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Happy Thursday Jumble players!  All of today’s clue words were scrambled wonderfully, but none of them managed to stump me.  Besides a moment of hesitation on BALLET looking like BATTLE, all of the solutions were plane as day.  It wasn’t my pick for today’s hardest anagram though.  That honor belonged to the final answer — and what a brilliant and creative solution it was!  It had me bamboozled for a good five minutes, and I enjoyed every glorious second of it!

Today’s cartoon brought us to a woodworking shop where we saw a husband and wife in the early stages of constructing their new bed.  The machinery shown was a bandsaw and table saw.  It was generously spaced apart and gave their work area a very spacious feel.  The exposed trusses in the left and right-hand corners of the panel added a sense of height and dimension to Jumble Jeff’s piece.  

Their dialogue informed us that they’re using an old tree for lumber, and his comment about it being THE GIVING TREE seemed to be a reference to Shel Silverstein’s children’s book by the same name.  Since the cartoon sentence mentioned the word “jokingly,” I didn’t read into the reference all that much.  My favorite detail was the blueprint of the bed, and it showed, from top to bottom, the headboard, footboard and side rail.  Some of the finer detail that may have been difficult to see was his trucker-style cap, safety glasses, her work apron, a bit of design on the headboard and footboard and some sawdust near the blade of the table saw.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 13-letters. The key to my solve was the visual detail of the gentleman “sawing wood.” It allowed me to find SLUMBER, leaving LUMBER to be sourced from the remainder to seal the deal. Knot the easiest of solves, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day. //Mike


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  1. HUMOR = Last used on 03/30/20 as OMRHU
    MUSIC = Last used on 04/17/20 as CMISU
    BALLET = Last used on 07/09/17 as LABELT
    KUEERB = Last used on 04/18/21 as KUBREE


  2. Did not find this easy at all.
    I don’t mind working and work paid off today for me.
    Cartoon seemed a little odd to me but I got it.

    • Good morning, Mig. Their dialogue gave us the clues of TREE and Z’s. The visual clue of him “sawing wood” was subtle, but definitely there. I’m glad you were able to figure it out. Have a TREE-mendous day!

      • Easy solution with the words . Had a hard swallow when I saw the 13 letter then I realised the double B,L,U, M,E and R. Lumber was a quick answer, SLUMBER fit the Z’s…. I smiled! Great jumble.

  3. I had to stay up late again and do the jumble , my brain worked good tonight , I got all of it , REBUKE was HUMORing me but I BALLETed into it and danced to the MUSIC before I went off to SLUMBER , have a great day everyone !! Enjoy

  4. Good Morning, Everyone.. 🛌DOING A TREE-MENDOUS JOB!🛌

    🎶 Mr. SAND-MAN, bring me a dream….Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen…Give him the word that I’m not a rover..Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over…🎶 “Mr Sandman” – The Chordettes 1954 https://tinyurl.com/55c8kzs

    🛌 You have to see the HUMOR in our guy who we see here,
    He’s not only just a witty sort, his rhyming too endears…
    He’s answered his Beloved with two lines as in a verse,
    And to me, that’s just like MUSIC…Yes, our guy is quite diverse…
    His wife is looking pleased of course, REBUKE there is no chance,
    They seem the kind of couple with a genuine romance…
    He doesn’t look the BALLET type, but that’s ok with me…
    A man who works with his hands? Sands a bed out of a tree?
    He’d steal my heart for sure I know, he’d definitely have my number…
    I’d love a bed like he’s making…the bed of SLUMBER LUMBER! 🛌

      • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you…Him SANDing down that wood? It was inevitable! Take care and stay safe out there…🪵🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. 🩰 Despite being known for the HUMOR in his MUSIC, when he named his new piece for the BALLET, “SLUMBER LUMBER”, people did begin to REBUKE him…🩰

    🩰 The dancing school had lounge-like chairs, and all the parents said,
    Though made of wood, the relaxed feel was akin to a bed…
    They listened to the MUSIC, as their kids danced the BALLET,
    And they stayed in good HUMOR…as back in the chairs they lay…
    But when loud snores were heard one night, it wasn’t just a fluke,
    A chorus seemed to form…and the instructor did REBUKE…
    “You can’t come here and sleep while these girls are dancing a number…
    I think these chairs will have to go..they’ve become SLUMBER LUMBER”! 🩰

  6. Took a quick look at the puzzle cartoon and initially, had no earthly idea what the solution was….But like other faithful Jumble Solvers, I got to work looking at puzzle cartoon while delving way inside my tiny brain for ideas…and presto, after a minute or so it did finally come to me as a blind solve. Anagrams easy….so a wonderful Jumble morning it turned out to be…..Wait a minute. It’s more than wonderful because of that delightful song from the Chordettes that I’ll be humming all day. Way to go, Angela !!

    • Hey Terry. Tk you! I think it’s all that…🎶 bung, bung, bung, bung…🎶 LOL! It’s been in my head all morning…Have a good one, Terry…Enjoy! 🪵🪵🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Good morning. A little hesitation on some of the words but not enough to declare a hardest word. No blind solve on the cartoon answer but I did get Slumber for the first word and being stuck on the second word I realized I did it again. I put down D instead of B. Once I finally caught the mistake ,lumber appeared. Gotta double check the letters I put down to make sure I have them correct. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. The minute they lay down their head
    In bed not bought, but handcrafted instead
    Some sheets and duvet
    They’ll be well on their way
    That’s what’s known as making your bed!

    • Hi Helen…I came close with one! 🛌🙋🏻‍♀️

      🛌 When the bed will finally be done,
      He’ll say…”I did this for you, Honey Bun”…
      And with blankets so soft,
      And their love held aloft…
      The new slumbering will have begun! 🛌

      🪵 Slumber Lumber is the joke he made,
      While applying the tricks of the trade…
      And he sanded and sawed,
      To produce needed cords…
      For a bed where their heads would be laid…🪵

      • I had other version too. here’s one of them. But that’s it for the day. I don’t want to nod off in front of the computer. I’m yawning already.

        It adds new meaning to making your bed,
        It’s more that just sheets and a spread
        You’ve to saw, you’ve to sand
        Craft the whole thing by hand
        Before you so much as lay down your head!

        • I hear you..I think it’s all this “bed” talk! …Or maybe the weather…Have a good one, Helen! 🛌🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Basically a blind solve today; it’s been a while since rhyming words have been used in solution…for some reason had to spend an extra minute on BALLET. I was seeing BATTLE until I jotted it all down. Anyway, regards from South Georgia.

    • Hi Alan…It is rare to have rhyming in the dialogue. I guess it just goes to show what a diVERSE individual our guy is! 😉🛌🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Talking about rhyming words, I like how sometimes the guys will use them in the solution each day for about a week at the time…my late dad used to always get an extra kick whenever a week like that would roll around!!

        • Like todays SLUMBER LUMBER! 😉 It’s true, rhyming solutions always add a little extra zing to the puzzle…And my late Father introduced me to the Jumble too…Enjoy your day, Alan. Be well and stay safe out there…🛌🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Great job on pulling off a blind solve, Alan! It took a bit longer for me, but once I noticed him using the table saw to “saw wood,” it all became clear.

  10. Anagrams went well,but despite the wood hint,I thought the cartoon solution was slumber rumble ,like a rumble in the jungle, but in the bed instead.

  11. I too saw ballet as battle and knew I didn’t have enough vowels for the solution which was quite obvious once I corrected my error. Perfect song choice, Angela. Wishing all of you a dreamy day.

  12. First “Blind Solve” for me in awhile! It doesn’t happen that often, so It kind of made my day 🥰! Then on to filling in the words, because I wasn’t that positive that I had “blind solved”, until I got everything else. I first put down Ballet as Belate, then realized…those aren’t even the letters! Geez! Duh! 😜 Well, everything was corrected quickly, and it made for a swell day anyhow! Happy Thursday!

    • Way to go, Kim!!! You mentioned before that you have difficulty with the blind solves, so hearing of your success made my day too. 🙂

      I don’t know if you saw El’s comment from yesterday, but she’s 101 now, and I always get a big kick out of seeing her write “it was easy.” I’ve been thinking about her all morning wondering how she did with this one. 🤔

  13. He got a REBUKE because his BALLET MUSIC had no HUMOR in it.

    Nice jumble today, with the cute answer.

  14. Yea I forgot that the husband who made the bed , after it was all done and wife layed down , he looked at her and sang 🎶 golden SLUMBER fill your eyes 🎶 sleep pretty darling do not cry and I will sing a lullaby 🎼 and this beds for you !! I couldn’t get that out of my head ! Can’t wait toJUMBLEorrow , good day !

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