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  1. Good Morning, Everyone….🥇BACKYARD OLYMPICS…SHE SAID GAMELY! 🥇

    🎶 IMAGINATION is funny…It makes a cloudy day sunny…It makes a bee think of honey..Just as I think of you…🎶 “Imagination” – Frank Sinatra 1940 https://tinyurl.com/4anr8hnn

    🥈The Summer comes and kids grow bored, they look for games to play,
    And here we have three little ones who’ve definitely found a way
    To LEAVE the boredom way behind, the IMAGE does endear,
    One to the fact that Mom not need to CODDLE these three here…
    Imagination opens up a world of things to do,
    And Mom brings out the LEVITY she sees within this crew
    The gold, the bronze, the silver…they fit the bailiwick…
    Backyard Olympics save the day…with rewards “MEDALLIC”!🥉

    “I got a Bronze…whatever that is”…My first laugh of the day. Especially since our girl knows that Silver leads to Gold. Ah, Jewelry…Oh…wait, wrong puzzle. Forgive me, I tend to get easily distracted by shiny objects…

    Ok. Back on track. Our words today, all proven winners. And except for an Early Bird or two not seeing the humor in LEVITY, it was all easy play this morning. And the solve? Let’s just say they all put the peddle to the MEDAL…and quickly drove this one over the finish line…

    Today we find ourselves looking in on an endearing scene of kids using their imaginations to create a Backyard Olympics. And just as Mom says, they’ve taken it seriously, since they’re awarding METALS! And as always is the case when kids get together, we can’t help but notice that the little one’s earned third place. But sweet little boy that he is, he’s not up in BRONZE over it…And since our SILVER MEDAL winner feels assured that she’ll go for the GOLD one next, I’m hoping that they’re being fair, and taking chance a “peace” with these METALS. ORE maybe not…Well either way, the bottom line? These awards are “MEDALLIC”! https://tinyurl.com/2sn2xfzp …ELEMENTary, my dear Jumble Fans!

    Jeff’s Gems? There’s definitely PURE WEALTH here today! We have a Hula Hoop, a Frisbee, a Tennis Ball, a Pickle/Paddle Ball Paddle, a Wiffleball, and a Spikeball net and ball. And lying on the mat, are a ball of twine, a bottle of glue, a marker, a shaker of glitter…and our Athletic Director is seen cutting out the Gold Medal. Phew! I think Jeff deserves a METAL after all that!…ORE at least an Honorable Mention!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…Be well, stay safe…and as we begin getting out there to play once again…let’s all be winners…Let’s keep in mind the GOLDen rule…🥇🥈🥉🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🦆Trying to CODDLE the injured METALLIC-colored duck, the IMAGE of him running to LEAVE when its mother charged at him, was a great source of LEVITY to his friends…l🦆

    🥚 The eggs he had to CODDLE, but then LEVITY ensued,
    He’d never made them this way, but he kept from being rude…
    He grabbed the nearest cookbook, and saw an IMAGE there,
    And figured that he’d do his best…and hoped that well he’d fare…
    And if he ruined them terribly…he’d not LEAVE a smart aleck…
    Although they’d think so if he said…”What? Do they taste METALLIC”? 🥚

  3. Anagrams solved swiftly but no clue to the puzzle. Just didn’t have my thinking cap on. Saw the word MADE…and maybe a fleeting MEDAL, but didn’t put it all together. Bummer !! Have a great Friday y’all.

    • If you enjoyed it, it’s still a WIN, Terry. Wishing you a great Friday too! 🥇🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. After crashing and burning yesterday I had an easy day today! Anagrams not too hard. Cartoon solution also came quicklyy.
    Bring it on tomorrow!!

  5. Quotes got me again as I couldn’t connect metallic to the medal lic.Winter has returned to Illinois w temps in the 40’s ,down from the 80’s a couple of days ago.

    • Same here, Professor. Definitely chilly…And unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about the ELEMENTS! 😉 Stay warm and have a good one, Prof! 🥇🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Got a kick out of the Early Birds “not seeing the humor in levity.” They do seem like a lively bunch.
    Though I got the answer, I wasn’t sure whether Medallic was a real word. Turns out that it is.

    • Yes, it is! And…Yikes! I just realized that I forgot to link it into my post! https://tinyurl.com/2sn2xfzp Thanks for the reminder, Caroline, it’s been one of those mornings! And I’m glad you enjoyed the levity! But as for the Early Birds? You have no idea…They drive me crazy…🤷🏻‍♀️but I still love them all…a bushel and a PECK! Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻 on the solve, Caroline, and have a great day! 🥇🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Came up with Medal, so the rest of it could only spell Medallic. The word wasn’t in my Old Dead Sea Scroll dictionary, so I just went for it. It’s really uncanny to me sometimes, how we all think alike on here. Just Before I got on here, I remembered briefly how a second grade teacher told us we all had to put our “thinking caps on”. Then to get on and see Terry actually said that today, was just such a coincidence. Angela, your “Bushel and a Peck”, well my Mom used to sing that to me when I was little. I sang that to my doggie a couple of weeks ago. Someone, and forgive me, I don’t remember who, brought up the “Cisco Kid”a few months ago. My brother and I had just been talking about that show that was on tv back in the 50’s. I had never heard of it, until my brother had said something the exact same day it came up on here. Well, it’s just all so coincidental. I have had things such as this happen my entire life. And I did want to apologize again, for one of my posts in the last couple days. It had amused me, but I should have never posted it and truly never meant to offend. I tend to ramble and I’m even sorry to ramble here today! Have a lovely Holiday weekend!

    • Hi Kimberly. I think you’ll see that thinking caps are often mentioned around here…and personally it’s something I tell the Little Ones to put on all the time. It’s a throwback, but it’s still a cute one, and it always brings a smile. Same with bushel and a peck..it never gets old. In fact there was a TV commercial not that long ago where the song was used, but I can’t remember for what though! Something to do with home improvement maybe…I’m not sure. But as far as coincidences go? You’ll definitely be seeing that! We seem to be notorious for them here!😂 Have a good day, Kim. Enjoy! 🥇🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Hi all – Got the words, with LEAVE taking a second look. I needed the letters to see the answer, but got it after seeing MEDAL.

    Good wishes to everyone.
    I’m not seeing a good sentence, so I’ll just say have a great day!

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