stories a find…
    And they’re loving the tales Terri’s spun…📚

    👭🏻 See the faces of these girls so young,
    As the praises of Terri are sung…
    And to find her right there,
    In a library chair?
    A surprise that’s so happily sprung! 👭🏻

  5. Nice to see David and Jeff highlight another cartoonist and author. Thought the Jumble cartoon answer might relate to Terri Libenson’s books, but then realized I was going down the wrong path. The word “SIGN” popped out, and was left with all the “T’s” and “L’s”…and the only way to use all those letters was with TELLTALE. Solved without a TUSSLE. Have a great day.

  6. This one has lots of shadow solutions, such as STEALING TELL, SLEETING TALL, and GELATINS TELL. Most of them, like these, are ungrammatical. But there is also ILLEGALS TENT, reminding me of what’s going on at the border. And there is TELLTALE SING. Are these people talking about the reading, or are they singing? I can just see a reader singing an entire novel.

  7. Unlike others, glommed onto the ING…which proved fruitless. Then Marsha saw the letters and her female wizardry saw SIGN, which was correct, and led to the solution. This was a tough morning for a blind solve. Not familiar with the song. Still humming from yesterday.

  8. Good morning. It took some time but I finally came up with the answer to the cartoon. I saw sign right away and just played around with the remaining eight letters until success. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  9. Today is NATIONAL ESPRESSO DAY! Grab yourself a cannoli and make it a BREW-tiful one! Buon appetito! ☕️🇮🇹🙋🏻‍♀️

    • I’d rather leave the cannoli and take the crumb cake or danish. Expresso with Sambuca of course. Take care

      • LOL! Crumb cake? Over a cannoli!?! Not even a Sfogliatelle?…And you were married to an Italian woman? 😂 The humanity!!!…But as far as the Sambuca goes…my Father always told us to never “dirty” either our “black coffee” or our scotch. “Drink it straight…it’ll put hair on your chest”! 😉 (And don’t go there…😂)…Enjoy your day, Paul. Drinks are on me! ☕️🥃🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Another stump on the cartoon today,but seeing the number stumped today,I am in good company.Have a good coffee expresso day.

  11. I too thought the first word would end in “ing” but looking at the cartoon picture figured out “sign” and then “telltale” fell nicely into place. I thought it was a very clever puzzle. Hoping all of you have a good day.

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