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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 💵 RAISE-ING HER VOICE 💵
    🎶WORKIN‘ 9 to 5…What a way to make a livin, barely gettin by, it’s all takin’and NO GIVEN’…🎶 “9 to 5” Miss Dolly Parton 1980 https://tinyurl.com/rrd2k4d7

    💵 When it came to her salary, she knew she’d need to “HIKER”,
    Working out on the trading floor…they still called her the piker…
    The boss, a happy TYCOON, while she was near to broke,
    She tried to hold her TEMPER, but knew it’s time she “got woke”
    In her mind every VISTA played…she’s definitely not myopic…
    She needs a hike in salary…and has to RAISE THE TOPIC…💵

    As soon as I caught a glimpse of today’s puzzle, it immediately BROUGHT UP the memory. There are times lately when I can’t remember why I opened the refrigerator…(pandemic brain runs amok)…and yet here I was recalling to a T a puzzle that’s just shy of four years old…Eerie…And those who know me know that I usually don’t do this, but with today’s puzzle bringing such a sense of déjà vu, I decided to CASH it all in…So it’s Miss Dolly for the replay…🎶…And you’ll need to read further down in the blog in the OUT OF THE ARCHIVES section to hit PAY dirt about all this…

    So…While once again David hasn’t LAID any new CARDS ON THE TABLE, he has RAISED the stakes by giving us three new anagrams, with the only repeat being VISTA from way back in 1992…But the EBs easily saw It…Same goes for HIKER and TEMPER…but TYCOON did give one of them a run for his MONEY…he had County stuck in his head…But the solve? Once again, the clues were all there. “Pay Increase” in our question? That right there RAISEd a red flag…Who refers to a bump in salary as a pay increase? Seriously…RAISE your hand? We know it’s a RAISE…and then our dialogue told us that our girl knew she had to SPEAK UP…

    Our cartoon. With the city skyline behind her, we once again have a female boss…Kudos, Jeff. And although this one does seem a bit harried, at least she doesn’t look annoyed like our last one did. Nothing worse than trying to get money from a stone…faced person. Or is that blood? Hmm…either way, you CASH my drift. And it’s nice to see a co-worker encouraging our girl to CASH IN…Nervous? She shouldn’t be…but it’s obvious that if she doesn’t RAISE THE TOPIC, she might end up like the woman who was working a 9-5 at a paint supply warehouse, and asked her boss for a raise…He handed her a step stool and asked if that was good enough…Gave all new meaning to climbing that corporate ladder…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Another day, another DOLLAR…Make it a good one…Be well, stay safe…and let’s take a lesson from the vegetable grower who demanded a PAY RAISE…He STALKed into his boss’s office and said…”I want a bigger CELERY…and maybe even a STOCK option…And he left with the GREEN…💵🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🧗🏻Seeing how much HIKER after hiker enjoyed the beautiful VISTA, the TYCOON with the very kind TEMPER decided to entirely fund the next expedition, and was happily anxious to RAISE THE TOPIC…🧗🏻

    🏔They thought to form a HIKER group, the TYCOON and his friends,
    And travel looking for the perfect VISTA, start a trend…
    They’d need to TEMPER details, and to do it philanthropic….
    They set a meeting date where they’d all join to RAISE THE TOPIC!🏔

  3. Anagrams somewhat challenging.
    Personally I didn’t like the cartoon solution, not real clever imho.

  4. Good “ hump day “ morning ! The anagrams were there , but the solution seemed like a lot of letters, but I took , as I always do , a word that has the meaning of the jumble in it , and that word was RAISE , and what was left was easier to find THE TOPIC . So if she was working for a TYCOON , then she should get a raise ! just keep it professional not to raise a TEMPER ! Yep , just walk through it and be a HIKER to see the VISTA of a pay increase so you can have 🎵 a little change in my pocket, going jing – a – ling – a – ling 🎵 Have a great “ hump day “ start of the weekend ! Have a great day !

  5. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Our girl’s looking to ask for a raise,
    But she seems in a bit of a daze…
    A little bit tense,
    She’s still straddling that fence…
    Hesitation? No, it never pays! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    🤦🏻‍♀️ See our woman affected by nerves,
    But still knowing just what she deserves…
    The subject she must broach,
    Yet she fears to encroach…
    Carpe diem! Before her will swerves! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    👍🏻 When it comes to the end of the day,
    Our girl here needs a bump in her pay…
    And her friend says, “Take hold,
    Be a little bit bold…
    While the sun shines you need to make hay”! 👍🏻

  6. Good morning. Failed on the cartoon answer. I had “Her”stuck in my head for the middle word and couldn’t get past that. After awhile I figured it was best to move on. I’ll read everything after this. Be well and take care.

  7. I almost lost my Temper on the last anagram but it’s too early for that. A young Tycoon turned nature Hiker decided to Temper his employees workload by showing them a magnificent Vista and Raise The Topic of mental well being. Rain and cold expected today on the Great Plains. The darn meteorologist even used the four-letter “S” word.

  8. Good morning Angela. A pair of loonie limericks today:

    Well, if the worker doesn’t think much of her workplace….

    It’s best to get straight to the point
    You’re not earning enough in this joint
    If she wants you to stay
    She’ll jack up your pay
    I’m betting she won’t disappoint!

    If of course, the worker just loves working here….

    I simply adore what I do
    And I’m here for performance review
    I do all the right stuff
    But I’m not making enough
    And I’m sure you’ll agree with my view!

    • Unfortunately, work to some is another of those dreaded 4-letter words.😉 And since we spend most of our lives at it, it can definitely be a drag…Hopefully our girl here just needs to put some fire under her boss…😉 Have a good one, Helen. Take care! 💵🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. I noted two things with this Jumble. One is that the word VISTA was used – this should never appear in a Jumble because VITAS is a possible anagram. It’s the plural of vita. Yes, vitae is the official plural, but many Latin words use the English plural instead. Supernovae, but also supernovas. Formulae, but also formulas. Vertices, but also vertexes. And both Unices and Unixes. Since VITAS is plausible, it should never appear in a Jumble and neither should VISTA. However, the best that can be done with VITAS is TRIES THE TOPIC, which is ungrammatical. The second is I note that if you add an L to the cartoon answer, you can get a HELICOPTER out of it, but the remaining letters, ISAT, don’t form any anagrams. Maybe I SAT in a HELICOPTER.

  10. Today’s Hump Day Jumble was difficult for me…harder than even asking for a RAISE personally. Like others, stuck on a word or two (PRICE??) and therefore did not complete the puzzle. Anagrams were easy, too. Nice song choice from one of my favorite movies…though now I pass watching Jane Fonda movies. Great job…Jumble Creators !!!

    • I was never fond of Jane Fonda …but Miss Dolly? She’s a gift! Enjoy your day, Terry. Hope it’s a good one…💵🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I really like that Dolly P. has been so supportive and generous of causes in the past. I don’t know what disaster it was, forgive me for not researching it, but I remember her giving $1,000 each to many families. I still so enjoy watching “Truvy” the hairdo gal on Steel Magnolias! She just exudes sweetness, that Dolly! ☺️

        • She’s definitely one of a kind, Kimberly. I doubt there’s anyone that can say anything against Miss Dolly…Hope your day’s going well…💵🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. I found the anagrams more troublesome ,having to really work at temper,that looked like permit ,and vista,that looked like sav-it,and also pausing on tycoon.Hiker was the only quick solve.Then the cartoon completely stumped me,even though asking for a ‘raise’ in pay should have led to the raise the topic solution.I guess it is a Wednesday.

  12. No problems with the anagrams or cartoon solution this morning. Once again studying the dialogue “pay increase” led to “raise” and that was it. Like you, Angela, I’m not fonda Fonda, though I love Dolly Parton. One of my favorite quotes from her is:”It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”. She donated a million dollars to Vanderbilt University to facilitate the Covid vaccine. She’s an A+ celebrity. Happy Wednesday to all!

    • Definitely, Betty. She’s such a beautiful woman in so many ways. What she’s done over the years with her “Imagination Library” is mind-boggling. And she’s been quoted as saying that she wants to be remembered for her charitable endeavors more than anything else. I doubt she need be concerned…The woman is unforgettable…She’s a National Treasure. God bless her…And Kudos on your solve…👏🏻👏🏻! …My mantra…It’s always WRITE there in the dialogue…Have a great Wednesday, Betty. Be well and stay safe out there…💵🙋🏻‍♀️

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