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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 The falling LEAVES drift by the window…The AUTUMN LEAVES of red and gold…🎶 “Autumn Leaves” – Frank Sinatra 1957 ** https://tinyurl.com/9amfawpu

    🍂🍁 We turn clocks back an hour, we get SLEEPY way too soon,
    It takes a while to readjust, seeing that early moon…
    And walking past an ALLEY, we see leaves piled up so high,
    Not to mention in our backyards…there’s no LEEWAY…can’t deny…
    The colors are so VIVID, (but they do clog up our eaves)…
    They look pretty for a while, but with Autumn? The LEAVES LEAVE!🍁🍂

    So today, as yesterday, we’ve all old words…but a reversal on the anagrams. Today we have just one repeat, with three “brandy new” ones…as the kids would say…The repeat? IVDIV…from November 14th, 1957! Yes, you’re reading that right…1957! Yikes!!…And while the Early Birds BREEZED right through all four words, they got side-tracked on a discussion about the ESPY Awards…And yes, ESYPEL triggered it…You’d think that maybe…MAYBE just once we could just cut to the chase, and LEAVE well enough alone, but no…the ESPY awards…Anyway…The solve? Well, if you didn’t reTREEive it right away, just by seeing all those LEAVES LEAVE…you had to figure that with all those L’s and V’s …and especially all those E’s running amok?…There’s no way we’d FALL…I mean fail…And with the University of Michigan alumnus directing the teens, (and the one on the ground rolling his eyes up at him)…this puzzle’s a clean SWEEP…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done! Be well, stay safe…and I’ll LEAVE you all to have a great day! 🍂🍁🙋🏻‍♀️

    ** And as we music purists know, there’s a slew of beautiful renditions of this haunting melody out there…(Sinatra’s first and foremost)…But I felt it more suitable to go with this. A little comedic reLEAF…Because let’s face it, Folks…nobody needs that kind of angst so early in the morning…🙋🏻‍♀️


    The puzzle of October 26th, 2013: “You know it’s Autumn when the”…The solve….LEAVES LEAVE!

    • Easy blind solve today..just glancing over the anagrams and seeing all of the l’s and v’s, it came right to me…several y’s too; maybe just by coincidence. Anyway, almost the double usage of the same word as we saw several times last week..I always enjoy those. Have a wonderful day from South Georgia!

      • Hi Alan…These double-worded solves are definitely showing up a lot lately, and they are enjoyable. Plus they call for a little extra wit, IMO. My cap is always off to David! Wishing you a wonderful day too, Alan…Be well and stay safe out there…🍁🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 🍁🍂The image of the ALLEY looking so festive was still so VIVID in her mind, that if she wasn’t so SLEEPY, she’d go back…but considering the windy weather, she knew there wasn’t much LEEWAY before the beautiful LEAVES LEAVE…🍂🍁

    🦝 She lay in bed so SLEEPY, but the day’s deeds still so fresh,
    She didn’t have much LEEWAY here, she couldn’t get much rest…
    Things still too VIVID in her mind, that ALLEY scared her so,
    It’s definitely a shortcut where she’ll never again go
    It had looked so inviting, that it’s hard now to believe…
    What popped out from down under when the wind made the LEAVES LEAVE! 🦝

  4. Good morning ! I loved the jumble today ! But I got a little SLEEPY on it and I had no LEEWAY to solve those two anagrams ! But when I walked down the ALLEY , the colors were so VIVID that I couldn’t help to sing 🎶 all the LEAVES are brown , and the sky is gray , California dreaming on such a winters day 🎶 ( mamas and papas 1966 ) . We’re happy in Ohio , but we have close family in California , but we won’t LEAVE. Have a great Tuesday and don’t rake your LEAVES, cause they found out it’s actually good for your lawn !

    • I’d love to never rake leaves again…but there’s just so much one can avoid! Have a good one, Jim..Enjoy! 🍁🍂🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. 🍁 You can rake them and blow them and bag,
    And it soon all becomes quite a drag…
    What was once colored bright,
    Now becomes Autumn’s blight…
    And one’s energy level does sag…🍁

    🍂 While we love all our trees for their shade,
    And their breezes when the leaves are swayed…
    Perhaps Autumn brings grief,
    Raking leaf after leaf…
    Leafy beauty then begins to fade…🍂

    🍁 Our guy’s heard telling these two young teens,
    “Raking leaves is not all that it seems…
    When you think that you’re done,
    You may just have begun…
    See you later this week by all means”! 🍁

  6. Piles of leaves to jump in was great sport in my youth. Not so much fun today. My memories are Vivid of Sleepy autumn days with the Leeway to walk Alleys smelling burning leaves. When the Leaves Leave we know that winter is here. This quiet corner of the Great Plains saw its first official hard frost on the pumpkin this morning. Only about 19 weeks until Spring! I’m with Jim and California Dreaming!

    • Frost!…Another 4-letter word! 😉 Stay warm, OO…and have a good one. 🍁🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Pretty easy morning…..first thought was RAKE….wrong !!! Spotted two V’s in the first word and that was my give-a-way to LEAVES. Had a little trouble with six-letter anagrams, but with persistence, my unscrambling paid off.

    Quick question, Angela….I noticed on the voting page, there were 87 votes for one of the categories….yet I only see the same five or six names comment to you. Why are there so few written comments ??

    Is it too early in the morning to lay back with a Martini and listen to Frank….I think not !! Well, maybe Oat Bran cereal instead. See you tomorrow.

    • Angela has been at this a lot longer than I and has much more information but I venture to say that most jumblers are happy with the mental workout involved in the word scramble and are not inclined to keep on thinking and writing. So many online “writers” are looking for something negative to say and as the word scramble is always upbeat and whimsical, there’s only positive to say! I had been doing the jumble for a while before I decided to see if there were any associated websites and stumbled on this site. I don’t do the voting part as my mind at that point has moved on to the Land o’ Limericks which have to be posted in a timely manner.

    • Good Morning, Terry.Believe it or not, there are tens of thousands of people from about twenty countries who view our page each day. Most I’m sure just to check the answers and some maybe to read the comments. Why the many thousands don’t comment? Your guess is as good as mine. I really have no idea. But we definitely appreciate those who do…it’s a nice exchange of ideas…Have a good one, Terry…And thanks for commenting! 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Terry…I just corrected my error…I apologize…I’m still a little sleepy…And it’s never too early to listen to Frank! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. We enjoy such a whole wide range
    Of seasons, and watch as they change
    As the leaves tumble down
    Coloured gold through brown
    There’s nothing we want to exchange!

    And let’s hope COP26 can ensure that the seasons stay that way!

    • Your lips to God’s ears, Helen. 🙏🏻 Hoping you enjoy your day…🍁🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Or when someone says, “Make like a tree and leave.” “Leave” has two past tenses, namely “left”, when someone moves away from somewhere, and “leaved”, which is what trees did during past autumns. “Leaved” can also refer to spring when the leaves bud out. The last word LEEWAY is interesting. It sounds like LEAVEWAY, which is a path that leaves should take to get out of our yards rather than pile up on them and force us to rake them up. We will have far fewer leaves to rake up this year (good thing) because my next door neighbor had two large trees taken down.

    • My neighbor removed a very large tree a few weeks ago also. On one hand I feel such reLEAF, because it’s scared me every since Sandy when it took a hit, but on the other hand, it’s taken away a lot of the privacy it afforded me. The thing was huge…and it blocked my vision of both houses beyond mine on each side. Plus I lost the shade it granted also. Watch what you wish for, I guess. But I’d rather feel safe, so I’m cutting my losses! 😉 No pun intended…Have a good one, Jim. Be well and stay safe out there…🍁🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. No problem w the anagrams,but was surprised by the multiple V’s,E’s,L’s and A’s,that led to a quick repeat word cartoon solution.We had a wide spread frost this morning,but a nice sunny day.

    • Definitely another easy one, Professor…but clever as always. Have a good day, and enjoy the sun! 🍁🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. Easy breezy Tuesday puzzle this morning. Enjoyed the two word repetition in the cartoon answer. They’re fun. Wishing all of you a good day.

    • They are fun, Betty. A nice little twist. And wishing you a good day too…🍁🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. The answer came easily as in the drawing, nowhere did the word LEAF/ LEAVES appears so I guessed it would be part of the answer. Then I remembered that in earlier jumbles the same word being repeated… VIVID assured me with its double V’s.
    I must leave… my wife’s faithful driver!

    • Definitely a lot of repeated letters today….And yes, we’ve been seeing a good number of repeated words also..Doubles the fun! Enjoy your day, Christian…Be well and stay safe out there…🍂🙋🏻‍♀️

  13. Good afternoon. This one was practically gift wrapped for us. It was easy breezy from the words to the instant simple cartoon answer. Loved you song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

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