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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🎣 REEL GOOD FRIENDS 🎣

    🎶 You’ve got a friend in me…You’ve got a friend in me…When the road looks rough ahead and you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed…you just remember what your old pal said.Boy, you’ve got a friend in me…Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me…🎶 “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” – Randy Newman 1995 https://tinyurl.com/2aczptby

    🎣 They may not catch a MOUND of fish, these little boys we see,
    Brave Wallace and his close chum Spud…out on a fishing spree…
    I’m thinking Wallace was the one who TAUGHT Spud how to fish,
    Most likely though in COLUMN A…I doubt it’s Spud’s first wish…
    The boat that these two DRIFT upon has chum aboard as bait,
    But I doubt that these “fish” we see for them are worth the wait
    And while Spud just won’t ever be bold like the friend he found…
    They’re still the best of buddies…and are always CHUMMING AROUND! 🎣

    Where yesterday we found ourselves in the jungle, today our 5th Guest Jumbler, Will Henry, https://tinyurl.com/m2cjm64e brings us to the quaint seaside village of Snug Harbor, Rhode Island, where we meet our featured player…Wallace the Brave… https://tinyurl.com/atf792vp a curious, nature loving 6 year old boy. And today’s cartoon finds us dockside as he, his best CHUM Spud and his pet Seagull are aboard the McClellan Family boat, The Narwahl, with buckets of CHUM used for bait nearby. https://tinyurl.com/vepmsk3x …And as Mr McClellan, a fisherman, looks on, and we see sharks circling the waters, we hear Wallace optimistically commenting on the number of “fish”, while the angst-ridden Spud can’t help but see the potential danger. But as always, as best friends do, they’re CHUMMING AROUND…And that’s a pun I fell for…hook, line and sinker!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day…Be well, stay safe..And our special thanks to Will Henry for joining us during our Guest Jumbler Week…🎣 🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 📰 As the reporter was reading over his latest COLUMN, despite the MOUND of work on his desk, his mind began to DRIFT off…and he thought about all he was TAUGHT by CHUMMING AROUND with his mentor…📰

    💃🏻 She posed beside the COLUMN, standing on a MOUND of soil,
    And remembered what he TAUGHT her ‘bout this job at which she toiled…
    She needed though to concentrate, not DRIFT off on a whim,
    Her agent closely watching, and she smiled over at him
    A really nice guy…she was glad his agency she found…
    And glad too that they’d become friends…who enjoyed CHUMMING AROUND! 💃🏻

  3. 👦🏻 The friendship between little boys,
    Is endearing and resonates joy…
    And as often the case,
    The years don’t erase…
    They stay friends when they’re way past their toys…👦🏻

    🎣 We see Wallace and Spud look to fish,
    But I don’t think that they’ll get their wish…
    ‘Cause that bucket of chum?
    They’ll need more…and than some…
    It’s most likely their plans will be squished! 🎣

    👦🏻 Little Wallace, adventurous he,
    His pal Spud? He’s as meek as can be…
    But they’re friends through and through,
    And as little boys do…
    It’s not me or not you…it’s just we! 👦🏻

  4. It’s Friday ! The weekend has started ! When I look at the jumble cartoon , I try to find a theme or key , like the two in the boat fishing with fish all around them . Well when I got the letters, one word came out AROUND . The letters left I got CHUMMING, because the two looked like friends , but I had no idea that chumming was a way to lure fish in by spreading fish organs around the area . Well I was TAUGHT a new meaning to CHUM ! The anagrams were nice to solve . My mind didn’t DRIFT away . At least I saw the cartoon in the right COLUMN of mind. So everyone have a great weekend ! 🎵 life is a cabaret old CHUM ! Come to the cabaret 🎵 !

  5. Easy anagrams but the solution baffled me!
    J vacation week is always fun. Not easy daily.
    Is tomorrow still guest hosts?

  6. This week has been pretty easy so far, but the cartoon stumped me this morning. I guessed the first word ended in “-ING”, but that’s as far as I got. Normally I would’ve struggled with it longer, but didn’t have the patience today. Not sure I would have ever gotten it, as “chum” isn’t a word I see a lot in either definition, but it was a good pun today! It TAUGHT me something. Hoping that tomorrow’s is easier or I might be a-DRIFT again! Nice weekend coming up in Texas…

  7. Good morning. Today was a successful one. Solved both ends of jumble in a reasonable time. The buckets by the boys gave me the clue to its answer. When my brother and I went fishing with one of my uncles who fished a lot, his trick was to take along a can of tuna and puncture a bunch of holes in it with a string attached and throw it overboard. Every once in awhile we’d shake it up and down to release the food. I guess it worked because we got bites. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good morning, Paul. That’s an interesting trick that I’ve never heard of before. Very creative! Hope all is well with you. Take care and TGIF!

  8. We missed seeing the buckets of chum on the boat….therefore, were flummoxed out of the solution. And like Brad, just saw the ING….and with little patience, opted to look for the answer. Can’t believe Humpday was two days ago….this month is spinning by.

  9. When I first looked at the cartoon I was sure that “counting” was going to be the first word of the solution, but no T’s were circled. Took a while, but stuck with it and solved it. Toughest one in a while! And good song pick!

  10. Lurking not far beneath
    Were multiple razor-sharp teeth
    Would the chums seeking fish
    Catch a fine tasty dish
    Or to the sharks would the bait they bequeath!

  11. Not being a fisherman,I didn’t know anything about the relationship between chum and fishing.Then thought the first word might end in ‘ing’ but I failed to write down the ‘g’ from the taught anagram.So no cartoon solution for me this freezing , 24 degree cold morning.

  12. My Dad was a fisherman so I was familiar with “chum” as bait. I saw “around” first and figured that “ing” would be the ending of the first word so “chumming” fell nicely into place. I thought it was a very clever puzzle this morning, nice puns. Have a Good Friday all!

  13. I always find the guest jumblers to be a tougher than Dave & Jeff. This week has been frustrating–I’ve solved each of the jumbles, but they took longer than usual. This one was typical: there was nothing particularly “chummy” about the boys’ behavior. Clearly, the sharks were (ahem) red herrings.

    • The reason they seem tougher is because it’s knowing the comic strip that’s important with most of the Guest Jumbles…whereas with the Jumbles that David publishes, they’re mainly generic. Wallace and Spud are best friends = CHUMS. A few of the Early Birds had no knowledge whatsoever regarding today’s comic strip, but Googling it gave them the info they needed..as has been the case with a few others this week also…But no hidden agenda here today…🤷🏻‍♀️

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