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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🎠 THE RIDE THING TO DO 🎠
    🎶 I’m an ever rollin’ wheel, without a destination real…I’m an EVER SPINNING top,WHIRLING AROUND TILL I DROP….Oh but what am I to do, my mind is in a whirlpool….Give me a little hope, one small thing to cling to…You got me GOING IN CIRCLES…(oh ROUND AND ROUND I GO)…🎶 “Going in Circles” – The Friends of Distinction 1969 https://tinyurl.com/2kcwhk7t

    🎠 A Carousel can be such fun, kids flock to them in droves,
    But this one on the RODEO grounds shows problems, I suppose…
    They can’t have children shaken off, and taking a slight FLIGHT,
    Of course the DECENT thing to do is make sure it runs right…
    The happenings of course IMPEL examining the ride,
    Lest injuries?… By no means… (and then lawsuits come besides)…
    So here we see it checked out…and the best way is to sit…
    Upon the horse…so our guy says…”Sure, I’ll GET “RIDE” ON IT”! 🎠

    With no new words, three new anagrams, and a repeat in DROOE from February, today’s off to a great start. No GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES here. Easy, breezy…And the solve? There was no HORSE-ing AROUND with that either. Those quotation marks were just the RIDE touch!

    And our cartoon’s dialogue couldn’t be any more explicit. The repairman? In order to get to the bottom of why kids keep getting shaken off the horse? He needs to RIDE them, to see for himself…He needs to GET “RIDE” ON IT!…Nice SPIN on that…But it’s more than a horse that we see…Like most Carousels, there are usually some exotic animals, and behind our horse I’m seeing a unicorn and then a panther, if I’m not mistaken . But while there was no beating AROUND the bush with the solve…there are two things that caught my eye. Where are the repairman’s legs? And what’s that little step-stool doing there?…SAFARI I can tell…it’s all UP IN THE AIR!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done…Be well, stay safe, and if you’re wondering what’s better a merry-go-round or a carousel? Hard to say…they both have their UPS and DOWNS…But to be honest? It really doesn’t MOTOR much to me…🎠🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🤡 Not fearing that the RODEO clown would be a FLIGHT risk, but knowing that the law did IMPEL him to set bail, the judge was DECENT enough to levy a reasonable one, telling the court clerk that as far as a hearing date goes, he should GET RIGHT ON IT…🤡

    🎪 The RODEO was drawing close, set up for Friday night,
    But his nerves got the best of him…he thought of taking FLIGHT…
    The venue didn’t IMPEL him to show up and perform,
    But he had to be DECENT, and not go against the norm
    He took a pill to calm his nerves, though his teeth still did grit..
    And lay down hoping to relax…and then GET RIGHT ON IT! 🎪

  3. Seems odd after the fact but DECENT was tough for me.
    Enjoyed the cartoon and the solution.
    Tomorrow should be harder, eh?

  4. Good morning everyone ! What gorgeous day here ! Sunshine all day ! I walked my usual 5 miles and loved it , was so DECENT, which I had a little trouble with that one , but after I saw the jumble cartoon with the horses on the carousel, it looked like a RODEO asp o wanted to GET RIDE ON IT and I couldn’t get the Hollies (1967) time out of my head 🎶 Riding along on a carousel , trying to catch up to you , 🎵 Riding along on a carousel , will I catch up to you ! 🎶 my wife and I had so much fun with this jumble ! So I’ll take the first FLIGHT about and get ready for the next jumble. Have a great Tuesday everyone !!

  5. …A friend pointed out that she had ORDER for our first word, instead of the correct word, RODEO. But ironically, ended up with the correct 3 letters needed for the solve: REO. Now how often does that happen? 🎠🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Sometimes I go through the puzzle cartoon and anagrams a little too quickly….there was no blind solve and I mis-spelled the first word as ERODE, so that threw me off track…Knew immediately something was off and found my error, which led to an easy solve. See you Wednesday

    • Who knew those 5 letters of Rodeo could be so deceiving? 😉 But you did get the save…and that’s what counts! Have a good one, Terry…Take care…🎠🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Clever, clever these Jumble guys. A Rodeo anagram with a carousel that bucks kids off. Now, I must take Flight from whimsy and Impel myself to do the Decent thing and return to the Rodeo of a daily newspaper. Angela, how could you miss the song choice of “On a Carousel.” by the Hollies? “Riding along on a carousel, trying to catch up to you.”

    • “Miss” the song? Bless your heart, OO…Have a good one…Enjoy! 🎠🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Good morning. Another decent solve without any trouble. The cartoon answer I got but wasn’t sure it was correct. The English with Get for the first word had me guessing myself. Nice pick Angela on your song choice. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • We’re from Brooklyn, Paul…English sometimes gives us trouble! 😂 …👏🏻👏🏻Kudos on sticking with it…Tks for the Shout Out, and hoping you’re staying well and safe too..Have a good one, Paul..🎠🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. What’s wrong with the carousel?
    Seems it’s not working too well
    The kids are quite jumpy
    The ride’s a bit bumpy
    Let’s fix it for the young clientèle!

    • Have a good day, Helen. Enjoy! 🎠🙋🏻‍♀️

      🎠 With the music and fanciful lights,
      Carousels are a wondrous delight,
      But should any kid,
      From atop a horse skid?…
      Guaranteed it’s a bit of a fright! 🎠

  10. Anagrams were a quick solve,even rodeo.I’m usually intimidated by the multiple word answers to the cartoon,especially w a word in quotes,but worked backwards from “on it” and then “get___ on it”, to the complete get “ride” on it solution.

    • Chas…While I can understand how you’re feeling, please know that we here have nothing to do with the Jumble directly, and/or any publication that carries it. We just do a daily commentary and have readers who join in. Your issue needs to be taken up with the paper. Perhaps if enough of the readership voices a complaint, they may reconsider their decision. Sorry we can’t be of any help, and I wish you well….🙋🏻‍♀️

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