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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🥩WHEN THE STEAKS ARE BYE! 🥩

    🎶 Eat STEAK, eat steak eat a big ol’ steer….Eat STEAK,eat steak do we have one dear?…Eat BEEF, eat BEEF, it’s a mighty good food….It’s a grade A meal when I’m in the mood…🎶 “Eat Steak”- Rev Horton Heat 1990 https://tinyurl.com/endw6cac

    🥩 Our Curtis here a young lad, one who walks a SHAKY line…
    When it comes to finding trouble, well…that Curtis does define…
    He has a crush on Michelle, but he’s nowhere smooth as SUEDE,
    So as far as love requited? Uh…he doesn’t have it made…
    His appetite voracious…his THIRST for food well known,
    And here it’s roast beef does EMERGE…an opportunity flown?
    For he who hesitates is lost… and Curtis in his wake?
    His thoughts are on that sandwich…was it all a huge MISSED STEAK? 🥩

    It’s Day 3 of “GJW” and today we find ourselves in the comic strip company of Curtis Wilkins, written and illustrated by Ray Billingsley…And this link will give you the skinny on them both… https://tinyurl.com/3amdb9kc. **

    With Curtis quite well known for his love of food, it’s fitting that today’s cartoon is dealing with just that. Seated in his Father’s favorite chair, eating a hot dog, his thoughts are on the one that got away…that roast beef sandwich, which we can see pictured in his mind…He coulda’ been a conTENDER!…But alas…he just didn’t rise to MEAT the challenge…It was definitely a MISSED STEAK!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one…Be well, stay safe, and our special thanks to Roy Billingsley for joining us during our Guest Jumbler Week…🥩🙋🏻‍♀️

    ** PS: This synopsis may be dated by a few years, since it mentions Ray’s close friendship with cartoon artist Mort Walker, “which still lasts today” – Mr Walker passed away in 2018. Yet it offers such an in-depth story of Ray, that I decided to go with it anyway. But here’s his info from Wikipedia. https://tinyurl.com/2ak5y2xc

    PPS: The tiniest bit paraphrased…but I included a movie reference in my write-up…Who’ll BITE? 😉

    The puzzle of December 16th, 2014…”After becoming a vegetarian, her decision began to look like a”…The solve: MISSED STEAK! 🥩🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 👠 Once again giving in to her THIRST for fashion, she was quick to realize that wearing the 5-inch SUEDE heels was a huge MISTAKE…since the moment she tried to EMERGE from the doorway, she was way too SHAKY to move on…👠

    👨🏻‍🏫 He had such THIRST for knowledge, this Professor newly placed,
    A little bit old-fashioned…with suspenders at his waist…
    His sweater had those SUEDE patches, that now were out of style,
    His voice a little SHAKY, but he faced the class and smiled
    Yes, nervous to EMERGE out here, but no matter give or take…
    He hoped that the kids liked him… and to teach not a MISTAKE…👨🏻‍🏫

  4. Another bust this morning…without a Blind Solve, I glommed onto DREAM, which was incorrect. Will continue trying for the rest of the week, but not hopeful.

  5. Ray Billingsley in the house with the kind of Jumble that I Thirst for and that is never Shaky but seems to Emerge as smooth as Suede. Can’t believe Curtis Missed Steak for a crummy hot dog! Do kids still make paper airplanes? Seems like the kind of quaint thing that only happens here in flyover country on the Great Plains. Unseasonable warmth giving way today to the seasonable average.

  6. 🌭 Faced with choosing a hot dog or steak,
    Curtis figured the hot dog he’d take…
    Now as he sits and chews,
    We see roast beef the muse…
    And young Curtis now sees his mistake! 🌭

    🥩 When it comes to on what food to dine,
    There are those who choose steak and fine wine…
    But some others may say,
    Hot dogs any old day…
    Comes to palates…it’s hard to define! 🥩

    🌭 Curtis Wilkins puts no food to waste,
    Be it hot dogs or steak…he will taste…
    Growing boys’ appetite?
    No way do they go light…
    If it’s food…trust it will be embraced! 🌭

  7. A sandwich just bursting with beef…
    Was an image he tried to keep brief
    Was he right, was he wrong?
    He’d just have to stay strong
    And hope the thought would bring some relief!

  8. Good morning. No problem with the words but had difficulty with the cartoon answer. I hit the wrong button and instead of listing the letters as hardest hit it as easy. Truth be told I went over the list of six and five letter words to come up with the answer. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  9. Good “ hump-day “ morning ! The jumble was a fun one , I did good with the anagrams and the solution made me hungry when STEAK was there , I’m glad I didn’t MISS it , and I’d never make that MISSED STEAK ! Any way the weather gets kind of SHAKY at his time of year , right now it’s in the 60’s all day , so I’ll put my SUEDE a jacket on and EMERGE a outside for my 5 mile walk, and satisfy my THIRST with a cup of coffee ! Then later I’ll have some chicken and rice and small strips of Steak ! I can’t think of a song that Curtis would like , but Angela took care of that as usual ! Everyone have a great mid-start to the week-end ! Have a great Wednesday !

    • Hi Bob. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. T-shirt is only valid with the hyphen, not as one 6-letter word. And a hyphenated word would never be used as a Jumble word choice, only as part of a solve. Have a good one, Bob. Take care…🥩🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Hi Everyone,
    For the answer, the first thing I thought of was meat. When that didn’t work, I went looking for a word beginning with a consonant to get the first word. I ended up finding the second word Steak instead.
    I really enjoyed the enlightening link, Angela, which tells the story of the cartoonist becoming an artist at a very early age. Thanks to Ray Billingsley and all the other guest cartoonists for a fun week.

  11. Steak was an obvious choice for the second word,w missed quickly following.Emerge gave me reason to pause on the anagrams.They’re still tearing up our front yard to replace the sewer line clear out to the street,so we’re still in temporary housing at a hotel.Hopefully tonight will be the last night and the job will be completed today.

  12. Another cartoon that does not appear in our paper but enjoyed learning about it. When I saw the “k” I immediately through of steak so it was an easy solve this morning. Wishing all of you a good Wednesday.

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