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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🦅 FLIGHT OF HAND? 🦅

    🎶 I wanna fly like an EAGLE to the sea…Fly like an EAGLE, let my spirit carry me…🎶 “ Fly Like An Eagle” – Steve Miller Band 1976 https://tinyurl.com/sjt2aass

    🦅An Eagle is majestic, the noble bird of prey,
    (And from the door I’m saying…SMELLY’s for another day)…
    The one we see here, Theodore, not MODEST in the least,
    He calls himself “Magician” but he may be out to fleece…
    His fellow forest denizens, with sleight of hand and such,
    With eyes looking so menacing he plies the magic touch…
    And time and time AGAIN, he does impress those at the show,
    A DITTY could be written…”Yes, I ‘nailed’ it …don’t you know”
    “Is this your card” he asks of them…the cards of black and red…
    Is Teddy just a shyster…or is he just “TALON-TED”? 🦅

    So today, a repeat of yesterday. While we’ve previously DEALT with all of our words, David’s managed to come up with another three new anagrams…. Like what does he do…pull them out of a hat? Amazing! And TIYDT’s the one we’ve seen before…But despite the new anagrams, they were all easily recognizable, and the EB’s FLEW right through them. The solve? No fighting tooth and NAIL with this one…As LONG as you’re familiar with a TALON, you’ve SOARED, I mean scored yourself an easy win…If not? Uh…well, let us PREY…

    Ok…Finding ourselves in a forest clearing, we see Theodore, our “TALON-TED” man of the hour, plying his trade. Looking SHARP, nattily DECKed out in a sporty bow tie, he’s using his sleight of hand to captivate his audience…A Duck, a Beaver, and a Rabbit. (I hope Teddy doesn’t go in for those hat tricks…or we know where that rabbit’s gonna end up…it’ll be a HOLE new ballgame)! Anyway, Teddy pulled the Duck’s 2 of Clubs, and our Duck is FLAPbergasted! Ted NAILED it! Literally…because if you look closely, you’ll see that one of the TALONs on his left foot has gone right through the card…This guy must spend a fortune replacing his decks! But anyway…Our Theodore, “TED” for short…has definitely convinced them all that he’s “TALON-TED”…And we’ve gotten ourselves a great double play on words today …Kudos, David…

    And Kudos, Jeff…The Beaver’s waffled tail, the Duck’s eyes looking DOWN at his card, (no CONDORing eye there)!… the Rabbit TAILing everyone that “Ted’s good”…the tree stump reading, “Theodore’s Magic Show”, obviously CLAWED, I mean “drawed”…(did I HARE a groan? C’mon…really? Work with me HARE)…in such great detail…It definitely rates a HIGH four! …(Think about it…I’ll wait)…Yep, sometimes it’s just IN THE CARDS!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and I’ll leave you with a little Magician humor…There was this Spanish magician, and his main trick was performing a vanishing act. He said that he’d vanish on the count of three. “Uno – Dos”….But then he vanished…without a Tres!…Ok, fair enough…you can groan now…🤦🏻‍♀️🦅

  2. 🎶 He was always TALENTED when it came to writing a DITTY or two, but he was very MODEST about it, especially after his harshest critic, his young son, told him…”You’ve done it AGAIN, Dad…you’ve written a SMELLY song”! 🎶

    🗑 The sanitation slowdown was taking quite a toll,
    With bags AGAIN just piling up outside near the light pole…
    It started growing SMELLY, and they worried what to do,
    They saw the men out in the truck, but they just passed on through…
    One guy seemed rather MODEST, as he waved and gave a shrug,
    The other just looked straight ahead, his look a little smug
    And they recalled a DITTY dealing with bacteria’s spread…
    Something about how germs prevail…they’re strong and TALENTED!🗑

  3. Good morning ! Wow ! The jumble was nice , but I had to really concentrate on the fourth anagram , and I’m being MODEST ! The solution was really tough , and I had to cheat , I just couldn’t get one claw in it ! But AGAIN, I got the anagrams without a SMELLY a time and it made me sing 🎶 little DITTY, bout Jack & Diane 🎵 two American kids growing up in the heartland 🎶 . So I’ll say goodnight, cause this eagle has landed and I’m ready for sleepy time. Everyone have a great “ hump day “ and soar high in the sky ! Goodnight !

  4. Good morning. Another quick work with the words and the cartoon answer. Knew the answer had to do with his claws but needed the letters to get it right. Another fine pick on your song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul.,Agreed…another easy, breezy one. And tks, glad you enjoyed it. Be well and stay safe out there…🦅🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Clever cartoon gave me a chuckle. The Jumble once Again gives my day a Modest boost and has me singing a little Ditty about my old pal “Smelly,” who though odoriferous, he was very “Talon-ted.” Now to work with hopes for a bright, sunny autumn day in flyover country if I can get rid of that earworm “Fly Like an Eagle.”

  6. An easy hump day for me….For some reason, TALON popped into the brain for an a quick blind solve….then unscrambled anagrams without fanfare. If it’s okay with you, I’ll just keep humming yesterday’s song.

  7. Figured out the solution after the first 3 anagrams, which left the O,D to solve MODEST. 1/2 an inch of snow here this morning (Ick!) Starting to sunshine, so hopefully, Goodbye Snow! Happy Hump Day!

  8. The eagle’s completely outstripping
    The standards for cards that he’s flipping
    His skilled sleight of claw
    Has the fauna in awe
    And his magic show is just gripping…….!

    • Good Morning, Helen…Have a good one!

      ♣️ So this Eagle that plies slight of hand,
      Has his audience thinking he’s grand…
      With a flip of the wrist,
      (Don’t dare blink or it’s missed)…
      He affords himself quite the grandstand! ♣️

      🦅 Be it cards or that old time shell game,
      This here Eagle’s just looking for fame…
      Has his audience engrossed,
      As he sits on that post…
      Trying hard to live up to his name! 🦅

      ♣️ “Pick a card, any card” is his spiel,
      And our Eagle is all wheel and deal…
      With those talons so long,
      He comes on very strong…
      Hope his audience ain’t his next meal! ♣️

  9. My grandfather was Theodore as is my youngest son,Mark Theodore.So I Enjoyed the Theodore reference.No problem w the anagrams or the cartoon solution on another crisp frosty morning.Congrats to the Atl Braves on their thrilling WS win!

    • The Theodore-Ted reference is priceless! TALON-TED is definitely a 5⭐️pun! Enjoy your day, Professor…Take care…🦅🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Hi Betty…Definitely a clever one…they just seem to be getting better and better…And a Happy Wednesday to you too! 🦅🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Today is NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY…And here’s some FOOD for thought…Don’t bother having some kind of vegetarian thing…In my opinion, it’ll just be a missed steak…Enjoy! 🥖🥪🙋🏻‍♀️

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