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  1. Good Morning, Everyone….🧭 AR-ROW BOAT IT’S KNOT!🧭

    🎶 But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for….But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…🎶 “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – U2 1987 https://tinyurl.com/yvm8s9mn

    🧭 A rose garden not promised them, nor TULIP one at that,
    They simply used the sun and stars…sometimes there’d be a spat…
    Did some DISOWN their boats, just giving up on navigation?
    Did stormy weather make things worse…leading to more frustration?
    And then…Voila! The compass, and their troubles would ABATE,
    (Uh…COUPON…were there coupons then…way back to early dates)?
    The bottom line, it was a boon…reduced any disjoint…
    Since East or West it showed them now…Arrow…A CASE IN POINT! 🧭

    Ok, so I’M LOST when it comes to a compass…or directions for that matter…Just thought I’d POINT that out….

    Our words today are going pretty much in the same DIRECTION as they’ve been for the last few days. No new words, and we go BACK and FORTH with one or two repeat anagrams…Today it’s just the one, TAABE from this past June. And there was no going SOUTH with any of them…The EBs SAILED right through…The solve? The dialogue… You have to study that dialogue…As always, it POINTed us in the right direction…You know I’d never STEER you wrong…

    Today we SEA two navigators, a Captain – Magellan perhaps, heading towards America from Europe – and his mate…having an easier time of it, of COURSE due to their compass…And it’s pretty CLEAR that SAILING improved with its use…That ARROW POINTing the way?…A CASE IN POINT… https://tinyurl.com/84anvxx4

    And as always, way off in the background, my eyes are DRAWN to Jeff’s Signature Sinking…Ship. Not the one we’re used to, but a MASTerful touch just the same…Oh, and the Captain is wearing a ring….So just IN CASE you’re interested, look real closely…It appears to have the Signature Jumble J as its crest…And all’s RIGHT with the world…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Be well, stay safe…and for all you Bono fans out there…I’ve been trying out my new U2 navigation system and it’s useless…The streets have no name and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for! 🧭 🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🌲Needing to increase the family nursery business’s profits, as a CASE IN POINT he suggested doing away with COUPON use for the TULIP plants…because if the losses didn’t ABATE…the family might DISOWN him! 🌲

    🌷 The nursery ran a big sale, and he had a COUPON book,
    In the market for a TULIP plant, he thought he’d take a look…
    He hoped the drought would soon ABATE, or he’d need to DISOWN,
    The garden that he started…’cause nothing so far has grown
    So he’s off to see the nursery, they say it’s a nice joint…
    The word of mouth is flourishing…just as A CASE IN POINT! 🌷

  3. This one was out there ! I had a real hard time with this jumble . I’m wore out ! The weather will beautiful sunshine in the 50’s today ! Have a Good Friday ! And that’s A POINT IN CASE, but then it was A CASE IN POINT , cause I thought the needles were in a case , so “ point in case “ hope Saturday’s is relaxing ! Goodnight ! Have a great weekend !

    • Another way to phrase “case in point” might be to say “subject at hand”. Either way, these are expressions that our younger folks today do not use, if even they have heard of them at all…I’m getting old…anyway, a great weekend wish for everyone!!

  4. I thought this was easy. I saw point, a compass points, therefore, A CANE IS POINT, no, rather, A CASE IN POINT. But this seems backwards. The pointer is in the case; it is not the case that the case is in the pointer. So I looked for shadow solutions. How about A SPIN IT CANOE? That’s not a compass on the chest; that’s a spinner; maybe they are playing some sort of game. And they are in a CANOE. It’s a big CANOE, but it is a CANOE. Or if you don’t think it’s a CANOE, then they are certainly on A SPIN IT OCEAN.

  5. Used to keep sailors on track
    The compass goes a long way back
    Without knowing where’s north
    Ships would bob back and forth
    And directions be all out of whack!

    • 🧭 If you’re looking to go east to west,
      But you’re challenged some more than the rest…
      A compass will show
      The right way to go…
      Alleviating directional stress! 🧭

      🧭 They set out on the vast ocean blue,
      And decided which direction due…
      The new compass a boon,
      They don’t need sun and moon…
      Navigation…took on life anew! 🧭

      🧭 See the Captain ‘long side his first mate,
      On the ocean…but should they sail straight?
      Is it north, is it west?
      Are they put to the test?
      No, the compass took care of their fate! 🧭

  6. Anagrams easy, though TULIP caused concern….after that, flummoxed !!! Thought one word might be SPIN to no avail. One of few times I had to look up the answer…Oh well. See you on the morrow.

    • With TULIP, I saw UPLIT at first. But there is no conventional word UPLIGHT, meaning to turn on the lights. Perhaps I was thinking of UPRIGHT or UPLIFT.

  7. Hi Everyone – Really good one today. And funny song choice, Angela.
    To get Disown, I tried the On, In and finally the Dis prefixes. The answer also came slowly. I had to chip away at it, writing down possible two-letter words and three-letter words beginning with a consonant. Point was left to unscramble.

  8. Good morning. Had no problems with the words but was stuck on the cartoon answer for awhile. I was thinking of throwing in the towel but decided to give it one more try. I finally saw point for the last word and Had A for the first. The left over letters gave me the two middle words.Glad I stuck with it. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe

  9. Disown looked like wisdom at first but then having the letters at hand,I thought the 5 letter word was topic,and the 4 letter word, nice both of which prevented my solving the cartoon puzzle.Then to make matters worse,it started to sleet and or snow! Yikes.

  10. Like Chuck I first saw wisdom instead of disown, a mistake I’ve made before but other than that blip I had no problem with today’s Jumble. However, that being said, I have a terrible sense of direction and I don’t think a compass would make any difference to me. Hope you all find your way to a good Friday.

    • Betty,you’re in good company on your lack of a good sense of direction.My wife has a similar problem,but fortunately the cars have a built in compass on their dash,so we’re all good to go.

  11. Ugh. Had a tough time the past two days. Yesterday struggled with INDIGO. And I struggled with UDOLAN until my 12 year old son glanced over my shoulder at my laptop and said “oh, that’s UNLOAD”. Today, struggled to get “DISOWN”. Like others, I kept wishing the N was an M…so that I would have WISDOM. 🙂 The cartoons were not so hard. Hoping for an easier Jumble on Saturday.

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